the catch the financial waves of success presented by marek leblanc n.
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The Catch the Financial Waves of Success Presented by: Marek LeBlanc PowerPoint Presentation
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The Catch the Financial Waves of Success Presented by: Marek LeBlanc

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The Catch the Financial Waves of Success Presented by: Marek LeBlanc - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Catch the Financial Waves of Success Presented by: Marek LeBlanc. Why Shall I Plan?. The Big Deal about Credit Why is growing up important? What are all these terms? Just make me RICH!. “ Begin with the END in MIND ”. Having Financial Success is a matter of planning.

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why shall i plan
Why Shall I Plan?

The Big Deal about Credit

Why is growing up important?

What are all these terms?

Just make me RICH!

begin with the end in mind
“Begin with the END in MIND”

Having Financial Success is a matter of planning.

If you want to have a Proactive Financial Life-Never stop learning.

If You want to pay as little as possible Then Pay ATTENTION!

banking credit is understanding add subtract
Banking/Credit is Understanding Add/Subtract

Basically you take money held for you in your account - It is called a CREDIT held at the bank. (addition)

Then you use that money – It is called a DEBIT …and sometimes you might need to pay a fee for convenience called a service charge. (subtraction)

Caring Is Our Way of Life


1) When you run out of money held for you that you have put into your account…Then you have to acquire a loan to help you with your expenses. CREDIT Given by The Bank – Bank becomes Creditor.

2) So you now become a User of Credit or a Debtor. Now I am expecting you to pay me back with a charge I shall call Interest.

3) Either you make payments I pick or you decide, but you will pay me monthly.

do s and don ts
Do’s and Don’ts


  • Pay me back “On Time” or I will establish a BAD Credit Rating in Your Profile (that will stay with you for 7 years)
  • Continue to pay my Interest Charge as that is How I make money.
  • Remember this will help for future credit needs.
  • Promote good behavior/habits as records are formed.
don t
  • Pay me Late as I will penalize you and request a Late Charge or I might UP your Interest rate for your bad habits.
  • Allow others to control your credit profile as it will be COSTLY. (help someone borrow using your profile)
    • Co Signer, Co Borrower, Guaranty
what is a credit profile report
What is a Credit Profile / Report?
  • A credit Report is a record of your credit activities. It list credit cards and loans you may have and how you make your payments. It can show actions taken against you if you do not pay.
so where do the reports come from
So Where do the reports come from?
  • A company gathers and sells credit information on individuals is called a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA)
    • The Three largest are:
    • Equifax, Esperian, and TransUnion
who can check your report
Who can Check your report?



Insurance Companies

Landlords – Property Rental Agencies

Governmental Agencies

Any who has a legitimate business need for the information.

credit scores
Credit Scores

Credit Scores Range from 300 to 850.

The Higher the Score the better your credit history becomes.

The Score determines the availability of credit and the rate of interest that you will pay for an item.

Buy a car for $10,000

Good Credit rate 2.99% monthly $290.77 for 3 years cost $467.72

Bad Credit rate of 14% monthly $341.78 for 3 years cost $2,304.08

Can you think of what else you could buy with and extra $1,836??

You Can check your credit profile at once per year free at:

so how does savings help
So How does Savings Help?
  • Most people will retire with inadequate savings for retirement.
  • U.S. Census Bureau 2012 states by 65:
    • Out of 100 people that start working at 25
      • 1% will be considered wealthy
      • 4% will have adequate capital stowed away
      • 3% will be still working
      • 63% will be dependent on Social Security, friends relatives or charity
      • 29% are dead
do you want to be like most
Do You WANT to be like most?
  • Your Financial Success depends on your willingness to do what others are unwilling or unable to do.
  • Pay yourself FIRST
  • Teach your Computer to AUTO SAVE
  • Name your Accounts
  • Understand the TIME VALUE of MONEY
pay yourself first
Pay Yourself FIRST
  • Before you consider paying your habits
  • Dedicate funds for special projects:
    • Graduation Celebration
    • Retirement
    • Trip to Europe…
    • Marriage Fund
    • First House
let technology be your aid
Let Technology be your AID
  • When you set up your checking account always have additional savings for: Emergencies, projects, etc.
  • Auto Save/transfer into the accounts
  • Harvard School of Business states you have a greater chance of obtaining dreams and goals when you visualize them.
  • Add to retirement thru payroll deduct
the time value of money
The TIME Value of MONEY
  • Todays $ may not be worth the same today as tomorrow.
  • You can earn Interest and understand the compounding of that interest.
    • $1,000 earning 4% is $40 if paid monthly then earn a bit more due to compounding hence yield could be 4.2%
    • If someone wants to give you money, just take it!
as you begin working
As you begin Working
  • Many employers want to have you participate in your Retirement by offering investment plans.
  • Could be called 401k, 403b or Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Do your part to participate and collect on what the employer may give you for participating (company match)
become the first millionaire
Become the FIRST Millionaire
  • By starting young you can have millions of dollars for your retirement. Start EARLY.
  • Have a hefty emergency fund. Important as LIFE happens.
  • Stay on plan. You can be the first Millionaire your family personally knows.
personal experiences
Personal Experiences
  • You can have DREAM come true with a great PLAN
  • Got my first CAR at early age
  • Got my first House at 22
  • Got my First IRA/Savings at 18
  • Have never borrowed from Family and Friends to meet my obligations
  • YOU CAN TOO be Financially Sound!
get on the wave of financial success
Get on The Wave of Financial Success!!

Presented by: Marek LeBlanc Special Assistant

Show me the Benjamin’s! $$$