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Protest Poems PowerPoint Presentation
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Protest Poems

Protest Poems

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Protest Poems

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  1. Protest Poems

  2. Task 4 Hope, Bianca, Nathan, Jeong Hyeon, Emily Protest Poems

  3. Alannah’s Poem Floods corrode through streets that are red Hearts collide upon a thread Without a warning Without a sight People gone in the tick of time

  4. We transformed this poem into a PowerPoint and analyzed it

  5. Through reading Alannah’s poem plentiful of times, it felt that her main focus was to talk about the awful things that happened in a brutal war. “Flood’s corrode through the streets are red” could not sound bloodier then it would be. Using sensory images in my mind, I imagined soldiers in war who have sacrifice their life for the honor, and been shot, who often bleed in pain and occasionally past away. From there, I analyzed the following parts of the poem, “Without a warning, without a sight, People gone in the tick of night” I connected the first verse in the poem and thought that it means death. In the end I connected all the words in the poem and made it into a process of a soldier. The first step, being shot, bleeding floods of pain, without a warning, without a sight, the soldier has passed away. To add on, I actually thought the part in the poem “Hearts collide upon a thread” would have explained a soldiers death, meaning to say I thought it mean like the solider has died and all of his/her love ones are shocked. To conclude I thought the author did a great job into using different words to describe a violent scene. Analysis