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Important Assessment Information: A Must Read for all TUSD staff involved in district and state assessments. Spring 2006. ALL students in grades K -12 must participate in State and district assessments. NO student is exempt from taking the tests. HS Seniors.

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Important Assessment Information:A Must Read for all TUSD staff involved in district and state assessments.

Spring 2006

  • ALL students in grades K -12 must participate in State and district assessments.

  • NO student is exempt from taking the tests.

Hs seniors
HS Seniors

  • HS Seniors have the right to consideration of exemption from passing the AIMS.

  • Detailed guidelines can be found at

Students with disabilities participate in either

  • Grade level assessments with appropriate accommodations, or

  • Alternate Assessments – Level I (K-12) or II (Gr. 6-12)

    as specified on their IEP.

Alternate assessments
Alternate Assessments

  • Students who have a disability category of Mental Retardation DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY QUALIFY for alternate assessments nor are they exempt from testing.

  • IEP teams must discuss & complete the IEP page, SPED Attachment C to determine eligibility during the IEP meeting.

Alternate assessments1
Alternate Assessments

  • The data for students who qualify for alternate assessments must be submitted into the ADE online system by Friday, March 31, 2006.

  • ADE closes the system to teachers.

Grade level assessments
Grade Level Assessments

  • Special Education Teachers must follow the same guidelines as all General Education teachers.

  • Tests must be administered on the SAME days as designated for AIMS and TerraNova for ALL students.


  • ALL accommodations on a student’s IEP must be provided during assessments. *

  • However, students may refuse an accommodation.*

    • If a student refuses an accommodation, the situation must be documented with the date and details of the circumstances.

    • File the documentation in the student’s cum folder.

      *ADE Testing Accommodations Guidelines for 2005-2006, August 2005


  • If an IEP team has added an accommodation to an IEP that is in addition to the accommodations listed on IEP page, SPED 6,

    • there must be written documentation from ADE to indicate whether the accommodation is standard or alternate. **ADE Testing Accommodations Guidelines for 2005-2006, August 2005

Accommodations extended testing time
AccommodationsExtended Testing Time

  • Extended Testing Time should be reasonable and may last only to the end of the normal school day.

  • Students should not be kept after school or allowed to continue that section on another day.

Accommodations braille writers dictation at
AccommodationsBraille Writers, Dictation, AT

  • All test answers provided by Braille Writers, dictated and/or recorded by a scribe or by assistive technology

    • must be transcribed onto the official answer document.

      *ADE Testing Accommodations Guidelines for 2005-2006, August 2005

Alternate accommodations
Alternate Accommodations

Alternate accommodations may not provide verbal or other clues or suggestions that hint at or give away the correct response to the student. Therefore, it is not permissible to simplify, paraphrase, explain, or eliminate any test item, prompt, or multiple-choice option.* *ADE Testing Accommodations Guidelines for 2005-2006, August 2005

Alternate accommodations ayp clarification
Alternate Accommodations & AYP Clarification

  • Students who receive alternate accommodations on AIMS will not count as having tested.  So “not count as having tested” does not apply to ALL EE students, only those with alternate accommodations.

    • 95% have to test per grade level and per subgroup if the N size is 40 or more.  If the N size is under 40 in a subgroup, then that subgroup does not have to meet the 95% tested.  However, they will be included regardless of N size in the 95% tested school grade level total (just not the subgroup)

    • Suppose you have 100 students in a subgroup and 6 of them did not test or had an alternate accommodation, you will fail to make 95% tested.  Had you had just one more student test or one less student with an alternate accommodation, then you would have made AYP in that subgroup.

  • AIMS-A tests count toward 95% tested.

Alternate accommodations ayp clarification1
Alternate Accommodations & AYP Clarification

  • Our belief is that we need to do what is right for students. 

  • IEP teams need to discuss appropriate accommodations and make good decisions during the IEP meeting.

  • We need to make sure that students who have alternate accommodations on their IEP get them.

  • To not do so is a violation of IDEA (Federal law).

  • If a school does not make AYP on this issue alone, then we will need to submit the proper appeal at that time.

Assessment calendar
Assessment Calendar

  • The assessment calendar can be found on TUSDStats at