othello n.
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OTHELLO. By William Shakespeare. CHARACTERS. Othello Protagonist. Desdémona Othello’s wife. Yago The evil. Characters. Emilia Yago’s wife. Rodrigo He loves Desdémona. Casio Desdemona alleged mistress. Brabancio Desdémona’s Father. One day in Bikini Bottom….

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. OTHELLO By William Shakespeare

    2. CHARACTERS • Othello • Protagonist • Desdémona • Othello’s wife • Yago • The evil

    3. Characters Emilia Yago’s wife • Rodrigo • He loves Desdémona • Casio • Desdemona alleged mistress. • Brabancio • Desdémona’s Father.

    4. One day in Bikini Bottom… Desdemona, I love you and I know that you love me. Do we make public our love, ok? Ok, As you want darling (L)

    5. (In otherside…) Yago, I have to tell you something … I love Desdemona!! I will help you… MUAHAHAHA

    6. Again in Bikini Bottom… Father, I love Othello and I married him. WHAT??? I will never accept your love!!

    7. Bikini Bottom Othello, your wife is cheating on you !! I'm not sure about that…

    8. Who is your lover Desdemona? =S

    9. A few days later … I want evidences! The lover of Desdemona is …Casio!

    10. I know that I do….

    11. Once • Desdemona has a flower (an Othello’s present), but one day she lose it…and Yago fetches it Oh, the Desdemona’s flower!!??!!??!! It’s so easy…

    12. That afternoon… WHAT?!?!?! I’ll kill them! I have the Desdemona’s flower. It was in the house of Casio! Fletch it!

    13. Later… Where is your flower, Desdemona? I Don’t know, I lose it…

    14. In otherside… • Rodrigo and Casio fight. Rodrigo hurts Casio. Yago appears and Casio hurts, but not see who hurts…Yago flees. Then again as if they know anything, ask Casio has happened and blames him Rodrigo was really hurt when was Yago. Rodrigo die.

    15. I’ll kill Desdemona, she has lied me and I’m so disappointed… I WILL KILL DESDEMONA!

    16. Later… • Othello kills Desdemona by Yago tells lies .

    17. OUTCOME • Emilia, the wife of Yago,tells Othello and Yago betrays saying that he has invented everything. Oh, noo!! I kill Desdemona but Yago lies…

    18. OUTCOME You lie me! I kill you! BRRR!!! WHAT??

    19. OUTCOME • SpongeBob kill Yago and felt guilty as he committed suicide…

    20. The End

    21. SpongeBob & the class JAAL! Javi Bass! Fátima! Mimoune

    22. SpongeBob & The class • David! • Mati!

    23. SpongeBob & the class • Cristian! • Marina!

    24. SpongeBob & The class You’re so beautiful!! Juanje…

    25. SpongeBob & The class Denisses

    26. And one for May..