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May 15,2012. Musicals!. By: Taylor. Definition of Musical. (2)

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May 15,2012


By: Taylor

definition of musical
Definition of Musical


Musical theater is a form of theater that combines and contains dialogue, acting, songs and dance. There are different emotions expressed in musicals: humor, pathos, love, anger are communicated through words while others through expressions.


Also called musical comedy is a play or motion in which the story line interspersed with or developed by songs, dance and acting.

popular musicals
Popular Musicals


1- Wicked

2-Phantom of the Opera


4-Les Meserables



7-Sweeney Todd

8-West Side Story

9-Into the Woods

10-Beauty and the Beast

unknown musicals
Unknown Musicals


1-The Apple Tree

2-Balancing Act

3-Shrek the Musical

4-Brownstone the Musical

5-A Class Act

6-Drat the Cat

7-The Girl in Pink Tights

8-In trousers

9- Violet

10-Plain and Fancy

new costume
New Costume

Materials (if a real costume)

*Hair- Prosthetic

*Bow- Silk or ribbon

*Glasses- Metal framed

*Handkerchief- Silk

*Shirt- Feathers and cotton

*Belt- Leather

*Skirt- Tool

*Boots- Leather



Scale- a series of notes progressing up or down step wise.

Reprise- the repetition or return of a theme in music.

Debut- first public appearance by a musician.

Ear Training- musicians do to improve edification of chords, intervals, rhythms and other elements of music.

glossary continued
Glossary Continued


Bowing- also called stooping is a gesture towards someone, here in America sometimes it is showed a thank-you after a show by the performers- regular bow or curtsy.


Harmony- the combination of notes and chords to create new chords.

Fauge- a composition theme of notes and chords that is reaped by voices that stay woven together.









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