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Senior Staff Meeting

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Senior Staff Meeting. Increased Immigration Controls Removal of the Default Retirement Age February 16 2011. Types of Visa. Tier 1: Highly skilled workers, meet the minimum number of Points, self sponsored and relates to the individual not the post;

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senior staff meeting

Senior Staff Meeting

Increased Immigration Controls

Removal of the Default Retirement Age

February 16 2011

types of visa
Types of Visa
  • Tier 1: Highly skilled workers, meet the minimum number of Points, self sponsored and relates to the individual not the post;
  • Tier 2: Skilled workers with an offer of a post from a UK employer, the recruitment to which meets the UKBA standards, requires the organisation to have a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS);
  • Tiers 3 to 5: less widely used in the School, include Student Visas, Post Study Work Visas, short term Researchers.
increased immigration controls
Increased Immigration Controls

From 5 April 2011, UKBA introduce significant reductions in the national quota of overseas workers, and increased requirements to justify their employment

The majority will now require a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS): reduced for LSE last year from 13 to11 for July 10 – March 11

Likely to be a monthly national quota: doesn’t sit with cycle of recruitment

Further intervention anticipated on criteria and approval process for Tier 1; Indefinite Leave to Remain; treatment of Extensions vs new applications.

what has been done already
What has been done already

LSE has an ‘A’ graded Sponsorship Licence, right to work in UK checks undertaken by HR, monitoring location of overseas staff, records and processes in line with UKBA requirements

Guidance on web site and responses to consultation/lobbying input

Pro-actively supported Tier 1, until that too restricted recently

Carefully monitored Tier 2 and extensions to manage limited supply

what we now need to do differently
What we now need to do differently

HR to continue to promote Tier 1 when new criteria clear;

HR to promote Indefinite Leave to Remain, when guidance clear;

HR to continue to maintain current knowledge of changes and communicate to units/on web;

Consider ways to ‘grow our own’.

background to removal of the default retirement age dra
Background to Removal of the Default Retirement Age (DRA)
  • Government confirmed DRA to be abolished 1st October 2011
  • Transitional arrangements from 6th April 2011
  • Existing School procedure to complete for those reaching 65 in 2011 or those with extended retirement in 2011
current context
Current Context
  • School experience to date
  • Next 5 years
    • 125 staff across the School reaching ‘retirement age’ over the period
  • Current sector view
    • Waiting for case law to develop
    • No plans to implement organisation / individual retirement date
  • Guidance available focuses on what the School can not do - not what we can do
  • General Staff awareness – very low
  • Risks
    • Less high performing staff continuing indefinitely
    • Lack of career progression for junior / mid career staff
current cases
Current Cases
  • HR Partner to support HoD
    • Review staffing plans
    • Review staff list containing coming retirements
    • Consider flexible approaches
    • Current process to apply this year
    • Panel to consider requests from staff
    • Statement from HoD
school plans
School Plans
  • Action Plan – Working Party
  • Review polices / procedures / contracts of employment
    • Raise staff awareness – update web site
    • Provide guidance notes for HoD
    • Career Planning Workshops
    • Guidelines in PDR
  • Consultation with trade unions and SCC
  • Removal of assumption staff retire at 65 from financial plans
local actions
Local Actions
  • Work with HR Partners / HR Specialists
  • Career Review
    • Fair and consistent across all staff - not just those approaching 65
    • Early conversations / intervention
    • Setting / managing expectations
  • Career / workforce planning
  • Consider flexible options currently available
  • Manage resignations
    • Staff ‘retire’ – obtain formal letter of resignation
further information
Further Information
  • Contact your HR Partner
  • HR and Employment Advice
  • Extending working life and age diversity