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“We need you…you are LOTA” PowerPoint Presentation
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“We need you…you are LOTA”

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“We need you…you are LOTA”
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“We need you…you are LOTA”

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  1. “We need you…you are LOTA” “If not you, then who? If not now, then when?”

  2. Why Should You Join LOTA?? • LOTA is the only entity in Louisiana that pays for a lobbyist to protect your practice and reimbursement in Louisiana.

  3. What does our lobbyist Do?

  4. Our Lobbyist (Kevin Hayes) • Regularly reviews House & Senate Bills and other legal documents that could impact our practice in the state of Louisiana • Contacts the authors of the bills to advocate for changes and/or modifications so that our practice is protected • Lobby on behalf of occupational therapy practitioners in the state of Louisiana: Mingles and interacts with politicians on a regular basis to maintain rapport so that when an issue impacts our profession • Attends meetings representing the interest of occupational therapy in our state

  5. Sounds good, But I’m still not sure it’s worth My $$$ to Join LOTA • Our Lobbyist costs: • $15,000, annually • FYI: This is inexpensive when compared to cost of other healthcare profession lobbyists.

  6. What has Our Lobbyist Really Done??

  7. Here are just a few things… • Senate Bill (SB) 110 was relative to the practice act governing certified athletic trainers ( legislature was attempting to change the athletic trainer’s act by seeking to redefine from treating an “athlete” to treat a broader spectrum of clients.) LOTA voiced opposition to the bill via our lobbyist. Lobbyist attended numerous meetings • Result: this part of the bill died on the floor • House Bill (HB) 152, added “occupational therapists” to certain definitions of “health care provider.”

  8. Insurance Coverage for Prosthetics… • HB 318, Requires health insurance coverage of prosthetic devices and prosthetic services • HB 516, Provides relative to coverage of rehabilitative services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language pathology therapy (this provides OT as “standard benefits” in health insurance policies)

  9. OT can receive orders from Nurse Practitioners… • HB 919, Allows occupational therapists to receive orders from advance practice registered nurses • SB, 866, Provides for increased sources of referral for occupational therapists and for access without referral for limited services relative to the State Board of Medical Examiners • HB 264, Clarified that OT’s are covered under the Medical Malpractice Act

  10. Worker’s Comp Advisory Board… • SCR 112, Creates and provides for the Workers’ Compensation Advisory Board (OT originally in bill, then when went to House floor all providers were removed….something that is monitored) • HB 333, Authorizes physician assistants to refer patients to occupational therapists (Lobbyist worked with Rep. Shepherd to file this bill on behalf of LOTA)

  11. OT’s can make splints… • HB 799, LOTA’s Lobbyist was successful in amending the bill to make it clear that the proposed law shall not prohibit a licensed OT from practicing within the scope of practice in regards to orthotic devices (splints) • HB 1, Successful in restoring a $1.3 million cut to the Community Based Program for the Early Steps Program

  12. But wait…there’s More

  13. Additional benefits of LOTA Membership

  14. CEU’S/WORKSHOPS • Opportunity to earn up to 4 FREE CEU’s ! • Discounts on continuing education opportunities! • Monthly CEU opportunities across the state! • Multi-tracked Annual Spring Conference (to provide diversity in topics offered)! • Online CEUs Care2Learn (available at www.LOTA.camp9.org)!

  15. Board of Volunteers • Work collaboratively across the state to: • Promote OT & Advocate for our profession • Identify Continuing Education needs/wants and work to offer courses (as identified on previous slide) • When an issue presents, the Board works to identify practitioners within an area of expertise to address needs/concerns • Provide monthly newsletters

  16. And LOTA could do so much more, But…

  17. We must increase membership… • In order to have the finances to pay for: • Lobbyist ($15,000/annually) • Management Company ($17,088/annually)*this is at a significantly reduced rate, which may not be able to be maintained---we may lose the management company • Accountant ($350—annual taxes) • Website, Telephone, Mailings, Insurance, etc. ($1000/annually) • Fees to process credit card payments (huge fee/convenient to members) (~$1900/annually). Payment by check saves LOTA 3% of CC fees.

  18. We must increase membership… • To grow • To have a greater pool of volunteers to assist on committees, to serve as Board members, to generate ideas, and to insure our future.

  19. We must increase membership… • To pay for our management company to: • Process membership applications • Process credit card and other payments • Update the website • Oversees budget & assists to update financials on monthly basis • Manage database with CEUs • Alert practitioners to issues relative to the profession • Respond to consumers in a timely & efficient manner • Assure Bylaws are followed • Assist in the management of conferences

  20. Numbers don’t lie… • At the beginning of our 2011-2012 fiscal year, LOTA had ~250 members. • To date, LOTA has ~219 members with ~10% of these members being students. Our membership constantly fluctuates, and we need continued membership support of your professional association. • Even if all 219members were OT practitioners paying $100 annual dues, this WOULD NOT be enough to cover our current expenses, despite significant cuts.

  21. So let’s get real… OT’s: $100/annually = $8.33/month or one less sub sandwich meal /month.

  22. …do the math…. COTA’S: $75 Annually = $6.25/month or one less hamburger meal/month.

  23. …put our money where our mouth is… Student: $25/annually = $2.08/month or one less beverage/month.

  24. And Strengthen LOTA Today! LOTA is using this power point in a “grass roots” effort to reach practitioners throughout our state. Our Association is struggling financially. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved, but at the least, please be a member and encourage others to join! We hope that this presentation has answered why your membership is important and what LOTA provides to you as a practitioner. Thank you

  25. To Help Protect Your Profession Join LOTA Today: Phone: 1-888-780-6306 Website: www.lota.camp9.org