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Service Learning Spring 2006

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Service Learning Spring 2006 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Service Learning Spring 2006 Ben McFarlin What is so important about community service? One of the most rewarding aspects of community service is being able to help out your community. By participating in community service you have a chance to meet other people.

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what is so important about community service
What is so important about community service?
  • One of the most rewarding aspects of community service is being able to help out your community.
  • By participating in community service you have a chance to meet other people.
  • Volunteering is very rewarding and everyone should volunteer at least once.
bethany presbyterian church
Bethany Presbyterian Church
  • I chose to do my community service for my church, Bethany Presbyterian.
  • There was a work day on the weekend of the 8th which I was unable to attend, so I went and worked some over the Easter Weekend to help clean up the grounds for Easter Sunday.
  • I also helped build pieces to a set for a play the youth is putting on as well as help with the annual Easter egg hunt.
  • Lastly I took part in a talent show our church held to raise money for the youth to go on summer conferences.
the talent show
The Talent Show
  • The Youth group has been going on summer conferences each summer for about 7 years now; and the church always holds fundraisers to help the youth out with paying for the trip.
  • One of the ways in which the church raises money is to hold a talent show and the people who come to watch donate money afterwards.
  • My brother, one of our friends, and me played a medley of three classic rock songs consisting of Let It Be, American Woman, and Free Bird.
  • My Friend played piano, my brother was on guitar and I played the drums.
  • There were 12 acts in all and I think the talent show raise around 400 dollars.
the easter egg hunt
The Easter Egg Hunt
  • Every year since I can remember my church has held an Easter Egg hunt the Saturday before Easter for kids ages 1-10.
  • I got to the church in the morning before all the kids and helped hide all the eggs.
  • Also if any kids needed help I was there to help them and point out eggs that some of the kids might have missed.
set for the church play
Set for the Church Play
  • For the past two years the youth group has put on a play for the Church members to raise money for the summer conferences they go on.
  • This year the scene is set in Paris and they needed to have these Eiffel Towers made for the tables for which the people will be sitting.
  • There were nine towers I had to make and; though they were small they were quite difficult to put together.
  • Each tower took about 30 minutes.
cleaning up the grounds
Cleaning up the grounds
  • The first project I had for cleaning up the grounds around the church was to clean out and fix a birdbath fountain monument that was placed in memory of one of our members.
  • The pump in the birdbath fountain quit working and so the water was just at a stand still and the water had gotten really nasty and algae had covered the fountain completely.
  • It has not been taken care of in a while and so I volunteered to clean it up and try and fix the pump.
  • I used Clorox and brushes to clean the algae and took and the pump which my dad and I fixed, and then filled the bath back up with water and turned on the pump and its nice and clean now.
cleaning up the grounds continued
Cleaning up the grounds (continued)
  • The next thing I did to help clean up the grounds was to walk around and pick up any trash that was around.
  • There was not too much trash to pick up but there was some spread out over the Church property.
cleaning up the grounds continued9
Cleaning up the grounds (Continued)
  • The last grounds work I did was to spread around hay.
  • There are a lot of bare spots around the church and we had some hay brought to the church which I spread out over the bare spots.
  • This was the hardest and longest project that I had to do.
  • Though it was hard, once I was done it looked very good.
community service
Community Service
  • The church was very appreciative for all of the work that I did: cleaning the birdbath, picking up trash, and spreading hay.
  • The youth was also appreciative of the Eiffel Towers I built for the set.
  • Everyone had fun at the talent show and really enjoyed our music.