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Nature's Chorus PowerPoint Presentation
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Nature's Chorus

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Nature's Chorus - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nature's Chorus

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Nature's Chorus

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Nature's Chorus

Willows bend to their partnerswhile the spruces curtsey in response. Cherry trees form a circleand the oaks dance just like debutantesof woodpeckers tapping on their trunksand squirrels chattering in the boughs.Listen to the sounds of nature’s chorus What fun it does arouse!

Turkey In A Truss

Like a tumbleweed a tumblin’Aimlessly through townI journey through my lifeIn search of firmer ground.My soul seeks out adventureLike Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn,but just the same it yearns for home,A place to settle in.I’m really not too pickyNor prone to make a fussBut sometimes I just feel likea turkey in a truss

how to write a paragraph for analyzing poetry
How to write a paragraph (for analyzing poetry)
  • State your topic sentence.

In the poem Turkey in a Truss, written by anon, the author uses similes and personification to express his need for adventure.

2. State an example (quote an example) from the poem of one of these poetic devices.

The author says “My soul seeks out adventure”, this is an example of personification because the soul is not able to seek out what it wants without the body it is attached to coming along.

3. What is the importance or significance of this line? What does the author mean by it?

The author is speaking about his need for adventure, while also saying he likes to stay on “firmer ground” this means that although the authors soul wants to travel and experience something knew that the author still appreciates the comforts of home.

4. Why did you choose this poem? How does it relate to you? (In general this would be where you say what affect it has on the reader).

This poem discusses a conflict the author has within themselves, wanting to seek adventure, while also liking the solid comfort of home. I can relate to this because I also love travelling the world, meeting new people and having adventures but I really do miss home sometimes.