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The Cay : chapter 9

The Cay : chapter 9. By : Putri Khairunnisa Kurnia 7.1. Key Vocabulary. Fronds: The leaf or leaflike part of a palm, fern, or similar plant. Mule: The offspring of a donkey and a horse Stung: past-participle of STING. . Plot Summary.

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The Cay : chapter 9

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  1. The Cay : chapter 9 By : Putri Khairunnisa Kurnia 7.1

  2. Key Vocabulary • Fronds: The leaf or leaflike part of a palm, fern, or similar plant. • Mule: The offspring of a donkey and a horse • Stung: past-participle of STING.

  3. Plot Summary • The scene is when the 11-years-old boy named Phillip met the old-negro man named Timothy. After surviving from the raft, they’ve found an island far away from the Curacao and they tried to survive the day and night. Timothy has made a hut for them to live in and also make a mats. Now, in this chapter, Timothy and the blind Phillip wanted to make a rope. The stubborn-Timothy wanted the blind-Phillip to also help Timothy to work but Phillip cannot help him with only his hands working, his eyes must work too.

  4. Hut

  5. Mule

  6. Plot • In the afternoon, Timothy told Phillip that they’re going to make a rope. On the north end of the island, vines almost as large as a pencil were everywhere. They spent several hours to tear out a big stack of vines. The rope was for Phillip, if Timothy’s out from the reef and heard a plain, Phillip can take a light from the hut camp, and follow the rope down. The rope that was made by vines can also serve Phillip to get him safely down to the beach. After Phillip and Timothy torn the vines, Timothy was weaving the ropes, and told Phillip to help him on the other work. Phillip remained in silence. Just having a thought when his already in Willemstad, he’ll probably sitting on the class-chair. Phillip was tired, tired of pulling the vines. Phillip just wanted to sit, and think. Timothy keeps telling Phillip to work until Phillip burst out his anger and said “Timothy, I’m blind. I can’t see to work.” Timothy answered, “D’han is not blin’ “ Phillip think, that this old-black man doesn’t know, to work, they need eyes instead just hands.

  7. - • Then stubborn-Timothy said, “Young bahss, we need sleepin’ mats. You can make d’mats.” • Then Phillip answered with anger “You do it.” Timothy sighed, as he wanted the blind-Phillip to help him. Then he said, “D’bestmatmaker in Charlotte Amalie, downg in Frenchtown, b’totalblin’.” • “But he’s a man, and he has to do that to make a living.” Phillip answered slowly. “B’true.” Timothy said quitely. But in a few minutes, Timothy put some palm fiber across Phillip. Phillip’s mind had a thought, he really was a black mule. Then Timothy told Phillip to make the palm mat by showing how to make the palm mat. Phillip burst out into anger and threw the palm fiber to Timothy. Then suddenly Timothy struck on Phillip’s face. Then they turned out into silence.

  8. - • Phillip was surprised, he touched his face when Timothy hit him. Then Phillip turned away. Phillip felt that he’s cheek stung, but Phillip won’t show his tears. Timothy said gently, “B’getting’ back to wark, my own self.” then Phillip sat down again. Timothy began to sing the “fungee and feesh” song in a low pitch. And Timothy thought that the rope that Timothy has made was for Phillip. After a while, Phillip said softly, “I want to be your friend.” Timothy answered, “Young bahss, you ‘ave always been my friend.” • “Can you call me Phillip instead of young boss?” • Then Timothy said warmly, “Phill-eep”

  9. Quiz 1 • In the afternoon, Timothy said to Phillip that they have to make... • A. Hut • B. Ropes • C. Mattress

  10. Quiz 2 • Where they can find the vines that as large as pencil? • A. North part of the island • B. South part of the island • C. Everywhere

  11. Quiz 3 • Why did Phillip’s burst out into anger? • A. Because Phillip doesn’t have any fresh water anymore • B. Because Timothy leave him alone • C. Because Timothy forced the blind-Phillip to make the mat

  12. Quiz 4 • What did Phillip thought about Timothy? • A. he was really a friendly man. • B. he was really a stubborn man. • C. nothing.

  13. Quiz 5 • What did Phillip do to Timothy and what was the response of Timothy? • A. Phillip threw a palm fiber then Timothy struck him. • B. Phillip threw a palm fiber then Timothy shouted at him. • C. Phillip threw a palm fiber then Timothy remain in silence.

  14. Quiz 6 • What did Phillip felt as Timothy struck him? • A. He must struck Timothy back. • B. He must hold his tears. • C. All answers is right.

  15. Quiz 7 • What is the song that Timothy sang? • A. fungee and feesh • B. fungee and fish • C. just humming.

  16. Quiz 8 • What did Phillip said after a while? • A. “can you be my friend?” • B. “can you stop forcing me to make the mat?” • C. “can you leave me for a while?”

  17. Quiz 9 • After the chapter 9, Timothy will call Phillip as… • A. Young Bahss • B. Bahss • C. Phill-eep

  18. That’s all.. THANK YOU 

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