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Top Advantages Of Human Resource Training And Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Human resource management and practices creates great difference in improving the efficiency of the employees. Read more.

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Human resource management and practices creates great difference in improving the efficiency of the

employees. There are many changes which are adopted in managing people. There are companies that

do a lot of manual work. Things change and mind changes and with that organization realize the

investment in people offers long term returns. Therefore, the main focus on the HR training deals with

people and also tells that how these decisions affect the efficiency of the organization. The other

benefits of human resources are:

HR is required in building teams in an organization.

HR helps in creating a culture for the organization.

HR helps in development and engagement.

Human Resource Management helps in following ways

1. HR Training manages the workforce: HR department takes care of the manpower. They create

strategies that can bring correct kind of people in the company. They set for the job descriptions which

suits the company and then plan out a training

2. HRM takes care of the Performance Management System: HR is responsible for motivating the people

for the work. Firstly the individual’s role is clearly defined and a proper feedback improves the skill.

3. HR training builds culture and values: The performance of any individual depends on the culture of

the work that prevails in the company. If an effective and encouraging environment can be created by

HR training, a perfect work culture can be developed with can bring the best in any employee.

A proper and effective HR management helps in construction of the building and management of an

organization. Hence companies must put greater stress on effective HR department.