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  1. Trashketball

  2. What two gases together make up about 99% of Earth’s atmosphere?

  3. Why do convection currents form?

  4. What is the relationship between air pressure and the density of air?

  5. What is the relationship between air temperature and the density of air?

  6. What is the relationship between air temperature and air pressure?

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  8. How do the particles in a hot cup of coffee compare to the particles in a glass of iced water

  9. How do radiation and conduction compare to each other?

  10. Why does it tend to be more humid in the summer than in the winter?

  11. A student used a hygrometer and found that the relative humidity outside was 60%. What does this measurement mean?

  12. Why does the air temperature rise in the stratosphere?

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  14. What causes the rapid rise in temperatures within the thermosphere?

  15. What does the circular air path shown in the diagram above represent?

  16. Sea breezes usually happen during the day. What statement best explains this fact?

  17. What are the temperature and humidity of air mass B?

  18. Which name would a meteorologist give to air mass E?

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  20. Great Lakes What does A represent, and in what direction is it moving?

  21. Great Lakes As D moves east, what will happen to the temperature over the Great Lakes?

  22. Which weather conditions are typically found along a warm front?

  23. A rapidly moving cold air mass meets a slowly moving warm air mass and forms a front. What kind of front is this?

  24. The prevailing westerlies and the jet stream are major wind belts over the continental U.S. Which direction do they generally move air masses?

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  26. What type of weather front is shown in the diagram?

  27. Why do clouds form along this front?

  28. What are the three layers of air, in order, needed to form a tornado?

  29. What causes the initially horizontal rotation of the tornado to start?

  30. How does air temperature, density, and relative humidity contribute to the formation and progression of a tornado?

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  32. What is the progression from a tropical disturbance to a hurricane?

  33. What provides the fuel for hurricanes?

  34. Why do hurricanes rotate?

  35. What is happening in the eye of the hurricane?

  36. What kind of pressure is found in the eye of a hurricane and why?

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  38. In Tornado Alley, where are the three types of air required for tornado formation coming from?

  39. In Tornado Alley, how does the downward slope of the topography from west to east contribute to the formation of tornados?

  40. What is the difference between convection and radiation?

  41. What kind of radiation comes from the sun?

  42. Which would be colder, a low pressure system over Cambodia or a high pressure system over Greenland?

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