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I ntroduction.

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i ntroduction
  • In this PowerPoint I am trying to show Ohio had more of an influence on the Union winning the Civil War. That even though every Union state that was involved was influential Ohio had the most influence during the war and after. I want people to understand just how important the state we live in was to the Union winning the Civil War.
Key Union Generals came from Ohio

Ohio had over 346,000 troops involved in the Civil War

Key political figures after the Civil War came from Ohio and fought in the Civil War.

William Tecumseh Sherman

Ulysses S. Grant

two more influential union states
Two more Influential Union States



208,367 Hoosiers fought in the Civil War

Regiments from Indiana were involved in every major battle in the war

Four Battles took place in Indiana. Three more than Ohio.

  • 427,286 Pennsylvania's fought in the Civil War.
  • Pennsylvania natural resources were essential to the Union Army.
  • Major Battles of the Civil War were fought in Penn. Including Gettysburg
ohio was still more influential
Ohio Was Still more Influential

Pennsylvania may have had more troops serve but Ohio had the most troops per its population than the Pennsylvania did

The Ohio River also helped and was an essential part of the North winning the Civil War. Much more than Pennsylvania’s resources. Because without the Ohio River and Ohio’s resources all the troops fighting in the western theater of the war would not have gotten supply’s or more troops would not have been able to get to where they needed to be

the state of Ohio had more military leaders and more volunteers involved in the war, and Morgan’s Raiders who Indiana could not stop were stopped in the State of Ohio. Even though Indiana had a influence in the war, Ohio was much more influential.

Five of the next eight presidents after the Civil War came from Ohio. This number of president’s shows just goes to show how much power the state had gained thanks to those people and their involvement for our state in the Civil War

ohio was more influential to the north winning the civil war than any other union state
Ohio was more influential to the North winning the Civil War than any other Union State

Ohio presidents