chapter 4 american life in the seventeenth century n.
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Chapter 4: American Life in the Seventeenth Century PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter 4: American Life in the Seventeenth Century

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Chapter 4: American Life in the Seventeenth Century - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 4: American Life in the Seventeenth Century. T he Chesapeake (pg. 24).

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Chapter 4: American Life in the Seventeenth Century

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t he chesapeake pg 24
The Chesapeake (pg. 24)
  • Unhealthy (work, difficult) (disease, unhealthy) (lifespan, 40-50) (6:1, tobacco brides) (pregnancy rate)
  • Tobacco (key cash crop) (ideal location)
  • Economic Problems (overproduction, low price) (Burgesses raise prices) (England raises theirs)
c ont pg 24
cont. (pg. 24)
  • Indentured Servants (homeless) (penniless) (landless) (frustration) (exploited)
  • Bacon’s Rebellion (Gov. Berkeley) (favors elites) (fur trade) (Nathaniel Bacon) (help farmers, indentured) (attacks Indians/Jamestown) (dysentery, dies) (concern, happen again?) (economy, England)
  • Slavery (indentured, 25 yrs.) (too few) (cost goes down) (not seen as a threat) (Va. passes discriminatory laws)
pg 25
(pg. 25)
  • Southern Society (Tidewater) (Merchants) (small farmers) (Indentured) (slaves) (Indians?)
  • Geography (river network) (delivery) (no large cities, like North)
colonial slavery pg 25
Colonial Slavery (pg. 25)
  • Increased Demand 1. reduced migration (wage increase in England) 2. dependable work force (Bacon’s Rebellion) (easier to control) 3. cheap labor (price of slaves fell)
  • Slave Laws (color, children inherit status) (baptism?) (social inferiors) (white women can’t marry Black men) (Free Blacks) (racism/slavery, part of colonial society)
  • Triangular Trade (Royal African Co.) (N.E. merchants, $) (rum sent to Africa) (slaves sent to West Indies) (sugar sent to N.E. port) (sugar turned into rum) (trip = $)
the economy pg 26
The Economy (pg. 26)
  • New England (rocky soil/winters) (subsistence/farming) (logging, shipbuilding) (trade, rum-distilling)
  • Middle Colonies(rich soil, corn/wheat) (small farms) (iron-making) (trading led to growth/cities, Phil./New York)
  • Southern Colonies(agriculture/tobacco, rice, indigo) (Plantations along river, ship directly to Europe) (plantations, self-sufficient) (craftsmen, crops)
new england pg 27
New England (pg. 27)
  • Geography (good climate/water) (rocky soil) (ocean-related) (small-scale agriculture) (slaves?)
  • Social Life (nuclear families) (10, most survived) (grandparents) (dusk ‘til dawn) (alongside husbands) (women, no power) (no paupers) (Protestant Work Ethic)
  • Education (Bible, parents) (50, primary) (100, secondary) (Harvard, ministry) (village green) (jeremiads)
  • Salem Witch Trials (voodoo?) (accusations) (hysteria) (executions) (most ministry cautioned) (theories) (governor’s wife, accused)