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Kwakiutl Indians PowerPoint Presentation
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Kwakiutl Indians

Kwakiutl Indians

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Kwakiutl Indians

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  1. Kwakiutl Indians By: Maren Christian and Harris Owsley

  2. Where Were the Kwakiutl Indians Located? The Kwakiutl Indians lived on the Pacific Northwest Coast of Canada.

  3. What Was the Climate Like? • The climate was very rainy and mild. The lands were covered with forests and lakes.

  4. When Was the Kwakiutl Tribe at Its Height? • Somewhere around 1849, the population was 19,125. That was when the tribe was at its highest.

  5. Why Did the Kwakiutl Tribe Decline? • The reason the Kwakiutl tribe declined is due to the coming of the Europeans. Guns made conflicts more dangerous and new diseases took the lives of many people.

  6. Kwakiutl Inventions • The Kwakiutl invented supernatural bird masks.

  7. Kwakiutl Government • The Kwakiutl had a chief, as well as clan leaders. The chief was always a man, but the clan leaders could be men or women.

  8. Kwakiutl Religion • The Kwakiutl worshiped “spirit beings” and shared many fascinating stories about their gods. The Kwakiutl Indians believed that spirits came down to earth and passed their powers along to a young man or woman. They held magnificent winter ceremonies.

  9. What Did the Kwakiutl Eat? • The Kwakiutl ate many sea animals such as salmon, whales, or other fish, which they killed with spears. They also ate deer, elk, moose, roots, nuts, and berries.

  10. Kwakiutl Houses • The Kwakiutl Indians lived in longhouses made from materials such as sod, wood, and animal skins.

  11. Kwakiutl Transportation • Large dugout canoes were used for traveling up and down the sea coast.

  12. Kwakiutl Art • Woodworking was very popular amongst the Kwakiutl people. Textile arts were also very popular. Products such as baskets, mats, blankets, spoons, and plates were created. They also created totem poles, which displayed notable events or legends.

  13. Kwakiutl Clothing • The Kwakiutl sometimes used floor mats for clothing. During cold and wet weather, clothing that was water resistant was required. Dresses were sometimes make of cedar bark woven together with wool. Men usually wore no clothing.

  14. What Were the Kwakiutl People’s Jobs? • Women took care of the children as well as cooked and gathered plants, herbs, and clams. Men were fishermen, hunters, and warriors.

  15. What Did the Kwakiutl Speak? • The Kwakiutl spoke their own language, Kwak'wala, which is a Wakashan language.

  16. Kwakiutl Education • Men taught their sons to be woodcarvers. Women taught their daughters to be weavers.

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