Dr. Dima Ruban
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Dr. Dima Ruban. Made by:. ANDREW RUBAN. Dima’s Job.

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Dr. Dima Ruban

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Dima’s Job

Dr. Dima Ruban is a wonderful doctor and could help any patient get well sooner than they could imagine. He is a neurosurgeon and could treat people’s brains and backs. In the brain there are lots of parts that can have problems. The brain is the control of the whole body which tells it what to do. Also there is the heart that controls the blood flow through the body so that it can breathe. But Dima doesn't do heart operations.

Dima’s Love

Dima loves a wonderful pretty girl named Sarah Ayres. It also seems she loves him to. They have first met at the hospital that they both work at. There Dima is a neurosurgeon and Sarah is a nurse. They have been together now for a very long time and in 2008 they got married. Now they live a wonderful life together.


Our family has lots of fun on all of our birthdays. We are a wonderful family and nothing could ever replace us. You are a great success to our family because you are the very best in everything. I know that you will always succeed in life and nothing can ever stop you. You didn’t have much entertainment when you were a child but now you can have everything you have ever wanted.


Andy is a wonderful brother for Dima. He knows that he could never ever have a better brother than me of course . We always have a lot of fun and Andy is the right person to have fun with. If you are ever bored or have nothing to do on a day then Andy is the right choice for you. I am the best of the best          


  • Dima always loves to go golfing when he has some free time because it is fun and it is his favorite sport. His favorite player is Tiger Woods.

  • Dima also loves to go to different opera concerts and listen to different people sing. He goes when he has time and there is a concert available.

  • Dima loves to spend time with his brother on the weekends when he has the time to come and visit us.


I think that your favorite food is probably stake and pizza and that is what you really like. Also you always try new wines at different restaurants that u go to or we go as a family. I know that you’re favorite wine is PINO NOUR. Also when you try a different company wine you rate it if it was good or not.


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Dima’s Birthday present

The best brother I could ever have