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Subsidiary Overview

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Subsidiary Overview
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Subsidiary Overview

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  1. Subsidiary Overview Diamond Physicians is the foundation of our healthcare ecosystem. Our franchise model, corporately owned locations, and MSO managed clinics all embody the same premise, deliver better care at a better price. Each derivative of Diamond Physicians executes in a slightly different fashion utilizing the same business model. Membership Medicine delivers unlimited access to our physicians 24 hours a day for one capitated monthly fee. Diamond subsidiary Transcend Onsite Care is the first employer healthcare model to combine direct primary care and a price transparent pharmacy benefit manager. The Transcend model is designed to create convenient access to high quality primary care, prevent chronic disease and related expenses, reduce inefficiencies, lower prescription drug prices, and empower employees to be value driven healthcare consumers.

  2. Subsidiary Overview DrLink is a HIPAA Compliant telemedicine platform proprietary to the Diamond ecosystem that seamlessly connects patients and physicians virtually. Each DrLink member is assigned to one provider that delivers comprehensive medical care 24 hours a day. Our direct primary care centric next generation telemedicine app is a stand alone product and a powerful sales tool in our Transcend and Insurance business lines. Diamond Direct Care is a national direct primary care affiliate network created to scale quickly while serving large employers, unions, and municipalities. The network integrates perfectly with our Diamond Care Insurance product. Diamond Care combines catastrophic traditional medical insurance with direct primary care membership into one premium. We will distribute Diamond Care to employers and utilize the Diamond Direct Care Network to provide DPC to our insurance consumers.

  3. Revenue Drivers INDIVIDUAL DIRECT PRIMARY CARE MEMBERSHIPS (THREE TIERS) Target | 28.3 million uninsured Americans, Consumers who value their health and want to lower their out of pocket healthcare costs, High Net Worth Individuals Employer Direct Primary Care Memberships Target | Unions, Independent School Districts, Self-Insured Companies Executive Physicals – Diamond 360 Program Target | C-Suite, Key Employees, Consumers who value their health Diamond Care Insurance – Combines insurance and direct primary care into one premium Target | Small and large businesses DrLink - HIPAA Secure direct primary care telemedicine platform (complimentary with all individual and employer memberships) Target | Consumers outside a 30 mile radius of a Diamond location