64 th bsb predeployment briefing n.
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64 th BSB Predeployment Briefing PowerPoint Presentation
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64 th BSB Predeployment Briefing

64 th BSB Predeployment Briefing

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64 th BSB Predeployment Briefing

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  1. 64th BSB Predeployment Briefing 24 OCT 2005

  2. AGENDA Introductions/Opening Remarks Calendar/Iraq Overview Family Readiness Group Rear-D/Emergency Messages ACS Legal Assistance Finance CFNCO Chaplain Closing Remarks

  3. Introduction/Opening Remarks LTC MILLS 64th BSB Commander

  4. 64TH BSB Rear-Detachment Staff BLDG 1351 (Basement) CDR: 526-6224 1SG: 524-2406 BN Rear CMD CPT TOOPS SFC EVANS Command Finance Specialist SFC PICKETT S-3 SSG JOHNSON S-4 SGT FOGG

  5. Calendar/Iraq Overview LTC MILLS 64th BSB Commander

  6. Situation The 4th Infantry Division has received orders to deploy to Iraq to support ongoing contingency operations.

  7. Where are we going?


  9. Point of Entry

  10. Iraq



  13. DFAC



  16. What to expect on the day of deployment • Weapons Draw • Personal Baggage • Area for “Saying Good Bye” • Manifest Site - transportation - waiting time • Airport

  17. Family Readiness Group (FRG) JACKIE MILLS 64th BSB FRG Advisor


  19. Family Readiness Group A command sponsored organization of family members, volunteers, and soldiers belonging to a unit that together provide an avenue of mutual support and assistance and a network of communications among the family members, the chain of command, and community resources.

  20. INFORMATION AND REFERRAL • The primary focus of an FRG is to help spouses learn to help themselves by stimulating the spouse to be proactive with situations that can arise. • Leaders maintain an information database with useful telephone numbers and other related contact information. • Leaders have access to events and information from throughout the military and civilian communities. What Does the FRG Do? • MAINTAINS CONTACT INFORMATION • FRG Leader and Unit Command maintain updated contact information, especially during deployments, in case of emergencies involving the soldier. • SOCIAL INTERACTION WITH OTHER SPOUSES • A good way to make friends and network with other spouses to assist with childcare and children’s activities, as well as build a support network during deployments.

  21. Goals of the FRG • Build Soldier and family cohesion and moral • Prepare Soldiers and families for separation during deployments and, later, for stresses of reunion • Facilitate communication between families and the command • Reduce Soldier and family stress • Help Soldiers focus on their mission during deployments • Help families become more self-sufficient • Provide an avenue for sharing timely, accurate information • Promote better use of post and community resources

  22. The FRG is Not • A babysitting service • A taxi service • A financial institution • A professional counseling agency • Another military organization • A source for gossip and rumors

  23. Rear-Detachment (Rear-D)/ Emergency Messages CPT TOOPS 64th BSB Rear-D Commander

  24. Armed Forces Emergency Services 24/7 assistance Active Duty and spouses assigned to Fort Carson may call Toll Free: 1-877-272-7337 Armed Forces Emergency Services Center Or…check in with the ARC offices on Ft. Carson 526-2311 or 526-7144 Family members “back home”: Contact their local Red Cross office

  25. American Red Cross Emergency Communications Services • Provided for immediate family & grandparents • Verification of emergency situations • Verifications generally not available from most foreign countries • Message services can be limited by military “Minimize” conditions (none at this time)

  26. American Red Cross Message Delivery: Military Authorities to Service Member • Red Cross notifies service member’s Chain of Command • Chain of Command delivers in a personal manner • Ensure confidentiality at all levels • Notify Red Cross if immediate delivery is not possible

  27. American Red Cross Office Locations, Fort Carson, CO Main Office • 6303 Wetzel Ave, Bldg. 1526, 2nd Floor, Room 272 • Office Hours: 0800-1630, Monday-Friday • Office Phone: (719) 526-2311 Evans Army Community Hospital • 1650 Cochrane Circle, Bldg 7500, 1st Fl, Room 1801 • Office Hours: 0730-1600, Monday-Friday • Office Phone: 719 526-7144

  28. Leave Policies • Emergency Leave Policy • Death, acute terminal illness, serious injury/surgery that can not be postponed for a soldier’s immediate family member, or a soldier is personally affected by a disaster • Immediate Family - Parents, Spouse, Children, Siblings, only living blood relative, in loco parentis • In loco parentis - A person who stood in place of a parent to the soldier or Soldier’s spouse for 24 hours a day, for at least 5 years before the soldier or Soldier’s spouse turned 21 years old. • Not automatic • Mission dictates • Must be approved by the Brigade Commander • Environmental Morale Leave • 15 Days not counting travel time • Rotations 3d through the 10th month of deployment • Plan now for births, graduations, etc.

  29. 3HBCT NOTIFICATION PROCESS Death (official notification) FCC CA BN Rear-D CDR & BDE CA Team (SM Data & 93) BDE Rear-D CDR* BDE Rear-D CDR/ Rear D CSM/Chaplain Notification Care Team Initiates Support for Family Process: Prior to notification, Notification Team and Care Team will form up together and depart to family. Care Team will (if wanted) follow-up after notification team. *If BDE Rear-D CDR cannot do notification, notification will be done by a BN Rear-D CDR other than CPT Toops.

  30. 3HBCT NOTIFICATION PROCESS Death Notification • What you will see: • BDE/BN Rear D Officers wearing green Class A Uniform • Government vehicle • Will have identification with them (ID) • CARE Teams established • FRG Volunteers (3-4) that will provide support • No name will be given to Care Team until notification has been made

  31. 3HBCT NOTIFICATION PROCESS Death Notification • Each Family is assigned a Casualty Assistance Officer (CAO) within 24 hours that will support the family until complete. • Email will go though FRG Chain of Concern with no name given until after the official notification has been made.

  32. 3HBCT NOTIFICATION PROCESS Injury (official notification) FCC CA BN Rear-D CDR: In person (CS Area) or Telephonic Notification Care Team Initiates Support for Family Process: BN Rear-D CDR does notification. Care Team provides support as needed.

  33. 3HBCT NOTIFICATION PROCESS Injury Notification • Notification to family will come from the Rear-D chain of command or possibly directly from the injured soldier, if he/she is able. • Notification for VSI/SI from Rear D will be in person if local and by phone if outside the FT Carson/Colorado Springs area. • Notification will be in ACUs/DCUs • Individual will be in a POV

  34. Army Community Services (ACS) JEANNE KOSS

  35. I’m Ready! Our goal • Self Help • Service • Stability

  36. ARMY FAMILY TEAM BUILDING • 3 Levels of Training • Provides spouses the • knowledge to become self- • sufficient during times of • deployment

  37. ARMY EMERGENCY RELIEF • Provides emergency financial assistance to soldiers (AD and retired) and their families in time of distress. • Exists solely for “helping the Army take care of its own.”

  38. CATEGORIES OF ASSISTANCE • AUTHORIZED: • Rent, Utilities, Food • Medical, Dental, or Funeral Expenses • Emergency Travel or Essential POV • Non-Receipt or Loss of Pay • NOT AUTHORIZED: • Legal Fees/Fines • Liquidation or Consolidation of Debts • Items of Convenience • Standard of Living Maintenance • Continuing Assistance

  39. APPLICATION PROCESS • How To Apply: • Go to CFN to fill out application w/ budget sheet. • CFN makes appt with AER. • 3. Receive Commander’s recommendation, and signature. • 4. Bring ID card, LES & needed documentation to AER appt.

  40. FINANCIAL READINESS • Debt Management • Budget Counseling • Consumer Affairs • Community Assistance • Programs • - Home Front Cares • - National Homeland Defense Foundation

  41. EMPLOYMENT READINESS • Individual Career Counseling • Workshops • Listing of Job Vacancies • Computer Resource Room

  42. Family Connection • Newcomer Assistance • Loan Closet • Carson Cares Spouse Orientation • Toy and Book Exchange • E-mail Access for Newcomers • Individual Pre-deployment Planning

  43. FAMILY ADVOCACY • Child Safety Programs • Marriage Enrichment • Programs • Victim Advocacy Programs • Child Play Group • Nurturing Programs • Parenting Programs • Infant Massage Classes • Boot Camp for Dads

  44. EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY MEMBER PROGRAM (EFMP) • Mandatory enrollment (enrollment documents available at the hospital) • Physical, emotional, developmental, or intellectual disability therapy, that requires special education, therapy, counseling, etc.

  45. VOLUNTEER PROGRAM • Benefits of Volunteering • Develop New Skills • Broaden Resume • Self Satisfaction • Sense of Accomplishment • Recognition

  46. Information & Referral • Installation Resources • Community Resources • 526-4590 Your connection to everything!

  47. Parenting and child care Education Older adults Midlife and retirement Deployment and reunion Financial Legal Everyday issues Work International Relocation Emotional well-being Addiction and recovery Grief and loss Military One Source.Real help. Anytime, anywhere. 1-800-342-9647 User ID: military Password: onesource

  48. Legal Assistance CPT MARTINEZ JAG

  49. PREDEPLOYMENT BRIEF LEGAL ASSISTANCE ISSUES Office of the Staff Judge Advocate Legal Assistance Office 526-5572 / 5573