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Don Cole & Felix Sanchez PowerPoint Presentation
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Don Cole & Felix Sanchez

Don Cole & Felix Sanchez

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Don Cole & Felix Sanchez

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  1. Project Management Course WebEx Introduction Don Cole & Felix Sanchez Project Management for ARA Engineers and Scientists

  2. Introductions Web-Ex and PM Course Overview Designing the Program During the Proposal Phase Identify the Teams Intro to Exercise 1 Instructions for Exercise 1 Overview of Web-Ex

  3. Recognize how ARA Core Values impact Project Management Understand how initial project planning begins at opportunity phase and then well developed through proposal phase Introduce appropriate project management tools Be able to use Eoffice to track project from opportunity through proposal Web-Ex Desired Learning Objectives

  4. PM Course Desired Learning Objectives • Train qualified Project Managers and Principal Investigators • Instill the ARA culture for excellence in Project Management, Technical Performance and Marketing • Learn applicable tools/processes and best practices that can be adapted for any project, regardless of size, duration and complexity • Provide team building opportunities and interactions Have Fun!

  5. Why Do We Need an ARA PM Course? • The Current Environment – the competition is tough! • ARA is now a large business competing with SAIC, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, etc. • ARA is seeking larger prime contracts • ARA’s PM is the Key to our Success • ARA continues to lean on the PM as we grow • Share tools and success experience with new PMs • Formal PM training provides mechanism to share proven approaches The 30 Years of ARA’s Reputation is in YOUR Hands!

  6. Why Do We Need an ARA PM Course? • Our Customers are Requiring Best Practice Management Approaches • Integrated Master Plans, integrated Master Schedules, tailored Earned Value Management, etc., for middle and large programs • Proven Best Practices influence award decisions • Past Performance Evaluations: significant influence on new award decisions

  7. Five Elements for Program Management Program Organization Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) • Organization: Define contractual effort and assign responsibility for work. • Planning and Budgeting: Plan, schedule, budget and authorize work. • Cost Reporting: Accumulate cost of work and material. • Analysis: Compare planned and actual costs to performance and analyze variances. Develop estimates of final cost. • Close Out: Ensure within cost and schedule and market follow-on efforts. Budget (Resource Loaded Network) Task Definition Schedules Cost Reporting Performance Measurement Estimate at Completion (EAC) Performance Measurement Variance Analysis Reports (VAR) Close Out Close Out

  8. Our Business Philosophy is Embodied in ARA’s Motto: “ENGINEERING AND SCIENCE, THAT MATTERS, FOR FUN AND PROFIT” Our Business Approach is Derived from the Essential Elements of this Motto ARA’s Business Philosophy and Approach

  9. ARA Core Values • Passion • Freedom • Service • Growth We can make a difference

  10. Stability – Withstand Downward Business Trends Vibrancy – Provides an “Electric,” Stimulating Atmosphere Opportunity – Advancement for Staff Renewal and Refreshment – New Ideas, Challenge to the Old Ways Wealth – Growing Companies are More Valuable Than Stagnant Companies Why Is Growth So Important In ARA’s Culture and Business Model?