Adverbial Clauses
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Adverbial Clauses. Language for Chapter Four (SB1) 1.Adverbial Clauses of Time: (时间状语从句) when, while, as, before, after, since, until, as soon as, every time, each time, the moment, by the time…. I.when 1)When he comes here tomorrow,I will call you. (at the time that)

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Adverbial clauses

Language for Chapter Four (SB1)

1.Adverbial Clauses of Time:


when, while, as, before, after, since,

until, as soon as, every time, each time,

the moment, by the time…

Adverbial clauses


1)When he comes here tomorrow,I will call

you. (at the time that)

2)Henry is in charge of the office when

Mr.Smith is away. (during the time that)

Adverbial clauses


1)While he was walking in the street,

he met Tim. (分词短语)

While walking in the street,he met Tim.

Walking in the street ,he met Tom.

2)He learned to speak English while he was


3)I like tea while she likes coffee.

Adverbial clauses

III. as (一边...一边,随着)

1)As they were picking tea,the girls were

singing happily.

2) She sang as she worked.

IV. Before

1)It won’t be long before he finishes his writing.

Adverbial clauses

V. After

1)After he (had) finished his work,he left there.

He (had) finished his work before he left here.

After finishing his work,he left here.

Having finished his work,he left here.

  • VI. since (from the time that)

  • 1)I have known him ever since he was a boy.

  • 2)I have worked here since I graduated from

  • the university.

  • 3)It is (has been)two years since he came here.

Adverbial clauses

VII. until (till) (up to the time that)

1)He will not go to bed until(till) his

mother comes.

2)Until she told me, I had no idea of what

they had said.

3)It is not until his mother comes home

that he will go to bed.(强调结构)

Adverbial clauses

VIII .as soon as

1)As soon as she got home,she began to cook.

On getting home,she began to cook.

*IX. every time,each time,the moment

1)Every time/each time I catch a cold,I

have pain in my back.

2)There was an applause the moment (as

soon as) she appeared on the stage.

Adverbial clauses

X. by the time

1)By the time he arrived,the train had already


2)By the time he comes,we will already have left.

Adverbial clauses


1.They walked out of the room ___the

meeting was over.

2.They must stay in school ____they are


3.Take the medicine ____you go to bed.

Adverbial clauses

4.I knew nothing about it _______he told me.

5.It is more than five years ____we started to

learn English.

6._____he talked on,he got more and more


7.We should strike ____the iron is hot.

Adverbial clauses

2.Adverbial Clauses of Reason


because, since, as,

now that, for

Adverbial clauses

I. because

1)The ship changed its course because there

was a storm.

The ship changed its course because of

the storm.

2)Because he was ill,he didn’t go to school.

He was ill ,so he didn’t go to school.

Being ill, he didn’t go to school.

Adverbial clauses


1)Since you are ill,you’d better go to see

the doctor.

2)Since you do not understand ,I will

explain again.

1)As she was late for class,she had to say


2)As Jane was the oldest in this family,

she had to look after the others.

Adverbial clauses

IV. now that

1)Now that class is over,let’s go to play



He must be ill, for he is absent today.

Adverbial clauses


1.The teacher must be strict with you ____

they want you to make great progress.

2.____your father is well again,you no longer

have anything to worry about.

3.The day breaks,_____the birds are singing.

Adverbial clauses

3.Adverbial Clauses of Condition



1)If he had worked harder,he would have passed

the exam.

2)If you work harder,you will succeed.

Work harder, and you will succeed.

Work harder,or you won’t succeed.

Working harder,you will succeed.

Adverbial clauses


1)We can’t write to Mary unless she tells us

her address.

We can’t write to Mary if she doesn’t tell us

her address.

* long as(只要 )

1)I will never give up learning as long as I live.

2)You may borrow the book as long as you

keep it clean.

Adverbial clauses

*IV.on condition that(条件是)

We’ll let you use the room on condition that

you keep it tidy.

* case(万一)

You’d better take your raincoat with you in case

it rains.

Adverbial clauses

4.Adverbial Clauses of Place


You may find him where his parents live.

5.Adverbial Clauses of Purpose


so that /in order that

They set out early so that (in order that) they

might arrive there in time.

They set out early in order to( so as to)

arrive there in time.

Adverbial clauses

6.Adverbial Clauses of Result



1) It is so good a story that I’ll never forget it.

It is such a good story that I’ll never forget it.

2)such+adj.+名词 +that clause

3)so +adj./adv. +that clause

4)so + many/few + 复数名词 +that clause


Adverbial clauses

7.Adverbial Clauses of Comparison·比较状从

as…as,not as(so)…as,


1)He doesn’t work so hard as you do.

2)There is as much ink in bottle A as in bottle B.

3)The more you worry,the less you’ll succeed.

4) Gold is much heavier than any other metal.

8.Adverbial Clauses of Concession·让步状从

1)Although(Though)he is old ,he works hard.

He is old,but he works hard.

2)Even though (even if)yousay so,I don’t

believe it. (即使 )

Adverbial clauses

*3. Difficultasthe work is,we’ll finish it on time.

Though the work is difficult,we’ll finish it on


4.Whenever(No matter when) you come to

our country,you will be warmly welcomed.

5.Wherever(No matter where) he goes,he always

brings two bodyguards with him.

Adverbial clauses

  • 9.Adverb Clauses of Manner

  • (方式状语从句 )

  • 1) You must try to doasI did.

  • 2)Let’s doasMrs. Li teaches us.

  • *3)He talksas ifhe knew all about it. (好象)

Adverbial clauses

Exercises:Fill in the blank with a conjunction.

(where, unless, if, as, such…that, even though , as if, now that)

1.A driver should slow down ___the

roads are narrow.

2.___you mail the letter today, it won’t arrive


3.___he has time,he will come and see us later.

Adverbial clauses

4.Tom made __great progress ___his headmaster praised him at the school meeting.

5.___his father knew what he had done, the boy was going to be in trouble.

6.We will stay a little longer ___it is very late.

Adverbial clauses

7.She pretended to laugh loudly ___the story at the school meeting.

were very funny.

8.Poor ___his English was,yet Mr.Li made

himself understood in England.

9.You should do ___your parents ask you to do.