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VPS Hosting Plan and Pricing PowerPoint Presentation
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VPS Hosting Plan and Pricing

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VPS Hosting Plan and Pricing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you are looking for the best VPS server hosting plans & pricing, you should also take into account the amount of RAM or processing power you will be provided with.

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VPS Hosting Plan and Pricing

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Should You

Consider for

VPS Server

Hosting Plans

& Pricing?


VPS hosting is viewed as the middle

ground between shared hosting and

dedicated hosting. In VPS hosting, a

physical server is compartmentalized

to create multiple virtual servers,

each of which functions on its own

and runs its own operating system.

Users get root access to the virtual

server; this gives them the freedom

to tweak its settings to suit their

interests and to install applications or

software which will boost their

business. VPS server hosting plans &

pricing are there influenced by a

number of factors which need

consideration before you sign up with

any provider:


What factors determine VPS server

hosting plans & pricing?

When you wish to upgrade to VPS hosting

plans because your website has grown

significantly and the traffic to the site

has escalated or if you run a resource-

rich website which demands more

resources, you should decide on the

operating system. When you choose


Linux servers, you can save on costs

because Linux is an open source system

which does not include licensing fees.

However, when you run applications like

ASP or ASP.NET you may have to settle

for Windows servers because these

applications run only in a Windows


When you are considering VPS server

hosting plans & pricing, another factor

that comes into play is whether you

choose managed hosting or unmanaged

hosting. in unmanaged hosting, the

responsibilities of buying, monitoring

and securing the servers rest with the

client and not the provider. This makes

unmanaged hosting plans much cheaper.

In managed hosting, the host is

responsible for troubleshooting all


server-related problems. So, managed

VPS plans are costlier and when you do

not have a capable and experienced

staff, you should opt for managed

hosting solutions.

If you are looking for the best VPS server

hosting plans & pricing, you should also

take into account the amount of RAM or

processing power you will be provided

with. You need to know what processor

capacity you will be given, how much of

RAM will be allocated and the amount of

disk space you will get. You must also

inquire about the quality of hardware

that you will be provided with; ideally,

when you are signing up for costly VPS

server hosting plans, the hardware

should also be from branded and

reputed manufacturers.


When you choose a provider for VPS

hosting solutions, you need to make sure

that they have proper backup and

redundancy provisions in place in case of

power outages. So, when the power

supplies get disrupted, the host should

be able to offer backup power

generators to ensure that services are

not interrupted. When one server gets

overloaded, there must be alternative

arrangements or standby servers to take

up the load.


Finally, the pricing of your VPS

server hosting plans will also

depend on factors like monthly

hosting charges, installation fees,

cancellation fees, and migration

fees, prices for upgrades and

updates, additional charges for

extra bandwidth or RAM etc. So,

you need to compare VPS server

hosting plans & pricing before

signing on the dotted line. The

best way to be sure you have got

reliable plans is to choose a host

which offers a free trial version.


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