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Kick Off – November 12, 2013

Kick Off – November 12, 2013. King Phillip II of Spain saw himself as leader of the A) Protestant Reformation B) Renaissance C) Catholic Reformation D) Spanish Succession 2. Absolute monarch in France is best associated with which king? A) Cardinal Richelieu B) Phillip II

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Kick Off – November 12, 2013

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  1. Kick Off – November 12, 2013 • King Phillip II of Spain saw himself as leader of the A) Protestant Reformation B) Renaissance C) Catholic Reformation D) Spanish Succession 2. Absolute monarch in France is best associated with which king? A) Cardinal Richelieu B) Phillip II C) Louis XIV D) Henry IV 3. One cause of the French Revolution was A) the strong leadership of Louis XVI B) nearby revolutions in Germany and Austria C) record government surpluses D) inequalities in society

  2. Chapter 20.2 The Republic

  3. Early Revolution Review!

  4. Radical Leaders Jean-Paul Marat: advocated violence, leader of sans-culottes, radical Georges-Jacques Danton Maximilien Robespierre: became increasingly radical, led the revolution through its most blood-thirsty time

  5. The Execution King Louis XVI placed on trial Wanted to execute the king to ensure a republic Decapitated via guillotine Europeans reacted to his death with horror

  6. Transforming Society • National Convention set up Committee of Public Safety to manage military defense • Instituted a draft • Set up Revolutionary Tribunal to eliminate threats to the revolution from within • Leaders wanted to erase all traces of the Old Order • Replaced churches with Cult of the Supreme Being (worshiped the Revolution) • Created metric system of weights and measurements • New calendar

  7. The Reign of Terror • Many began to criticize the Revolution, leaders feared they would lose control • Took action to avoid a counter-revolution • Series of executions, and trials known as the Reign of Terror • Guillotine claimed many victims including Robespierre

  8. Comic Strip • Create a comic strip with at least 3 panels illustrating one of the following • Causes of the French Revolution • Reign of Terror • The French Revolution

  9. After the Terror New gov. called Directory elected along with a new constitution Weak and corrupt, France’s troubles continued No one really in power

  10. Rise To Power • Napoleon Bonaparte was a brilliant military leader • national hero • Decided to seize power in a coup d’etat(overthrow of the state) • Directory (gov’t) was weak and ineffective • People were tired of the chaos of the Revolution, wanted stability • Pledged to uphold key revolutionary reforms

  11. Emperor Napoleon • Named first Consul of France • Submitted a plebiscite: “want to declare France an empire?” Yes! • Named Emperor Napoleon I • Began to build an empire • Fought Napoleonic Wars to gain territory in Europe • France became most powerful nation in Europe, main rival was Great Britain

  12. The Continental System • Napoleon planned a blockade of Britain to disrupt their trade • Called Continental System • Couldn’t enforce

  13. Napoleon’s Policies • Made an agreement w/ pope called Concordat • Acknowledged Catholicism in France, though did not force people to be Catholic • Bank of France to regulate economy • New system of law-Napoleonic Code • Order and authority over individual rights • Established strong education system • Helped fuel sense of nationalism • Sense of identity and unity as a people

  14. Kick Off – November 13, 2013 Identify the term or person that best fits the description. A forced transfer of power Napoleon’s plan for cutting off trade to enemy countries Execution device that dropped a heavy blade through the victim’s neck Classes of French society WORD BANK Indemnity Three estates Arms Plebiscite Continental System Napoleonic Wars Coup d’etat Guillotine

  15. Disaster and Defeat • Decided to invade Russia • Soldiers lacked loyalty, training, proper supplies from beginning • Russian troops constantly withdrew, drawing Napoleon further into Russia • Burned all fields and supplies along the way • Moscowdeserted and in flames • Forced to retreat • Harsh winter was devastating, only 94,000 of 600,000 troops returned

  16. Exile to Elba Disaster in Russia gave enemies new hope New French troops were inexperienced Allies took Paris Napoleon was exiled to island of Elba off the coast of Italy

  17. The Last Campaigns • Allies restored monarchy in France, Louis XVIII and returned original boarders • Napoleon returned from exile after one year, took back throne for the Hundred Days • Allied troops defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo • Napoleon exiled to St. Helena in middle of Atlantic • He died six years later

  18. Congress of Vienna People: Accomplishments: Congress of Vienna Goals: Use pages 617 – 618 to complete the graphic organizer!

  19. Congress of Vienna • Meeting to restore order and stability to Europe • Led by Klemens Von Metternich of Austria • true conservative, wanted to restore monarchies and put down revolutions • Reactionary – opposed progress • Redrew map of Europe and forced France to pay large indemnity (compensation for damages)

  20. The Revolution’s Legacy • Never again would European monarchs be secure in their privileged positions • Common people realized their own power • Ideals influenced the world for next two hundred years • Inspired further revolutions in Europe • Inspired colonial upheaval in Latin America

  21. Historical Head • With your partner, create a historical head for Napoleon • Fill it with at least 6 events from his life, ideas, and effects of his reign • Visuals are better than words • Use color • Go over pencil lines!

  22. Visual Study Guide • Cut out each of the pieces (they don’t have to be perfect!) • Arrange them in an order that makes sense to you • Which thoughts go with which person? • Was the person part of the Scientific Revolution, the Enlightenment, or the American Revolution? • Check out the example if you get stuck • Textbook pages 568 - 585

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