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The Society of New France

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The Society of New France - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Derek, Rachel, Hwayeon, Archan, Christina, Krystine. The Society of New France. WAS THERE MORE FREEDOM FOR THE CITIZENS OF NEW FRANCE?. Individuals did not have the right to vote for the governor of the colony There was no free press in the colony

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society of new france beginning

Individuals did not have the right to vote for the governor of the colony

There was no free press in the colony

Citizens had the responsibility of being “loyal citizens,” but without many rights

Administrators were appointed by the King and were expected to keep order, along with the military establishment and Seigneurs

Society of New France: beginning
society of new france

Old French traditions changed in New France

Commoners could rise to the status of Seigneurs or military leaders

The structure of New France changed when people from different regions of France came together

Society of New France
for example

In New France, a peasant would’ve grown up in the same village or region and lived there for all their life. They would be very familiar with the traditions and cultural values of that region.

In New France, habitants came from different regions, therefore they would have to become accustomed to different ways of living.

For example:
society of new france1

The society of New France was very different from the one in France

There were Aboriginal influences, particularly with the coureurs de bois and voyageurs, who learned about the Aboriginal traditions of freedom and equality

Society of New France
hierarchy of the church

The French Catholic Church was the most dominant force in early New France

In the early days, only Catholics could be settlers, hold public offices, and collect tithes

“as long as you do what you’re told, you’ll be taken care of...” – teachings of Catholic Church

Later on, a commoner could rise to the status of a bishop in the Catholic Church

Hierarchy of the Church
what is the seigneural system

Was introduced to New France in 1672

Semi-feudal system of land distribution

Land was distributed in stripscalled seigneuries

Each piece of land belonged to the King of France and wasmaintained by a Seigneur

Habitants paid taxes and wererequired to work for the Seigneur at least 3 times a year

What is the Seigneural System?