my a ction p lan s haring the p lanet n.
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My A ction P lan S haring the P lanet PowerPoint Presentation
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My A ction P lan S haring the P lanet

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My A ction P lan S haring the P lanet - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My A ction P lan S haring the P lanet

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  1. My Action Plan Sharing the Planet By William/5c

  2. Topic focus on • Reduce wasting papers by making a new book from the old book • use both sides of the papers and I added the cardboard as a cover.

  3. My prior knowledge • I know that if we wasting papers, can cause more CO2 produces and cause pollution. • we are wasting papers because we chop down the • I think we need to save papers because the earth will be destroyed with many pollutions. • Trees can reduce CO2 and pollution • pollution in our earth getting increase • we keep do the action that can cause pollution to our earth and it can destroying the habitats of the living things like animals cant live because we destroy their habitats so they have to migrate to a saver place that they can live. • if we save 35% trees equal with 2 logs

  4. My Inquiry Questions • What is the benefits to us if we keep planting trees?(yellow hat) • How can we solve the problem if we keep throwing paper in the land?(green hat) • How wasting paper is related to land pollution?(blue hat)

  5. Problem • people chopping down the trees and they didn’t care to the environment. • They wasting the paper but actually we still can use both sides

  6. Background Knowledge • we need to save and care to the environment • we cant wasted the use of papers but we can still use both sides • we don’t need to chopping down the trees but we can still use the paper and be caring by not wasting it.

  7. Causes • we chop-down many trees for making papers • burning the forest • we wasted the papers and just throw them to the rubbish bin

  8. Effects • making more pollution happening to the earth • living things getting extinct and lost habitats • Animals hard to find their places to adapt and less place to live • animals die • plants die because of our pollution

  9. Ways to Counteract Problem • Avoid waisting paper toomuch. • Reduce the waste of the papers. • Use both sides of the papers. • From the unused papers make into a ‘new book’that we can reuse. • Ask people to stop wasting papers and stop chop the trees without replanting.

  10. Action Organization • I start saving papers since 15 February 2013 and using both sides of the papers • I made a new book from old papers. • I collect used papersand bookson17 february 2013 • I makeintoa new book on18 February 2013

  11. Evidenceof the Process I collected the cardboard/newspaper for the cover of the book. I collected many unused books and I made the unused paper into a new book The book is done from unused papers into a new book a cover from cardboard & newspaper

  12. Final Product

  13. Conclusion • So start from now i will make the unuse paper in to a new book and i use it untill the book are finished and i keep collect the poaper and make new book and i still keep not waste paper when we are writing for the scrap paper at home.

  14. References • •