tobacco marketing peer pressure promoting healthy habits and behaviors l.
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Tobacco: Marketing/Peer Pressure Promoting Healthy Habits and Behaviors PowerPoint Presentation
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Tobacco: Marketing/Peer Pressure Promoting Healthy Habits and Behaviors

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Tobacco: Marketing/Peer Pressure Promoting Healthy Habits and Behaviors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tobacco: Marketing/Peer Pressure Promoting Healthy Habits and Behaviors
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  1. Tobacco:Marketing/Peer PressurePromoting Healthy Habits and Behaviors

  2. Don’t Do It! • Cigarette smoke contains over 4,800 harmful and toxic chemicals • It is known that 69 of these chemicals cause cancer

  3. Tobacco Advertising • Magazines • Newspapers • Movies • Television • Billboards

  4. Tobacco Advertising What do you think of this advertisement? How old do you think this male is? Is he old enough to buy cigarettes? Who is the advertiser trying to target? Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (2005).

  5. Tobacco Advertising Who do you think this ad is aimed at? What is the name of this cigarette brand? Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (2005).

  6. Tobacco Advertising • Did the ad make you think that the singer was holding a cigarette? • Does the ad make you think that the singer uses cigarettes?

  7. Tobacco Advertising Do you like anything about this advertisement? What type of impression do you get from this ad, including the brand name? Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (2005).

  8. Don’t Be Fooled! • Some products are made to appear as if they are healthier, safer or less harmful than the usual products seen… They are not!!

  9. Still Dangerous… • “Low-tar” cigarettes • “Light” cigarettes • “Low” carcinogen cigarettes • Clove cigarettes • Filtered cigarettes • Cherry flavored chewing tobacco

  10. Watch Out for New Products… • Contain nicotine or tobacco in new forms: • Tobacco lozenges – contains nicotine powder • Cigarettes that “heat” tobacco instead of burning it – still harmful • Nicotine water!

  11. Have you seen any recent movies that showed the actors using tobacco products?

  12. Tobacco and Peer Pressure • Teenagers often feel pressured or confused when offered tobacco products

  13. Tobacco and Peer Pressure • Why teenagers give in to peer pressure: • Want to fit in • Don’t want to be different • Don’t know how to say “No” • Fear of teasing or rejection by peers

  14. Tobacco and Peer Pressure • Teenagers that do not have friends that smoke: • 99% also do not smoke • Teenagers who have friends that smoke • 43% also smoke

  15. Tobacco and Peer Pressure • What can be done when confronted with peer pressure?

  16. Peer Pressure… • You may also feel peer pressure for: • Alcohol • Drugs • Illegal activity (stealing, sneaking into movies) • Cheating

  17. How to Say “NO” • “No thanks” • That’s all you have to say… No explanation needed!

  18. Healthy Habits and Behaviors • Regular doctor visits • Regular dentist visits

  19. Do you have any unhealthy habits or behaviors? • What are the short term affects? • What about long term affects?

  20. Oral Cancer Self-Exam • Oral cancers can usually be treated if caught early • However, if not caught early, chances of survival lowers

  21. Signs and Symptoms • Sores, lumps or bumps: • On lips • In the Mouth • In the Throat • Sores or growths that don’t go away for over two weeks

  22. At the dental office… • Your dentist or dental hygienist should also check for oral cancer when you go to the dentist twice a year • If not, ask for the exam

  23. 1. Head and Neck • Look in the mirror • Look for any lumps, bumps, or swelling on one side

  24. 2. Skin • Look for changes in color and size of moles or sores

  25. 3. Neck • Feel sides and front of the neck • Look for anything that hurts and for any lumps

  26. 4. Lips • Pull out upper lip • Look for sores or changes in color • Feel lips between fingers for any lumps or bumps • Now do lower lip

  27. 5. Cheeks • Look at inside of cheek for red, white or dark color patches • Feel cheek between finger and thumb for lumps or pain

  28. 6. Roof of Mouth • Head back and open wide. • Is color different from usual? • Feel roof of mouth for lumps. This is a normal looking roof of the mouth. Also called the palate.

  29. 7. Tongue • Stick out your tongue! • Now look for color changes or growths on the top, sides and underneath. • Feel the top, sides and under the tongue with your fingers for lumps, bumps or pain.

  30. What’s That?! This is a look under the tongue! The purple-looking areas are blood vessels that run under the tongue and are normal! They usually get bigger with age. What do yours look like?

  31. If you Notice Anything… • Check with your doctor for any areas that do not heal or go away in two weeks • Check with your doctor if there are changes in color, texture or size of moles