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the start of new france n.
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The Start of New France PowerPoint Presentation
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The Start of New France

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The Start of New France
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The Start of New France

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  1. The Start of New France

  2. Vocabulary • New France  a colony here in North America controlled by France • Colony  an area of the world controlled by another country • NEW FRANCE was a COLONY of FRANCE • France MOTHER COUNTRY • New France COLONY

  3. Jacques Cartier… failed • Jacques Cartier could not start a colony in North America. • There was nothing in North America that could make France money

  4. So how did New France Start? • After 1541, lots of fishermen from Europe came to North America • The fishermen met the First Occupants • They traded with the First Occupants • The First Occupants gave the Europeans FURS from animals

  5. Fur was in Fashion

  6. Furs in North America • Europe 1580s  fur clothing and fur hats fashionable! • The king of France wants to set up a colony in North America • Get FURS! • Fur = $$$

  7. The King of France was poor… • France had no money • So he could not pay to set up a colony • He asked rich businessmen to pay for the colony • Did the rich DUDES do this for free? • NO!!!!

  8. The rich dudes wanted FURS! • The rich businessmen paid for the colony • But they were allowed to keep the FURS • These businessmen wanted to be the only people to take and sell these furs • This is called a MONOPOLY

  9. First try: Port Royal • 1603 Port Royal was a small settlement of 100 men • Not a great place for the fur trade • It was far away from the First Occupants and where all the furs were • Port Royal failed by 1615

  10. Port Royal

  11. Samuel de Champlain to the rescue!!! • 1608 • Samuel de Champlain was in charge • He chose a new place to start a colony • This place was called ‘Habitation du Quebec’ • This place is high up on a cliff • Easy to defend against enemies Sammy the Champ!!!

  12. Quebec City • Habitation du Quebec is now called Quebec City • That means that Quebec city is 404 years old • It is one of the oldest cities in North America

  13. What is the ‘BARTER SYSTEM’? Explain how the First Occupants used the ‘BARTER SYSTEM’?

  14. Did the First Occupants have respect for the environment? Why?

  15. How did the First Occupants PASS ON CULTURE from the young to the old?

  16. Why did Europeans want to start exploring by sea (ocean) in the 1400s?

  17. How did the First Occupants get to North America? What continent did they come from?

  18. What was the way of life of the IROQUOIANS? • How did the IROQUOIANS get their food?

  19. What is the name of the building in the picture below? What is it made out of? What was it used for?

  20. What was the way of life of the ALGONKIANS? • How did the ALGONKIANS get their food?


  22. Economy & New France in the early 1600s MERCHANTILISM • What does that mean? • An economic theory Step 1) A mother country takes resources form it’s colonies Step 2) Uses resources to make goods Step 3) Sells finished goods back to people in colonies and to other countries Step 4) Mother country becomes ‘baller$$$$$’

  23. Hunters sell furs to companies in New France (trading posts) Factories in France turned the furs into hats, clothing, etc. FURS Sold back to New France and other European countries for profit $$$$$ Hunters get Furs

  24. Trading posts early 1600s • The first settlements in New France had trading posts • Trading posts were used to acquire furs (and other goods) from the First Occupants  bring back to Franc….

  25. Chartered Company System • 1601-1627  monopolies were not considered profitable in NF. • Only small amounts of people settled in NF… • In 1627  The King gave over the monopoly to ONLY ONE company • COMPANY OF 100 ASSOCIATES

  26. 100 Associates • The Company of 100 Associates HAD TO populate the St-Lawrence valley region in return for the monopoly in the fur trade • They also had to manage it (people, roads, buildings, etc.) • 1645 The company handed over control to another company ‘Communauté des Habitants’