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Elliston/Lafayette Elementary School PowerPoint Presentation
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Elliston/Lafayette Elementary School

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Elliston/Lafayette Elementary School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Elliston/Lafayette Elementary School

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  1. Elliston/LafayetteElementary School School Wide Walk-A-Thon April 13, 2007

  2. Student Teachers Colleen Cassidy Lyric Davenport Susan Kopel Kristin Lamir Lisa Aker Christine Gibson Meredith Traynham

  3. Project Description Goal: The basis of our Social Action Project was to focus on exercise through walking and making good life choices all the while encouraging parent/teacher involvement. Dedication and motivation to be healthy and work for a purpose to raise money for technological advances was also a priority of this program.

  4. Planning As a group we met once a month starting in January and then twice a week two weeks before the actual date. In order to involve the parents we felt it was important to send letters home as well ask for volunteers to help tally total laps for each child. We also prepared certificates of achievement, prizes, donation sheets and started collecting change jars to place in each classroom.

  5. Walk-A-Thon Ways Each day during the morning announcements our principal, whom we worked extremely close with during this procedure, read a healthy fun fact sheet that we created to enhance the children’s knowledge about healthy eating habits. This promoted making healthy choices in a very easy yet fun way for the children.

  6. Walk-A-Thon Ways Each grade level arrived during their assigned time which was at different times of the day. They would bring with them their walk-a-thon personal donation/goal sheets. They started off with a 5 minute student teacher led warm-up stretch to prevent injury and loosen up their muscles. This was talked about during the actual stretch time as well. They were then off and would walk or run for 50 minutes and try to reach their personal goals!

  7. Walk-A-Thon Ways . Teachers and students off to a great start! 3rd graders walking for good health and a great cause! Parent volunteers walk with the kindergarteners!

  8. Walk-A-Thon WaysStudent Teachers Walking with the kids Handing out water

  9. Results Highest Average of Laps Per Class: 14.3 TOTAL Amount Of Money Raised 1,324.53