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Chorus I

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Chorus I

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  1. Chorus I 1st and 3rd Period Keith J. Hall Choral Director

  2. WELCOME • Welcome to the 2012 – 2013 school year. It is my goal to share my love for music with the young men and women at Creekside High School. Please read through the syllabus to understand what the course is about and the expectations. • I know we will have a great year and I am truly looking forward to incredible things from the students as we grow and work together. Thank you in advance for your encouragement, commitment, and support. Please free to email me if you have any questions

  3. Course Description • Students will learn proper breathing techniques • Students will sing a variety of music

  4. Policies • Materials • 1. Students will need a binder with dividers for class. • 2. Students are required to have a pencil seat during class. • 3. Always bring your music!

  5. Grading Policy • Class Participation/ Rehearsal 40% • Concerts 60%

  6. Rubric • 1 Poor- no effort put forth • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 Student goes above and beyond

  7. Class Rules / Expectations • 1. Students will treat each other, the room and all materials with respect at all times. • 2. Students will be on time to class. • 3. Seating order will be assigned during the first week of school. Seating will be done according to teacher choice • and can be changed at any time. Students must sit in their assigned seat at all times. • 4. LISTEN to the teacher at all times. Talking while the teacher is speaking or giving instructions is NEVER • appropriate.

  8. Class Rules / Expectations • 5. No CD, MP3, phones or other devices allowed during class. Absolutely no sending or receiving of text messages. • 6. Take a MATURE ATTITUDE toward correction. Don't be a "know it all." • 7. Class is not over until the teacher dismisses it. Don't begin to put your things away until instructed to do so. • 8. No food or drinks allowed in the room. You may bring a water bottle. • 9. No horseplay or vulgarity. Be a good example, others are watching you. • 10. No gum allowed in class. • 11. Always be prepared for class

  9. Consequences • a. 1st Offense – student is spoken to and warned to control behavior • b. 2nd Offense – student is spoken to and parents notified • c. 3rd Offense – student is spoken to, a referral to an administrator is written up and parents are called • d. If the behavior is of a serious nature where someone is hurt or a student is insubordinate, an immediate referral to the office is given.

  10. Overview of Course • Students will learn proper breathing techniques • Students will learn importance of vowels • Students will sing alone and with others • Students will sing a variety of musical styles to include historical background of composer, theme, era, etc.

  11. Philosophy My Vocal Teaching Philosophy: Relaxed Body and Mind + Musical Knowledge +Proper Rehearsal = Best Singing Voice

  12. Required Events • All Concerts and Large Group Contest are required events for ALL high school choir. • The only way to pass choir if you miss one of these events is to tell me about it 6-8 weeks in advance. You will then have a 3-5 page written assignment and 5-10 minute class presentation of my choice that must be done before the missed event. You will not be able to receive an A. • - All points can be made up if you are absent from school the day of a concert for a school-excused absence (illness, funeral…etc.).

  13. CONCERT ATTIRE • Vocal Ensemble Men – Black Tuxedos, black socks and black shoes Women – Long Black Dresses (This is subject to change) • Chorus Men – Long Sleeve white button down shirt, black shoes (NOT sneakers!), black pants NOT jeans, socks, black tie Women – white button down blouse, black knee length skirt NOT mini!!!! (This is subject to change)