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  1. American Culture 101 What’s Vogue, AvantGarde, and Popular in the American Culture? Today, Right Now! American Culture 101

  2. Remember? • American culture has gone through changes in the past three decades; remember when a blackberry was a mere summer fruit? That green was a color, and reality TV was that one show sandwiched between music videos on MTV? • Humongous political and social upheavals that roiled our world in the past decades killing American men and women while exploiting the American economy by foreign powers. • However, there has been ongoing gradual lifestyle changes that you don't always notice when they're happening — kind of like watching a child grow older. Here's an alphabetical look at a few of the things that changed American lives since the beginning of the last millennium--- American Culture 101

  3. American Culture: • American Culture comes from the words American and the Latin word "colere", meaning to build on, to cultivate, to foster. • American Culture actually defines social structure, decision-making practices, and communication styles but may not always be a set of accepted behavior patterns, values, assumptions, and shared common experiences. • AmericanCulture may not always dictate healthy behavior, etiquette, and protocol and may be something to be unlearned-because it impacts everyone negatively, and influences psychosocial wellbeing. American Culture 101

  4. Over 8 million people American Culture 101

  5. Airports: • Do you remember when you didn't have to take your shoes off before getting on a plane?.. • could look forward to becoming a member of the mile-high club with your traveling fiancée or spouse, and.. • ..remember when you could bring your favorite bottled drink on board? • Well, radical Islam/Muslim terrorismchanged all that-Welcome to American culture! American Culture 101

  6. Apps: • There's an “App” for that! The expression comes from the Apple iPhone advertising, and.. • applys to the entire array of smart gadgets and technologies explosion, .. • ..from laptops to GPS systems (want your car to give you directions to Mom's house in Chinese, or by a Frenchwoman named Virginie?) There’s an app for that! American Culture 101

  7. AARP Cards: • AARP cards ... for the “Boomers!” • Some prominent Americans who turned ‘seniors’ recently may stand up for and popularize the AARP card, and.. • ..famous "early boomers" who turned retirement age may be advertising for AARP commercials in the future, so.. • Watch out! American Culture 101

  8. Aging: • Older women who try looking more absolutely fit in America, just as the teens to twenties ages do, with.. • ..immature long and wild hair and.. • ..with their young woman’s fashion that allure the macho men of the ‘burbs’, “country” and “metro-” lifestyles alike. • In all of this as a single group, the U.S. National Institutes on Health’s National Institute on Aging still has some idea on how to age healthfully. American Culture 101

  9. Blackberries: • Considered essential by the American corporate business-minded,.. • ..from CEOs to active mom’s daily home life planning it was introduced in 2002,.. • version is now used by more than 28 million people and others like them just recently a suspect in the link between EMW (Electro-Magnetic Waves) and brain cancer. American Culture 101

  10. Blogging: • Originally, a BBlog (Bulletin Board Log) in America, now known as; “you blog, I blog, he blogs, everybody blogs”, and.. • ..there is an enormous amount of time spent on the world wide web blogging! • It has been estimated that there are more than 100 million of these Web logs out there in cyberspace. American Culture 101

  11. Approximately 9,862,049 people American Culture 101

  12. Blue-Zone: • A Blue Zone is a region of the world where people commonly live active lives past the age of 100 years. Scientists have classified these longevity hot-spots by their inhabitants' ability to live , on average, longer than anyone else in the world. • America’s Blue-Zone is Loma Linda, CA with a medical school and once was a Seventh-day Adventist community with a few remnant Christians who reputed as meek mild-mannered medical missionary types with the compassion of Jesus Christ, but.. • .. now having been infiltrated by Catholic Jesuits, corrupting the medical workers who only seek work for pay such as immature black Muslims, Spanish speaking and cussing Catholic Hispanics, networks of Tagalog speaking Fillipinos, among a lot of meat eating and a few cigarette smoking employees American Culture 101

  13. Book Clubs: • Book clubs became popularized by the programming on CSPAN, and … • …of course the improvements made in the standards set forth by the U.S. Department of Education, and… • …perhaps partly by the Oprah Show, Americans have experienced a rise in book discussion clubs with a growing reliance on them by American publishers. American Culture 101

  14. Cable: • Cable 24-hour news made the evening network news seem quaint, with.. • History Channel, FOX-TV, Lifetime T.V., ESPN, Home & Garden Channel, Turner Classic Network, HBO, Discovery Channel, Comedy Central, Nick-at-Nite, A&E, ABC, CBS, Health and Fitness Channel, CNN, CNBC, C-SPAN and… • Cable day time dramas still reaped Emmys. American Culture 101

  15. CAM: • From, the fragrance of aroma-therapy, to.. • ..vegan-diet therapy, or.. • ..hydrotherapy, and.. • ..massage therapy, to.. • ..herbals therapy and supplements.. • …alternative ways as CAM (Complimentary and Alternative Medicine) for treating cancer and other lifestyle diseases have become more mainstream than ever. American Culture 101

  16. Charity: • Take your pick, but, the American government decides who can receive money as donations. • The Internal Revenue Code of 1986, Publication 78, Cumulative List of Organizations describes in Section 170(c) a list of organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions. • All the lifestyle disease related organizations, such as; American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, American Stroke Association, American Obesity Association, American Diabetes Association, and more. American Culture 101

  17. Celebritizing: • Celebrity culture magazines feed a growing appetite for celebrity gossip and the everyday minutiae of their lives. • From their home and clothing, their daily lifestyle to their sex lives, America loves to know what celebrities are doing at any time. • Even celebrity web-sites are devoted to this social rage. American Culture 101

  18. About 1,328,984 American Culture 101

  19. Cells: • “Cells,” or Cell phones in America with also an Internet feature, are… • closing in on the 85 percent of the U.S. population who use cell phones. • Cell phone records used by law enforcement are aiding in the capture and convictions of many felons on America’s Most Wanted and those roving throughout America. • For some the cell phone has replaced land lines entirely. American Culture 101

  20. Chefs: • Chefs, particular Vegan Chefs are really hot! • Vegan Action at a nonprofit organization that educates the public about the many benefits of the vegan diet and lifestyle is rapidly gaining ground. Go offers great-tasting vegan and vegetarian recipes, info on all aspects of vegan and vegetarian living,is another popular one, in America, and… • .. though provides the hottest guide to vegetarian restaurants in North America and directory of natural health food stores to find the hottest vegan chefs. American Culture 101

  21. Commies: • Communism comes in many forms-even in the good old U.S.A., by.. • ..ethnicity, political membership, race, color, religious membership, age group (e.g., Seniors), gender and sexual preference, and marital status or any mixture thereof. • The infamous “witches’ brew-melting pot” is why America has been accused of being a multi-cultural cesspool- of commies whether a commie actually pays dues or not. American Culture 101

  22. Connectivity: • All Americans are expecting of each other to be connected, wirelessly, all the time. • iPods, mini-computers, laptop pcs, email –photo send on cell phones, so.. • ..there should be no excuses for not getting in touch with the boss, the spouse or in-laws or relatives, school teachers, club members, or religious officials. American Culture 101

  23. Creationists: • Creationists are now popping up all over, take your pick, a couple are.. • .. ID (Intelligent Design), the scientific assertion thatan intelligent being is probably responsible for all life-i.e., your life being here on earth, or.. • ..theoevolution, meaning that God created and now invisibly accesses and controls everything through multi-verses to manage ongoing life in the universe. What will be next, because Darwinism is history. American Culture 101

  24. Cougars: • A new TV series called "Cougar Town" focuses on a phenomenon that gained its name this decade: women dating younger men, and.. • what anthropologist have studied and known since the advent of anthropology, “Intergenerational” love, romance, and sex is where it’s at, and.. • …so, now!-it’s the hottest thing on T.V.! American Culture 101

  25. About 2,836,658 people American Culture 101

  26. Countrifying: • Spreading out-moving more out into the country beyond the ‘burbs’… • Americans want elbow room and besides land is cheaper away from cities with urban sprawl, traffic congestion, and noise and air pollution worsening. • This smart growth movement -- getting people to eat up less open space – has taken off. American Culture 101

  27. Crocs: • Those ubiquitous plastic clogs debuted in 2002 and became the shoes everyone feels awkward talking about. • Kids love 'em, there are Web groups dedicated and devoted to using reverse psychology to popularize them, and.. • ..medical students, nurses, college students, and not to mention First lady Michelle Obama, who wore them on vacation in 2009, live in them. American Culture 101

  28. Cyberspace: • In America, any thing goes, out there in Cyberspace-a metaphor for describing the non-physical terrain created by the Internet, whether it be.. • ..Art, Architecture, engineering,.. • ..Books, podcasts, Music,.. • ..Fads, business, health, fashion,.. • ..Theatre, motion pictures, radio,.. • ..Sports, online Psychology, what have you. American Culture 101

  29. Dancing: • The American classic ballroom style is now competitive and glamorous dancing and has become a flaming fame! • Dancing really never went out of style, since the war dances of the American Indian, yet in the recent past there has been a huge popularity of dancing contests like "So You Think You Can Dance" and… • ..what we all love, "Dancing With the Stars." American Culture 101

  30. Dating: • American Internet dating websites,.. • ..from romantics who share a common interest in; fitness, to farmers only, to Christians, all, render other ways of meeting people un-smart and obsolete. • Most include “teens,” 18, and 19 to ‘divorced with children’ and their deadbeat dads too, and.. • ..Seniors find love Online, too! American Culture 101

  31. Digi’s: • Getting film developed has gone out, and.. • came the ‘digi’ camera (digital)! • Even American grandmothers have digital cameras, and.. • ..You’re probably getting an e-mail of some photos right now and someone’s uploading them to a photo-sharing site. American Culture 101

  32. Over 1.3 million American Culture 101

  33. Diversity: • Diversity is the new code-word for ‘stealing’ jobs from the status quo Caucasians. • Whether its’ stealing jobs, or taking over housing opportunities from ‘white’ people, or simply applying for and filling college slots by affirmative action, to-even muscling into religious officials positions, but… • …the homeless in the street who actually ‘live’ real diversity, know that diversity really means-stealing from ‘white-Caucasian people. American Culture 101

  34. DVDs: • A DVD mail service, established in 1997, has already announced its two-billionth DVD delivery, and now going to the net. • A download library online is the most convenient way to keep up on popular.. • ..Romantic Comedies, Police Dramas, SciFi’s, Foreign military action movies, Children's enlightment, Outdoor explortation adventures, Westerns, and what have you. American Culture 101

  35. Fitness: • Getting fit goes beyond just joining a health club movement, or private fitness gym, as a New Years resolution, so… • ..get physical, with.. • ..Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Kickboxing, Tae-bo, Thighmaster, Pilates, BowFlex, and more! • Want results? Go for it! American Culture 101

  36. Embarrassment • Sometimes called, “embarrassment entertainment ”, was probably made popular as a form of comedy — by Don Rickles • Public humiliation appeals to few, but a sly and deviant ‘rating system’ keeps up the reports on viewing time, by no choice, and.. • ..because its probably dreamt up by frustrated impoverished social perverts they are being forced to be aired during prime time on T.V. throughout the entire country. American Culture 101

  37. E-Car: • An e-Car or “Electro-Car” is an electric powered motorized car, and.. • an alternative fuel automobile it uses a hygienic motor for propulsion in place of more common propulsion methods such as the polluting internal combustion engine (ICE). • Hybrid cars will soon be passed up by this shrewd creation of hygienic energy use and transportation. American Culture 101

  38. E-Cash: • E-Cash or electronic cash are prepaid,.. • ..debit cards, money cards, etc. • ATMs around the world make cash available to user just like a Credit card and they may be bought for as little as a $3 purchase. American Culture 101

  39. E-News: • e-newpapers, E-magazines, and e-books, online are listed in the hundreds and more, from.. •, magazines, and books to other resources from around the world, some offering free access to current, general-interest, full-text news, and.. • ..are the way to stay informed. American Culture 101

  40. Population 2,208,180 people American Culture 101

  41. Epi’s • Epi’s or epidemics have afflicted America at different times throughout history. VD, HPV, Sexually Transmissible Diseases and HIV can curiously be found still and, yet, now.. • ..terrorists have the technology to make suitcase bombs with ‘dirty’ warheads, for.. • ..religious persecution by exploding any type of pathogens, e.g., MRSA, T.B. and flu virus into the air. Also, what if they do put E. coli and Salmonella into food and Giardiasis into water to poison grocery shoppers and restaurant patrons in the major cities of the U.S.A.? American Culture 101

  42. Social-nets: • Can you believe Facebook a social networking site was once limited only to Harvard students? Now, Bebo, Freindster, Twitter, Plaxo etc., but only because, it was… • …popularized by national news media’s use of their sopped mediocre news reporters. • Now, it's a time-sucking obsession for more than 300 million users globally and a whole new form of social etiquette: Who doesn’t have a friend on Facebook? American Culture 101

  43. Fat: • Fat, i.e., meaning certain types of fat have become the enemy of the state, and.. • ..too much saturated fat, LDL (Low Density Lipoproteins) and hydrogenated oils have been identified by medical science as culprits in almost all the lifestyle diseases named by CDC (Center for Disease Control), and… • Smartly, New York City banned trans fats, and.. • .. Alabama — second in national obesity rankings — introduced a tax on overweight state workers. American Culture 101

  44. Flat Screens: • There is one on every store window. • Even in the stores for displaying info about new products. • Television screens became bigger and flatter, making some ordinary living rooms and dens the equivalent of big-studio screening rooms. At the same time, though, people were watching movies and videos on the tiniest screens imaginable — on hand-held portable media and other mobile devices. American Culture 101

  45. Gaming: • The government-once known to stand firm in laws against gambling, now corrupted by organized crime, … • ..entered into State lotteries, and.. • ..there is Internet gambling. • Casinos and slot machines, and.. • ..racetracks, also.. • .. a form of investment gaming now dominates the Internet. American Culture 101

  46. 1,865,746 in area American Culture 101

  47. Gay: • Gay-male homosexia disease is a biopsychosocial illness that lasts for a lifetime, and.. • ..once you forget there is a lifetime of treatment options for sick-minded male sex perverts, you.. • ..wish for laws to detect and interdict against male sex perverts preying upon men in business, schools, neighborhoods, and churches. • It may have been rich homosexual men of Hollywood’s influence to glamorize the violation of mores that officials now must bring about harsh new laws to protect the heterosexual health ethic and psychosocial health. American Culture 101

  48. Going Green: • Another way to put it is, “reduce carbon footprint” on the society. • These are many simple things you can do today to help reduce your environmental impact, save money, and live a happier, healthier life, to put it another way.. • may be the kind of light bulbs we use to the kind of shopping bags we carry to the cars we drive. American Culture 101

  49. Globalization: • Globalization is the movement of regional economies, societies, and cultures integrating through a globe-spanning network of communication to reduce a violation of social mores, such as.. • ..(1.) hollow mentality; (2.) a sense of homelessness or (3.) heartlessness; and (4.) the death of the concept of true heroes, and.. • ..America has always been the world-wide leader in combating these cultural violations of social mores. American Culture 101

  50. Google: • Google is an American public corporation specializing in Internet search, meaning whatever your curiosity, you can google it. • Whether you want to know; Academy Awards, Barbie doll, Cliff Notes or computers, diet or Emmy Awards, Family, Father’s Day, fonts, Genealogy, Greeting cards, Hollocast or Hotels, Internet Explorer or Jokes, Las Vegas or Madcow disease, New York Times or Olympics, Poetry, Quotations, Ralph Nader or Stock quotes, Travel or U.S. Post Offices, vacations or wallpaper, or Yellow pages. • Just Google it. American Culture 101