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VPS Plan

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VPS Plan

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  1. T Th he e M Ma ai in n F Fa ac ct to or rs s t to o C Co on ns si id de er r B Be ef fo or re e C Ch ho oo os si in ng g a a V VP PS S P Pl la an n Planning to purchase a VPS Hosting plan? Then you are at the right place to acquaint yourself with all the required information, which includes the factors that you need to consider prior to choosing your package for VPS Hosting. What is a VPS? What are its types? What is VPS Hosting? Continue reading to find out the answers to these questions and much more. VPS and VPS Hosting VPS is the abbreviation for a Virtual Private Server, which is a type of a web server used to host the files of websites, whereas VPS Hosting is the service through which server space on a VPS can be availed. As a web server, a Virtual Private Server, stores and processes the files of the websites hosted on it.A VPS responds to the requests of browsers of website visitors for the retrieval of the content stored on it, which renders the hosted sites accessible to the site visitors whose browsers had initiated communication with the VPS. In a VPS, multiple websites are hosted on a single physical web server but each of the hosted sites exists in a virtual,unshared and private server space and gets dedicated server resources. This is attained through the use of Virtualization Technology. By using Virtualization Technology, the web server space on a VPS is virtually segmented into multiple, isolated and private servers. These virtually-created servers are equipped to function independently and are configured to deliver dedicated server resources to the sites hosted on each of these.Each of these several, private, virtually-created servers can install its own software and operating system and host a website.

  2. A Virtual Private Server succeeds in providing an unshared and private server space, dedicated server resources and server customization option to each of the sites hosted on it. In short, you are provided with the environment of a dedicated web server, for each of the hosted sites, on a single web server(VPS) where multiple websitesare hosted. If you are interested in hosting your website on a Virtual Private Server and wondering how to get that done, then all you need is to purchase a VPS Hosting plan from a professional and reputed web hosting company. A VPS Hosting plan is a web hosting plan, wherein you reserve server space on a Virtual Private Server for your website to be hosted on it. This plan is provided for both Linux and Windows by most of the well-regarded web hosting service providers, such as HTS Hosting, which has earned the reputation of being the best Web hosting company in the highly competitive field of web hosting.You can benefit in many ways by hosting your website on a Virtual Private Server. Let’s quickly browse through the main advantages of using a Virtual Private Server. Why Use a VPS to Host Your Website? Now you don’t need to host your site on an exorbitantly-priced dedicated web server to avail dedicated server resources, private server space and the facility to install your own software and operating system. A Virtual Private Server provides you all these benefits and much more at a value-for-money price. The main advantages of using a VPS to host your website on, are as follows: •Dedicated server resources at economical prices •Private server space that has been virtually created •Installation of own software and operating system •Dedicated IP address •Enhanced speed •Superior website performance •Better security When you avail server space on the VPS of HTS Hosting, you get to experience the remarkable quality of hosting service that HTS Hosting is globally renowned for providing through its massively discounted hosting plans. The user-friendly control panels offered by HTS Hosting ensure that you find it convenient to manage your hosting service. Seamless website availability, powerful security, high uptime, top-tier performance that is reliable and stable as well as exceptionally fast speed,and many more featuresare offered through the VPS Hosting plans of HTS Hosting for itsLinux and Windows VPS Hosting services. 24/7 customer care service is available for not only resolving hosting related issues but also for providing expert assistance in choosing the best VPS Hosting plan that effectively caters to your site’s hosting requirements and your budget. Next, we shall explore in brief the choices that you have for opting for a Virtual Private Server. Types of Virtual Private Servers

  3. All the professional service providers of VPS, including HTS Hosting, offer two types of Virtual Private Servers. These are Managed VPS and Self-managed VPS. You can avail space on a Virtual Private Server through any of the following VPS Hosting plans: •Linux Managed VPS Hosting •Linux Self-Managed VPS Hosting •Windows Managed VPS Hosting •Windows Self-Managed VPS Hosting A Managed Virtual Private Server is a VPS that is provided by your service provider and is managed, kept fully-secureand updated as well as is maintained by your service provider’s well-trained, knowledgeable and experienced team that specialises in server management and maintenance. When you opt for a Managed VPS, you don’t have to be bothered about the management, maintenance or the security of your VPS, which are all taken care of, by your service provider.If you neither have the know-how needed to manage, maintain and keep your VPS secure nor a team that is an expert in these matters, then your best bet is to opt for a Managed VPS. On the contrary, if you can manage your VPS on your own or have a team that can do the same, then you should avail server space on a Self-managed VPS. In this type of a VPS, your service provider provides you the Virtual Private Server but is not responsible for its management, maintenance or its security. All these tasks become your responsibility as the user of the VPS. That is why a Self-managed VPS is often referred to as an Unmanaged VPS. You need to choose between a Managed VPS and a Self-managed VPS, based on whether you want to manage the VPS or you want your service provider to manage it. It goes without saying that a Managed VPS Hosting plan will be priced higher than a Self-managed VPS Hosting plan. Now that you know which type of VPS to opt for and where to avail one from, you should also know about the main factors that should not be overlooked while purchasing a VPS Hosting plan. Informationon that’s next. Key Factors to Rememberwhile Choosing a VPS Hosting Plan First of all you need to decide whether you want to opt for a Managed VPS or a Self- managed VPS. Then obviously, it is your budget and specific hosting requirements that will impact your choice of plan. Most service providers, including HTS Hosting, offer a range of VPS Hosting plans to fulfil the diverse range of web hosting requirements of various websites and it increases your chances of finding a plan that is perfect for the hosting requirements of your website. You need to consider the reputability of your service provider. This is extremely important for ensuring that you experience efficient service. Always avail your VPS Hosting plan from a reliable website hosting company,such as HTS Hosting, that has extensive experience of providing hosting solutions to different types of websites. A reputed service provider will never let you down and will always prioritize delivering the best service.

  4. You should make sure that your service provider offers 24/7 technical support. That is because technical issues can present themselves at any time. When you have proficient technical support available at all hours, then your hosting related issues get resolved quickly and effortlessly. Opt for a Virtual Private Server plan that is rich in features and offers highly secure service, SSD storage, high uptime and extremely fast page loads, among other features. Here, it needs to be mentioned that HTS Hosting provides all these features along with many additional features in its VPS Hosting plans that are available at massively discounted prices. You can avail data backup service as well for the additional security of your hosted data. Moreover, when you avail VPS Hosting from HTS Hosting which has its Virtual Private Servers housed in its fully-secure, state-of-the-art data centre, HTS Data Centre, then the reliability and the efficiency of the hosting service that you receive increases significantly. Hence, you should avail your VPS Hosting plans from a service provider that offers services straight from its well-managed data centre, which is the case with HTS Hosting. When you are mindfulof the aforementioned factors, while choosing your VPS to host your website, you can reap the full benefits of using a VPS for enhanced site performance and the seamless availability of your website.