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A quick and easy guide to Streaming Video

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A quick and easy guide to Streaming Video - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A quick and easy guide to Streaming Video . Why and How it began (for me). Two-way interactive Online Statistics PD-day 2007. Benefits . All material covered in two-way classes Students who miss class can catch up Successful course completion rates have increased

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why and how it began for me
Why and How it began (for me)
  • Two-way interactive
  • Online Statistics
  • PD-day 2007
  • All material covered in two-way classes
    • Students who miss class can catch up
  • Successful course completion rates have increased
    • 8%-10% Increase in pass rate for internet classes from Fall 06 to Fall 07
    • 15%-20% increase in face-to-face statistics from Fall 06 to Fall 07
student reactions
Student Reactions
  • “I also have wanted to share with you how much better the internet statistics class is. I took it one or two semesters ago and it was much more difficult. I love the fact that I can watch the video and I have the power point right there. I appreciate all the hard work you put into this class so that we could learn the material better.” …Beth Fanning
  • “Thank you for making a very difficult subject for me easier to understand. The streaming videos are a great way to learn.” …Eileen Bohannon
  •   “I just wanted to let you know I did the review along with the video and that it’s a great help when I can't make it to class, I will be in the early class for the test today.”…Michael Stroud
  • “I love this video. What a great idea, I'm glad you found a way to do it! Thanks”…Susan Pierce

“Just wanted to give some feedback on your streamline video in class; it was great and it really helped prepare me for the test last week. Thank you so much for doing that for our class. You give really good instructions and if I wasn’t bogged down with full time work I would enjoy your class. Just wanted to let ya know how much that helped me. I really hope you will give another review on video for the next test. Thanks a million!”…Veronica Jett (Hogg)

  • “Finally, something worth watching on youtube.”…Linda Kent
  • “Thanks so much for posting the review video! It didn't work on my home computer, but it has been having some problems with the site anyway... the video really helped, I know I can be in class and I think I get it but when I go home and try to work the problems I draw a blank! It helped b/c I can go back and look at what we did... is there anyway maybe you could post all of them???” …Jennifer Barrentine
  • “I am having a hard time with question 6 on homework 8. Is there anyway you could make a short video about it? I am going out of town later this week, so I am trying to get my homework done early. Thank You!! The videos for this lesson were great!”…Rhiannon Boyd
  • A quick (at work) solution to students questions
  • A complete lecture
  • A welcome to the course
  • A quick (at home) solution

1. Click on file, then open

2. Click on mccpodcast

3. Click open


1. Click on Archive

Type a file name, then OK


Click on the monitor to see what you will be streaming, in LTC 224 and LTC 228 you can toggle between document camera and other cameras with PictureTel remote. In HPE 200 the elmo is the only camera

Click on Start


When you have finished

Recording click stop


Click yes when it asks to save

Click on the x to close


The file is saved in the C drive of the computer it will need to be moved to another folder to be converted to a stream

  • Click on My Computer
  • Click on LocalDisk (C:)
  • Click on podcasts folder
  • You should see the file you created
  • Two quick clicks to view it…make sure the volume is on so you can hear it
  • You will need to copy this file to Darrel’s podcast folder in the L drive
  • Highlight the file
  • Click on copy
  • Click common on ‘data’ (L:)
  • Click Institutional Effectiveness folder
  • Click Information Systems folder
  • Click Network Services folder
  • Click darrel folder
  • Click podcasts folder
  • Click copy
  • Email Darrel Ross at dross@mclennan.edu and tell him you have made a podcast and it is in the L drive
  • He will create and email you the links that you can email or place on your website for viewing or downloading.
  • 18. QED

Tips for a good video

  • If you are using documents, set the font to at least 28 point
  • If you are writing while you are lecturing use a black sharpie and practice writing large enough so it is legible in the viewing window.
  • Make sure the mic is close to you so it picks up your voice clearly
  • 4. While a practiced lecture will give you more confidence, the students appreciate seeing a human being – so don’t let a few slight mess ups keep you from posting the stream –
using youtube to stream videos
Using YouTube to stream videos
  • Create a video using your video recorder or digital camera
  • Upload the video to your computer
  • Use a video editing software (such as windows movie maker) and save the file so that it is less than 10 MB in size and no longer than 10 min in length
  • Follow the instructions at www.youtube.com to create an account and then upload your video
  • Place the link created by youtube into blackboard or email it to your students