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Appreciating Musicals

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Appreciating Musicals. Musical Theater. Opera-performance in which all or most of the story is sung Operetta-less serious form of opera with spoken dialogue. Musical Theater.

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musical theater
Musical Theater
  • Opera-performance in which all or most of the story is sung
  • Operetta-less serious form of opera with spoken dialogue
musical theater1
Musical Theater
  • Musical Plays-pack meaning into stories, probe deep into the personalities of the characters, and present innovative music
  • Musical Comedies-light in theme; feature comedy and songs woven into story
  • Movie Musicals-movie version of musical
the book
The Book
  • Plot-route story takes from opening to conclusion
  • Dialogue-conversation between the performers
five functions of lyrics
Five Functions of Lyrics
  • Express emotions
  • Establish character
  • Establish setting
  • Establish theme
  • Pacing and entertainment
  • The composer must make the rhythm of the words fit the melody of the song.
  • If the music is composed first, then the lyricist must make the words fit the rhythm.
the score
The Score
  • The overture is the orchestral music heard before the curtain opens.
  • The first piece after the curtain opens is called the opening number.
  • Reprise-song heard a second time in a musical
  • Solo dance-expresses a performer’s thoughts or feelings without

uttering words

  • Ballet-can tell a story by itself without words using only movements of dancers
  • Production number (chorus)-involves many dancers, is exciting to watch, requires much

precision and practice

the production
The Production
  • Director-manages the stage production
  • Producer-secures financial backing for the show
  • Scenery helps establish setting and costumes make characters more believable.