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The Ninth Month - The Last Month of Pregnancy, Its Finale Time Mommies! PowerPoint Presentation
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The Ninth Month - The Last Month of Pregnancy, Its Finale Time Mommies!

The Ninth Month - The Last Month of Pregnancy, Its Finale Time Mommies!

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The Ninth Month - The Last Month of Pregnancy, Its Finale Time Mommies!

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  1. INTRODUCTION You are in the NINTH MONTH!! • Both your baby and you have come a long way and have achieved significant progress. We know you have been working hard and it’s praiseworthy, just a few more days of waiting and your bundle of joy will be within your arms. That feeling, no one in the world can express it in words. So, without further delay, let’s start the discussion on the detailed developments of your baby and your body which are supposed to happen during the ninth month of pregnancy which is week 36 to 40…  DISCLAIMER: Every pregnancy is unique, even one’s second pregnancy is different from her first one. The changes or symptoms which are noted here are common pregnancy changes to keep you aware of the challenges. You might experience some of these symptoms or all of it or even none of it. Similarly, if you experience something different from these, don’t worry but please do consult your obstetrician immediately, if the symptoms go to the extreme side. 

  2. WEEK 36: BABY’S DEVELOPMENT: • Now, your fetus is fully matured, baby. So, congratulation! • Meanwhile, her sucking muscles have also developed quite well. • Her skin becomes smooth and pink. • And finally, she will move down to the pelvis to get ready to see the outside world. MOM’S DEVELOPMENT: • As your baby descends into pelvis, • your lungs will have more space, and you will be able to breathe more deeply but it increases the pelvic discomfort. • Overall, there will be few changes that might occur in the vaginal region with an increase in the vaginal discharge, appearance of blood, or mucus-like discharge which could be the mucus plug.

  3. WEEK 37: BABY’S DEVELOPMENT: • Your umbilical cord begins transferring antibodies to your baby in preparation for the delivery. • Her eye color is mostly blue at this point, as her senses are in the path of developing. But it changes over time after birth. • The baby looks more and more round as she compacts herself to fit within your uterus. • Finally, her bones harden completely and gain some weight. MOM’S BODY DEVELOPMENT: • You might start to notice a couple of signs of labor this week which may be accompanied by nauseous feeling. • Diarrhea is also another one of the signs, labor might occur in a few weeks. • The frequent contractions which will follow from this week will hurt more as compared to last week. • New stretch marks will appear around your abdomen and in the pelvic area as the skin and muscles are expanding.

  4. WEEK 38: BABY’S DEVELOPMENT: • Baby’s brain continues to grow while regulating breathing, blood circulation, and digestion. • If your baby doesn’t change positions, don’t worry about the space for baby in the womb lessens as she grows. • Within this week she might change it results in the fetal position. But be cautious and aware of any warning signs. MOM’S BODY DEVELOPMENT: • Remember, labor may start anytime in the coming weeks. • Your anxiety might reach a high height this week, with the anticipation of labor and distress regarding the delivery. • The swelling of your legs and feet might intensify and more prominent. • Your belly keep stretching, increase itchiness around the belly and the pelvic region, massaging with coconut oil might give you some relief.

  5. WEEK 39: BABY’S DEVELOPMENT: • Your baby will reach her birth weight. • This on average measures about 18-22 inches and weighs about 6-9 pounds (2.5-4 kilograms). • She is now getting ready for birth, her head moves down towards the pelvis (in a normal case, where the baby is in a fetal position). • And at the end of this week, her arm and legs become stronger while her toenails and fingernails are completely developed. MOM’S BODY DEVELOPMENT: • As the head of your baby moves down to the pelvis, it becomes easier for you to breathe but it makes everything around the belly uncomfortable. • If you get a bloody show, then it is a major indicator of labor. • This is generally due to the release of blood and the mucus plug. Some of you might even tend to clean and have a high surge of energy which is known as the urge to nest.

  6. WEEK 40: BABY’S DEVELOPMENT: • This week is the last week of your pregnancy journey, and your baby is mostly chilling in your womb. • Immediately after the baby’s birth, the healthcare providers in the hospital determine the overall health of the baby, an average Apgar score is calculated. • This score takes some factors into account like activity and muscle tone, heart rate, reflex response, appearance, and respiration. It is scored on a scale of 0 to 2, with 2 being the best score. MOM’S BODY DEVELOPMENT: • Your contractions will begin to be more intense and continuous which ultimately leads to labor pain. • You might experience lack of sleep because of the pelvic pain which will add fuel to the fatigue. • Cramps in and around your abdomen region and the back will start from this week and will continue throughout the week. • Contraction or labor might last for about 12 hours, and the childbirth happens once the sufficient dilation i.e.,10 centimeters is reached, your baby will be born.

  7. HERE ARE SOME ADVICE FOR THE NINTH MONTH WHICH YOU CAN FOLLOW • You can ask your husband to massage your foot and back to ease discomfort. • Make sure you drink plenty of lukewarm water to prevent overheating, headaches, and infections. • Start some labor-inducing exercises) after consulting with your doctor. • As she can hear pretty clearly now, you can read stories to your belly to develop a bond with the child. • Start preparing your hospital bag which should include all the necessary items for delivery, from the baby diaper, baby clothes to warm socks, and of course, for yourself too. Shortly we will be coming up with the hospital bag guide. • Wear comfortable clothes at home and try to move around a bit as it helps with the ease of delivery.

  8. HERE ARE SOME ADVICE FOR THE NINTH MONTH WHICH YOU CAN FOLLOW… • Consult the doctor, if vaginal discharge increases at an abnormally high rate as it could be the amniotic fluid, in some cases water break naturally this time. • If the mucus plug (brownish color muscle like discharge) appears this week, that could mean that the labor is near. • Beware of false labor which might also appear this week. It is better to learn about these. Some of the false signs include labor pain concentrated in the lower abdominal region, and these might go away by drinking water, eating, or taking a walk. • In labor, avoid eating anything as it may lead to nausea. • Only about 5% of babies are born on the due date, so keep calm and stop stressing

  9. FOODS TO INCLUDE DURING THE NINTH MONTH OF PREGNANCY: FIBER-RICH FOODS: Fibers are essential as it aids in proper digestion and prevents constipation. This includes fresh vegetables, fruits, cereals, bread, oats, and whole grains. CALCIUM-RICH FOODS: This is a must include food in the last stage of pregnancy. Your baby in the womb needs calcium for the development of strong bones. Cheese, yogurt, lentils, leafy green vegetables, and almonds are the rich sources of calcium. IRON-RICH FOODS: Almost all pregnant women face a major problem i.e., Iron deficiency, even if they take iron supplements. So, including iron-rich food in your pregnancy diet is vital to meet the requisite amount of calcium during pregnancy. These foods include raisins, broccoli, chicken, peas, berries, eggs, and fish.

  10. FOODS TO INCLUDE DURING THE NINTH MONTH OF PREGNANCY… VITAMIN C: Some of the sources of Vitamin C which you should include in the diet are tomatoes, oranges, bell peppers, broccoli, and strawberries. Vitamin C is good for your skin and it also helps in the absorption of iron from the diet. FOLIC ACID-RICH FOODS: Folic acid is a very crucial nutrient for the baby’s healthy and strong growth, especially for spine development. Ensure the intake of these foods which are rich in folic acids such as beans, green leafy vegetables, and chickpeas. VITAMIN A: It’s a universal fact that Vitamin A is necessary for eye development. So, you can imagine how much it is important in your pregnancy diet. Some of its sources are sweet potatoes, carrots, and spinach.

  11. FOODS TO EXCLUDE DURING NINTH MONTH PREGNANCY: • CAFFEINE: Highly dangerous for your little one. • ALCOHOL: Harmful for both. So, avoid it throughout pregnancy • SOFT CHEESE: This leads to infection like listeriotic- hazardous to your baby. • TOBACCO: Affects the development of your baby. • FISH WITH HIGH MERCURY CONTENT: Kinds of seafood like the shark, marline, and swordfish contain a high concentration of mercury which is harmful to the baby and in extreme cases can lead to miscarriage. • RAW MEATS: Consumption of these have a high risk of bacterial and viral infection. • JUNK FOODS: Aids in increasing heartburn and digestion problem. It doesn't even have any nutrient value. HUNYHUNY WISHES YOU A SAFE AND HURDLE FREE DELIVERY! ENJOY MOTHERHOOD AND STAY SAFE.