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Presentation on eLeave Time required : 10 minutes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on Presentation on eLeave Time required : 10 minutes. eLeave. What this presentation Covers ? What is eLeave system ? How eLeave will benefit me ? What is my role as Section / Department head ? How to use eLeave ? Frequently asked questions.

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Presentation on eLeave

Time required : 10 minutes


What this presentation Covers ?

What is eLeave system ?

How eLeave will benefit me ?

What is my role as Section / Department head ?

How to use eLeave ?

Frequently asked questions.

A thought from makers of eleave (

what is eleave
What is eLeave ?
  • eLeave is a web based software that allows employees to carry out all attendance & leave related activities.
  • The “e”ofeleave depicts eco friendly leave system saving paper.

Following major facilities are provided by eLeave

For Employees

For Employees

Viewing attendance

Viewing leave balances

Apply online leave (without paper & pen)

Rectify attendance anomalies

(Missing punch / absenteeism)

View holiday list

Approve attendance anomalies

Approve leave

Approve Compensatory off & overtime.

how eleave will benefit my office
How eLeave will benefit my office ?

No need for pen & paper.

You can apply leave from any PC over the network.

Contribution to ecology, saving trees

(If we don’t plant trees we have no right to cut them)

You can operate in single system if we have more than one company branches.

Boss always on travel or out of office can approve your leave over the network.

Employees always out station, or moves across various branches can keep track of attendance as well as leave.

You employees will behave more punctual, & carry more responsibility.

Reduces time required in attendance generation, rectification of anomalies & saves valuable time for time office.


Login screeen

Enter your 6 digit employee code prefix with 0 as your sign-in name.

Employee code 124 should sign-in as 000124

Your password is same as employee code

incase you want employee code to be saved for next logon kindly tick mark option “Remember me”

Incase you have forgotten the password click option “forgot password”

Tip: Change your password after first sign-in


Sign in Welcome screen

You can change your login year to view previous year leave details, in this screen.

HR Department can leave some messages for you, that shall appear after you sign in in this welcome screen.

The message could be something related to some documentation or submissions that may be common for all employees or specifically for you.

Click “proceed to eleave” to go to main menu.


eLeave Menu

On successful logon to eLeave a menu shall always be displayed on Top.

There are 2 different views of menus as you can see below.

View 1 :

Is a common view visible to all employees.

View 2 :

Is a special view which is visible to only HOD/Section heads etc..

This view is visible to those who have some one reporting to them.


Change password

  • The change password option in menu allows you to change the password.
  • PLEASE NOTE: It is highly advisable that you change your password after
  • First login
  • Frequently after 2/3 months.
  • This will ensure that others shall not have unauthorized access to your attendance & leave records.
  • However note that your reporting head such as your supervisor/section head/HOD will always have viewing right to all your attendance & leave records.

Leave Balances

Leave balances screen, shall display balance of leaves applicable for you.

This screen displays

Type of Leave

Opening balance during beginning of year

Leave availed during the year

Closing balance as on date.

Please note HOD or section heads shall get a list of employees reporting to them on left hand side, click the employee name to view the leave balance of that employee.


Leave Application

Leave application screen allows you to apply for leave either in advance before going on leave.

Incase of only those leaves where your HR has set rules to allow post leaves, you can apply prior day leaves.

eleave application is very simple, you have to enter only 1 field (which is also not mandatory)

All other screen options are mouse clickable & hence the process is easy, ensures preciseness of data & faster too.

Even the reasons are already fed into system , you have to choose from drop down.

You can apply for leave now almost 10 times faster than manual process.

Please note that there are some mandatory fields during leave application process, you cannot submit an application unless

The complete form is filled.

* This screen also displays leave balances on left side and also count of holiday/weekly offs falling during the leave period.


Leave Submission Acknowledgement

Please note you shall get an onscreen acknowledgement soon after your submission of Leave.

This screen also ensures that a mail has been sent to your leave approving/sanctioning authority you had selected in previous screen.

NOTE : Please do note call your sanction authority / HOD to inform about your leave application for next 3 days.

(They have already received a mail). After approval or rejection you shall get a mail back.


Leave Approval

HOD/Section head can APPROVE or REJECT the leaves & attendance entries by using this screen.

This screen will display only leaves pending for Sanction/approval

HOD / section head cannot make any amendments to any leave application.

You can only approve / reject a leave.

Alternatively you can also approve or reject leave directly from your email detailed on next screen.


Leave Approval from mail

  • You shall receive a mail in your inbox incase any of your reportees apply for a leave.
  • The email shows leave details with 3 links
  • On clicking Sign in link you will be logged into leave system (
  • Use this option if you wish to approve multiple leaves or check attendance, leave balances etc..)
  • On clicking Approve link the leave displayed in the mail shall be approved.
  • Note if this leave requires sanctioning & not sanctioned you shall be prompted for confirmation of approval.
  • On clicking Reject link the leave displayed in the mail shall be rejected.

Leave Register

Leave register displays the complete list of all leave entries a tabular form.

Leave register is displayed with a colour legend and one can easily know the status of leave

Pending leaves appear in blue colour

Approve leaves appear in green colour

Rejected leaves appear in red colour

Santioned leaves appear in orange colour.

An employee can cancel only pending / un approved leaves (ie. All leaves in blue colour)

Similarly an HOD/Section head can cancell an approved leave.


Attendance Register (List View)

Attendance register displays date wise tabular time in & timeout with attendance anomalies.

Incase there is any anomaly in your attendance same shall appear highlighted in red color.

Major anomalies include absenteeism (Full / part of the day), Punch missing (Time in/time out missing) entries.

Incase of absenteeism, one should regularize the punch by clicking on “Apply Leave” link.

Incase of missing punch (TI/TO) Time in or time out missing, one can either delete the punch or enter the missing time

in the textbox displayed in the attendance entry for the corresponding day.

An HOD can only view attendance register for employees reporting to them.


Attendance Register ( View)

Attendance register displays date wise tabular time in & timeout with attendance anomalies in calendar form.

Also displays the status of applied Leave.


Directly approving Leaves requiring sanctioning

There are instances when an HOD/Section head needs to approve attendance or leave of employees which need

Prior sanctioning from supervisors.

Incase the HOD tries to approve the leave before sanctioning, the same shall be warned & HOD has to confirm the approval

By clicking YES button.


Attendance Approval

Attendance approval is similar to Leave approval.

Any rectification entries in punch (Addition / deletion ) for an employee has to be approved by concerned HOD/section head.

Attendance approval screen allows a manager to approve the attendance regularization entries.

Entries such as addition of Time in or timeout incase of punch missing entry or deletion of duplicate or

Extra punch can be approved using this screen.


OT Approval

OT Approval screen allows approval of OT.

This screen is visible only to HOD/section heads.

Employees who are eligible for OT & have worked more than prescribed no. of hours shall be displayed for OT Approval.

It is at discrete of the HOD to approve the OT, including changing of OT hours .

However one cannot approve OT more than the actual OT Hours as OT is calculated based on rules defined in the system.

Also you have to select the standard reasons for OT which has been pre defined by Time office & available in the list.


Shift Schedule

HOD or Section Head can generate and download an Excel file of Shift Schedule of employees reporting to him.


Shift Schedule

HOD or Section Head can Upload an Excel file of Shift Schedule of employees reporting to him.

Note:- Only the Excel file generated by eleave module will be valid.


Attendance Register (Rectifying anomalies) – Part I

  • One can view his attendance register between any prescribed date range.
  • Incase there are discrepancies in attendance, the same row shall be highlighted in Red color.
  • There are 2 types of anomalies.
  • Missing punch (TI/TO), where TI Stands for missing time in TO stands for missing timeout
  • Absenteeism
  • You can regularize a missing punch entry either by entering the missing punch or by deleting any extra entry incase of more
  • than even number of punches in same day.
  • Any attendance regularized entry pending for approval shall be highlighted in grey Color.
  • Absenteeism for Full or part of the day can be regularized applying leave for the absent period.

Please note that regularization of such anomalies shall go through approval process.


Attendance Regularization

  • An employee or his HOD can view the attendance regularization entries made in the past.
  • This will list all attendance punches added manually as well as deleted.
  • Please note this screen displays 2 parts.
  • Top screen displays attendance entries pending for approval
  • Bottom screen displays entries already approved.

Holiday register

This screen allows option to view holidays between the selected date range.

All applicable holidays defined by time office can be seen in this screen.

frequently asked questions faq
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Can I cancel leave after application?
  • Can I cancel leave after approval ?
  • Can I amend a leave application ?
  • Can I apply leave after availing ?
  • I do not have a computer on my desk how eLeave will benefit me?
  • What should I do when I forgot to punch in/out?
  • What should I do if I was marked absent & not applied leave?
  • Can I take printout of my leave register, leave card or attendance ?
  • What are other features of eLeave module?
  • How do I view previous year data/leaves ?
  • How do I know if my leave is approved or rejected ?
faq answered
FAQ – Answered

Can I cancel leave after application ?

Yes you can cancel a leave after application and before approval.

The leave cancelled before approval does not need any approval from HOD/section head.

Can I cancel leave after approval ?

Yes you can cancel a leave after approval, provided the leave is for future date.

You cannot cancel a leave after the leave from date has already been lapsed.

Can I amend a leave application ?

No, you cannot amend a leave application, Since there are various checks done

During leave application process including minimum no. of days/maximum no. of

days etc.

A work around for this is cancel the existing application & apply for a new leave.

Can I apply leave after availing ?

This purely depends on the leave policies of your company. Only those leaves which

Can be applied back dated will allow application after availing. Check your leave policies.

I do not have a computer on my desk how eLeave will benefit me?

You can go to any computer over the network & apply for leave or check your attendance, you do not need any login as eleave works in browser; you can apply for leave from your colleagues desktop as it does not take more than 2 minutes.

What should I do when I forgot to punch in/out?

If you forgot a punch it will reflect in your attendance register as anomaly. Kindly rectify

the same by adding the punch manually. Note that this has to be approved by your HOD.


What should I do if I was marked absent & not applied leave?

If you have remained absent without applying leave, your attendance register shall display AA – Absent, you can either click “Apply leave” from attendance screen or you can apply a leave from “leave application” menu.

Can I take printout of my leave register, leave card or attendance ?

Sorry! eLeave aims at saving cost on paper & time. eLeave is not just an electronic leave application but an eco friendly leave application system. No printouts of attendance & leave card are allowed for the employees, in special case if you need prints of above kindly request time office for the same.

What are other features of eLeave module?

Your HOD can approve your leave directly from email.

You can get a mail notification of your leave approval or rejection directly through email.

You can view holiday register for any given date range.

HOD can approve the Overtime or Compensatory offs online.

How do I view previous year data/leaves ?

The 2nd screen after your login is message screen, that has option to choose the year for logon, You have to select a specific leave year to access your data.

How do I know if my leave is approved or rejected ?

You shall receive a mail on approval or rejection of leave, however incase you do not have a valid email account you can sign in to eLeave & go to leave register to check the status of your leave.

  • eLeave

eLeave module is design & developed by

e-commerce 2 m-commerce

Ponda Goa.

A company with a decade years of expertise in developments.

It is developed on ASP & SQL Server 2005.

You can also apply this leave on internet using

can i contribute to eleave as a responsible manager
Can I contribute to eLeave as a responsible Manager?

eLeave is not just an electronic leave.

The idea of leave was basically initiated by one of the HRManager in Goa, who thought of saving trees and reduce paper.

Let us promote this concept to save paper, save trees, save earth from global warming…..

Let us implement in our company and not just be a manager but an eco caring manager.

any suggestions
Any suggestions
  • All suggestions are welcome:
  • Write to us on
  • Ph. 0832-2313146