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Claremont Case Study

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Claremont Case Study. Josh Hilgefort , Felix Torres, Rasa Zilinskaite , Dywan Bright, Jermaine Funches , Johnnie Wilson. Our Recreation Choice.

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claremont case study

Claremont Case Study

Josh Hilgefort, Felix Torres, Rasa Zilinskaite, Dywan Bright, Jermaine Funches, Johnnie Wilson

our recreation choice
Our Recreation Choice
  • The top 2 options that we ended up with were between coed volleyball, and coed flag football. These two were the ones we came down to because these were the sports that students wanted and they are two easily maintainable sports.
  • Flag football was chosen because there was a high interest in having it available in the spring. Many students that aren’t able to participate in the fall can do so in the spring. The fields are available, and the games will only last about 30 minutes. With the new officials on staff earning $8.00, they can work 2 games per hour.
overview of budget
Overview of Budget
  • Budget for new program in the spring. (Flag Co-Ed flag football)
    • 14 Teams
    • 8 game season (Each team will play 8 regular season games)
    • 112 total games for the season (followed by a single elimination tourney) best two records will receive a bye.
budget continued
Budget Continued
  • Officials earn $8.00 per game, w/ 112 total games during the season and a 14 game tourney. Each game should last 30 minutes. 2 Games can be played per hour, so there will be a $504 officiating budget for the entire season. If 2 officials are needed each game, the total will be $1,008.
  • Supervisors earn $10.00 per game, with 1 present for each game $1,260 supervising budget.
  • Total budget for the regular season will be $1,764, (with 2 officials $2,268)
  • $1,236 will be available for additional expenses. (With 2 officials, $732 will remain for additional expenses.)
factors that influenced our decision
Factors That Influenced Our Decision
  • Time of year and decent weather to play outside
  • Recreational facilities can we utilized with no charge
  • There is a high interest in football in the spring
  • Coed would get more students involved
  • Only 1 official would be needed for each game
  • Students would have an additional program in the spring
  • A good form of exercise and socializing
  • A full season and tournament would work within the financial means.
  • Competitions will only last about 30 minutes, so games can be played hourly.
  • A tournament can be played, and rewards can be distributed, which students always enjoy.
program assumptions
Program Assumptions
  • 14 teams
  • 10 players per team
  • Each team will play an 8 game regular season
  • The tournament will be a single elimination tournament
  • 2 trained officials will call each game
  • A supervisor will be present for each game
  • 3 game will be played on Tuesday evenings beginning at 5:30- 8:30
  • 4 games will be played on Thursdays starting at 5:30-9:30
  • If a team forfeits a maximum of 2 games, they will be excluded from the league
  • Team captains will be given a set of the league and game rules to go over with their team
  • Fields are available to be played on
  • The top team and the runner up will both received rewards upon completion of the season
  • 10 minute halves
  • All rules will be the same as they are in the fall term.
budget outline
Budget Outline
  • Officials ($8.00 per hour)
  • 2 games per hour
  • 126 total games
  • $504 for officials for the duration of the season, ($1,008 if 2 officials are needed)
  • Supervisors ($10.00 per hour)
  • 126 total games
  • 1 supervisor present for each game
  • 1 game played at a time
  • $1,260 total for duration of the season supervisors
  • Championship T-shirts
  • 10 students x $10 shirts = $100
  • Benefits of adding Coed Flag football to the Spring Programs
  • Men and women can both participate
  • Adds to the programs which are available
  • Facilities are already available to be utilized
  • We can successfully operate the league well within the given budget
  • Provides a recreational outlet for our students in a safe environment
  • Overall Costs= $1,008+$1,260+$100=$2,368
brief summary of facts and assumptions
Brief Summary of Facts and Assumptions
  • Facts
  • Sara’s evaluations were very positive and she is more experienced than most of your current staff.
  • Sara was getting paid $12/hour last year when she was supposed to be getting paid $8/hour
  • The hours on Sara’s timecards do not match up with submitted timesheets.
  • Assumptions
  • It’s hard not to notice yourself getting paid $12/hour when you are supposed to be getting paid only $8/hour.
  • Maybe she didn’t know how to properly fill out the timesheet last year, never want to assume right off the bat that she was lying about her hours.
identifying the problem
Identifying the Problem
  • The problem is that Sara Dean was getting paid too much last year, and now this year she expects to be paid that same amount.
  • Another problem to consider is whether or not this is happening with other students or not?
  • The other big issue here is why we did not catch this issue sooner. There may need to be some internal changes so that we can stay up to date on this information and make sure that we don’t have these issues anymore.
  • We need to figure out whether this is a technology issue, or was Sara marking down improper hours on her timesheet last year.
  • People involved are: Sara Dean and myself. I can also confide in Sam, Jaime, Randy, and Kris as I deem necessary.
cause of the problem
Cause of the Problem
  • Not double-checking the payroll
  • Sara’s hours are not matching up on her timecards and submitted timesheets
possible solutions
Possible Solutions
  • One solution would be to offer her the $8.25 that she is supposed to be getting paid because we cannot start playing favorites because this could cause some animosity between our student workers.
  • Sara does have good work ethic so we could offer her a supervisor role if there is one available. This way she would be making $10/hour.
  • Depending on what we find out about why her timecard was messed up it might be best to let her go. If we find out that she was lying on her timesheets then we cannot have people like this working on our staff.
recommended solution
Recommended Solution
  • Our recommended solution is to tell Sara Dean that she should be happy that she received 1.5x the amount she was supposed to (if it was a technology error). We will let her know that she will get the .25 cent raise and be paid $8.25. We would let her know our reasoning behind it which could include things such as being fair to all employees.
justify the solution
Justify the Solution
  • Tell her that she should have been realizing that she was getting paid too much last year and she should have come forward with this information.
  • She should be thankful that we are not asking for her to reimburse us any money. There are two sides to this situation.