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Student Satisfaction

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Student Satisfaction
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Student Satisfaction

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  1. Student Satisfaction Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI)

  2. Academic Advising Academic Services Admissions and Financial Aid Campus Climate Campus Support Concern for Individual Instructional Effectiveness Registration Responsiveness to Diverse Populations Safety and Security Service Excellence Student Centeredness College Service Areas

  3. Survey Population • Spring 2007 1,906 Cerritos College Students Surveyed • Spring 2006 244,677 Students from 272 Community, Technical, and Junior Colleges

  4. Report Summary • Cerritos College students have higher expectations than the National Benchmark. • Students reported lower satisfaction than the National Benchmark on most items. • Cerritos College met or exceeded the expectations and satisfaction of the majority of students in the 2007 inventory. • Student levels of satisfaction increased on the majority of items between Fall 2000 and Spring 2007 .

  5. Strengths • I am able to experience intellectual growth here. • The quality of instruction I receive in most of my classes is excellent. • There is a good variety of courses provided on this campus. • Library resources and services are adequate. • It is an enjoyable experience to be a student on this campus.

  6. Strengths • Institution's commitment to evening students. • Class add/drop policies are reasonable. • Child care facilities are available on campus. • Institution's commitment to students with disabilities. • Library staffs are helpful and approachable.

  7. Weaknesses • Safety and Security • Academic Advising/Counseling • Instructional Effectiveness • Registration Effectiveness • Admissions/Financial Aid • Time of course offerings

  8. Highlights 67% of our students said that if they had to do it all over again, they would enroll at Cerritos College. Q. All in all, if you had to do it over, would you enroll here again?

  9. Highlights 73 % of our students said they were somewhat satisfied, satisfied, or very satisfied with their experiences so far. Q. Rate your overall satisfaction with your experience here thus far.

  10. Highlights 89% of our students said that Cerritos College met or exceeded their expectations. Q. So far, how has your college experience met your expectations?

  11. Full Report • Research and Planning Web Site • Campus Climate Survey Report

  12. Student Learning Accountability Reporting for the Community Colleges (ARCC)

  13. Overview • Background • College Performance Indicators • 2007 Report: Cerritos Performance Indicators • 2007 Report: Peer Groupings • Analysis • (767 pages)

  14. Background • Partnership for Excellence (PFE) • Transfers, Degrees and Certificates, Successful Course Completions • Progress Determined By Annual Improvement • Assembly Bill 1417 • New Accountability Measures: ARCC • Research and Planning Group • Statewide hearings, state/national experts • Performance framework and indicators

  15. ARCC Report • ARCC uses data submitted annually to the Chancellor’s Office to provide information on outcomes • ARCC performance data are not (currently) tied to any funding mechanism

  16. Performance Indicators Student Progress and Achievement Indicators Degree/Certificate/Transfer • Progress and Achievement Rate, Percent 30 Units, Persistence Rate Vocational/Occupational/Workforce Development • Successful Course Completion Rate Pre-Collegiate Improvement Indicators Basic Skills and ESL • Successful Course Completion Rate, Improvement Rates

  17. Cerritos College: Progress and Achievement Rate Progress/Achievement • Student Progress and Achievement Rate • First-time students who earn 12 units and attempt math or English • Outcome: degree, certificate, transfer, or transfer directed or prepared

  18. Cerritos College: 30 Units Earned 30 Units Earned • Percent of Students Who Earn 30 Units • First-time students who earn 12 units and attempt credit course • Outcome: Complete at least 30 units within 6 years of entry 19

  19. Cerritos College: Persistence Rate Persistence Rate • Persistence Rate • First-time students with 6 or more units prior Fall • Outcome: Persisted in credit course to next Fall

  20. Course Completion Cerritos College: Successful Course Completion Rate (Vocational) • Annual Successful Course Completion Rate (Vocational Courses) • Enrolled in a credit vocational course • Outcome: Earned grade of A, B, C, or CR 21

  21. Cerritos College: Successful Course Completion Rate (Basic Skills) Course Completion • Annual Successful Course Completion Rate • (Basic Skills Courses) • Enrolled in credit Basic Skills course • Outcome: Earned Enrollment Grade of A, B, C, or CR

  22. Cerritos College: ESL Improvement Rate* Improvement Rate • Improvement Rate for ESL Courses • Cohorts 01-02 to 03-04, 02-03 to 04-05, 03-04 to 05-06 • Outcome: Successful completion of higher level ESL, college-level English course *For the 2007 report, the ESL Improvement Rate is “shown only to illustrate how future tables will appear” due to differing methods of ESL course coding and anomalies in the data (p.. 26)

  23. Cerritos College: Basic Skills Improvement Rate Improvement Rate • Improvement Rate for Basic Skills Courses • Cohorts 01-02 to 03-04, 02-03 to 04-05, 03-04 to 05-06 • Outcome: Successful completion of higher level Basic Skills course or a college-level or transfer-level course in same discipline

  24. Peer Groupings Background • Control for environmental variables • Geographical or traditional peers may not hold • Avoid statewide or peer ranking • Method • Systematic research methods • Result: peer groups differ for each college performance indicator

  25. Peer Data *ESL Improvement Rate is excluded from the peer groupings.

  26. Analysis College performance indicators over time • Steady but slight increase in 3 measures, slight declines in 4 measures over period • Overall, remained relatively constant College performance compared to peer colleges • Near average to slightly above average performance • Basic skills: our best area relative to peers What do we do to continually improve in all areas? What do we do to become excellent in peer groupings?

  27. Perspective • Embrace the Results • Improve the Measures/Instruments • Consider the Context of Learning • Student Work • Teaching • Academic Support • Program Quality • Regional/State/National Issues

  28. Key Findings • Flashes of Excellence • More Commonly between Good and Average Compared to Peers • No Academic Measures Point to Failure • Some Areas Have Improved Significantly; Most Flat to Minimal Improvement. Cerritos College has the potential to be great, but we are not there yet.

  29. The Plan • How do we improve learning at Cerritos College? • Revive the Academy—The Academic Community • Develop an Agenda for Student Success. • Address the Basics/Fundamentals • Student Work • Program Excellence • Teaching Expertise • Academic Support

  30. Agenda for Student Success Student Learning Academic Support Student Success Teaching Expertise Program Excellence

  31. Student Learning • Collectively Teaching Students How to Learn • Assimilate Students into an Academic Lifestyle • Create Environment with High Expectations • Develop and Sustain Learning Support. • Implementation • 1st Draft of Student Learning Program, Spring 2008 • Implementation, 2008-09 • Needs Input from Faculty, Managers and Staff

  32. Student Learning • Primary Elements • ID model student practices that lead to student success • Campaign to raise student awareness of these practices • Resources to teach students these practices • Celebration of students that excel academically • Ongoing management of the program

  33. Teaching Expertise • Ongoing Development of Great Teaching • Revive Discussion of Pedagogy at Cerritos College • Develop/Maintain Hiring Practices that Secure Excellent Faculty (Restore/Repair Part-Time Hiring Procedures) • Enhance Professional Development Opportunities • Celebrate Great teaching through the Outstanding Faculty Awards • Develop Technology Based Education Guidelines

  34. Academic Support • Underscores the importance of infrastructure and support systems to our academic program. • Campus Transformation Plan—The Campus Transformation Plan must SERVE the academic program. • IT Resources—IT resources currently impacting the academic environment include TalonNet, PeopleSoft, the College web, faculty/department web pages, campus email and more. We need to extend support to each of these. • Enrollment Flexibility—Departments/Divisions should be given more enrollment latitude with regard to section enrollment.

  35. Academic Support • Sustain State of Education Address • Develop Funding Plan for Agenda for Student Success • Revise the College Strategic Plan— The College Strategic Plan is due to be rewritten in 2008. In revising the Plan, we need to place greater emphasis on learning related objectives and less emphasis on systems related objectives.

  36. Program Excellence • Program Review—Continue to support program review and develop a non-instructional program review process • Develop an Integrated Basic Skills Program—The Developmental Education Committee will finish the draft of this plan by May 2008 • Develop an Integrated Transfer Program—We need to develop a unified approach to transfer that is coordinated through the Transfer Center—one message; one approach • Support Career and Technical Education Programs—Job placement; career counseling and more.

  37. Getting Started • Prioritize the Agenda • Develop the Agenda • Fund the Agenda • Integrate the Agenda