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iHealth Curriculum. Addiction, Part 1. Fight the New Drug™. Play video: “What Teens Think about Pornography ”. Key Concepts. Aspects of online life can be addictive Addiction changes a person Your life is better without addiction. What kinds of online addictions have you seen?.

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iHealth Curriculum

Addiction, Part 1

Fight the New Drug™

  • Play video: “What Teens Think about Pornography”

Key Concepts

  • Aspects of online life can be addictive

  • Addiction changes a person

  • Your life is better without addiction

What kinds of online addictions have you seen?

  • Pornography

  • Compulsive surfing—esp. social media (texting, Facebook, YouTube)

  • Gaming

  • Gambling

  • Online shopping

“What kind of cigarette do you smoke, doctor?”

See a real life cigarette commercial from 50 years ago.

Fight the New Drug™: http://vimeo.com/29493005

Matt’s Story

Watch “Matt’s Story” a Fight the New Drug™ Video:


Addiction Hurts: Test Yourself

  • Do I hide the behavior? Am I secretive about it?

  • Am I building a tolerance to the activity? Do I need more and more to have the same sensation?

  • Is this affecting other areas of my life? Has my school work or sleep suffered?

  • Do I need the activity to relax or improve my mood?

  • Have my relationships suffered?

  • What long term effects could this have on my physical, emotional, mental, social well being?

Violent Images and Aggression

  • Pornography and violent images change your brain.

  • Elementary students: kids who play more violent video games become:

    • more verbally aggressive

    • more physically aggressive

    • less helpful to others. (Anderson, Douglas, Buckley, 2007)

Why worry about content

How Correlated are Media Exposure Aggression?

Why worry about content?

Relative Health Risks

Share What You Learn

  • Choose one:




Fighter Facts Video Competition

  • Show contest intro video: http://www.fightthenewdrug.org/Blog/Blog-Detail/Matts-Story/

  • MonthlyPrizes:

    • iPod Touch

    • FTND Sweatshirt

    • FTND Belt Buckle

Key Concepts

  • How to avoid traps of addiction

  • Hope for getting out of addiction

  • Share hope with friends

Maria’s Story

Watch Maria’s Story at Fight the New Drug:


Share What You Learned




Quick Response to Bad Stuff on Screen

  • Turn off the screen/close the lid (laptop).

  • Don’t try to exit.

  • Tell an adult.

Support Each Other

  • Find an Accountability Partner.

  • Intervene: talk to your friend and tell an adult.

  • Be positive with friends.

  • Teach what you know about addiction

  • Share your hope for the future.


You have resources:

  • Me!

  • Parents: ask for filters on home computers

  • Professional/Medical Help