weapons of the civil war l.
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Weapons Of The Civil War

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Weapons Of The Civil War - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Weapons Of The Civil War. By:. Shoulder Arms. the Shoulder arm rifle Smooth-bore rifle and Shotgun. Shoulder Arms II. Great technical improvements made to this weapon in the first half of the 19th century were tested and improved upon during the war years.

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shoulder arms
Shoulder Arms
  • the Shoulder arm rifle
  • Smooth-bore rifle
  • and Shotgun
shoulder arms ii
Shoulder Arms II
  • Great technical improvements made to this weapon in the first half of the 19th century were tested and improved upon during the war years.
  • The rifled barrel improved range and accuracy, the breech-loading system made loading easier, and the percussion lock increased reliability.
  • The bayonet was a standard piece of equipment for both the North and the South.
  • The sword was a symbol of strength.
  • The bayonet was for hand to hand combat.
swords ii
Swords II
  • When used skillfully, the bayonet charge could be a very effective tactic.
  • although it seldom resulted in prolonged hand-to-hand combat.
  • When compared to firearms, bayonets accounted for very few wounds.
  • The bayonet is just like a sword.
  • The bayonet hooks on to the end of the rifle.
  • It was not used a lot in war because not many soldiers like the bayonet.
bayonet ii
Bayonet II
  • The Bayonet seemed to be used more in cooking
  • And as a makeshift candle holder than in battle.
  • The bayonet was used on the end of the rifle to stab a person in hand to hand combat.
side arms the pistol
Side Arms - The Pistol
  • Like shoulder arms, side arms appeared in many forms during the Civil War, The officers of the war would be he person to carry this gun.
  • A few months of duty were usually enough to convince an infantryman that for him a pistol was useless weight; a rifle was all he needed
the colt revolver
The Colt Revolver
  • .44 Caliber Revolver is one of the most historical hand gun of all black powder revolvers
  • With genuine walnut grips
  • And a outstanding shooting gun
  • At the beginning of the war, the guns in service were a mix of 6- and 12-pound smoothbores left over from the Mexican War.
  • In addition, there were a number of cannons bought in limited numbers to fill shortages in the field making them hard to get for the war.
cannons ii
Cannons II
  • 12-pound smoothbore, with either 6 Napoleon (Light Gun Howitzers Model 1857) or four Napoleons and two Model 1841 Howitzers
  • They were most useful against troops at a range of one mile or less
  • they threw a large shell (4.62 inches) and a deadly canister round.
  • [A howitzer is meant to fire in a higher trajectory than a gun, has a chamber at the breech, and is lighter than a gun of the same bore].
  • 3 -inch Ordnance Rifle, used to attack the enemy's batteries from over a mile away, with a maximum range of 4,000 yards .
  • -10-pound Parrott Rifles, used as the Ordnance Rifles.
guns today
Guns Today
  • Guns today are a lot more powerful.
  • They are a lot easier to load.
  • And they are also about the same size as guns in the civil war.
  • After the Civil War gun making became a big bussiness.
  • http://www.germantown.k12.il.us/html/weapons.html Shoulder Arms Swords Side Arms - The Pistol Bayonet
  • http://www.cwartillery.org/aguns.html



Colt Revolver