a college success course for new millennial students l.
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A College Success Course for New Millennial Students PowerPoint Presentation
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A College Success Course for New Millennial Students

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A College Success Course for New Millennial Students - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A College Success Course for New Millennial Students. Marsha Fralick and Keith Franco July 13, 2010 For audio call Toll Free 1 - 888-886-3951 and use PIN/code 351816. Housekeeping. Maximize your CCC Confer window. Phone audio will be in presenter-only mode.

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a college success course for new millennial students

A College Success Course for New Millennial Students

Marsha Fralick and Keith Franco

July 13, 2010

For audio call Toll Free 1-888-886-3951

and use PIN/code 351816

  • Maximize your CCC Confer window.
  • Phone audio will be in presenter-only mode.
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adjusting audio
Adjusting Audio
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saving files open close captions
Saving Files & Open/close Captions
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emoticons and polling
Emoticons and Polling
  • Raise hand and Emoticons
  • Polling options
  • Characteristics of the New Millennial Generation
  • Using technology to engage New Millennials
  • Online demo: The CollegeScope Student Success Program
  • Retention results
  • Example: College Success at Cuyamaca College
going green all handouts are located at http www collegesuccess1 com conferences htm
Going Green! All handouts are located at: http://www.collegesuccess1.com/Conferences.htm
new millennials
New Millennials
  • Our current college students were born after 1992.
  • Most were born with a computer in the home and were using them by age 5
  • The connected generation
  • 82% are online daily
  • Average 12 hours per week online
some facts from pew research
Some Facts from Pew Research
  • They are generally happy with their lives and optimistic about the future
  • Unique appearance

54% have tattoos, hair dyed an unnatural color or body piercings other than ear lobes

  • Their top goals are fame and fortune
use technology to connect
Use Technology to Connect
  • 50% send or receive a text message daily
  • 29% use instant messages daily
  • 44% have a profile on Facebook or My Space and 38% use them daily
these new millennial students are now being called generation e
These New Millennial students are now being called Generation E
  • What does the “E” stand for?
new millennials or generation e
New Millennials or Generation E
  • 18-30 years old
  • Empowered
  • Entitled
  • Electronic
    • Leading change from paper to electronic media

Being in the Millennial Generation, I did start using computers as a young child. I learned how to spell with the help of computers and how to read with computerized books. Computers have always been a part of my life, which is probably why I am so drawn to them.Dawn Cardenas College Success Student

what comes next
What Comes Next?




keys to success
Keys to Success
  • Use technology to make education engaging and inescapable.
  • Most college courses, especially upper division courses, have online components
  • Working in an online environment is essential for high paying careers
  • Students are disadvantaged if they do not have access to the Internet and are skilled in using it
rationale for using technology
Rationale for Using Technology
  • Improves retention and success
  • New roles for faculty
  • Your students use it
  • It captures their attention
  • Education any time or place
using technology
Using Technology
  • Online career and learning style assessment
  • E-text
  • Online portfolio
  • Engaging material for the New Millennial generation
results cuyamaca community college
Results: Cuyamaca Community College

Implementing CollegeScope resulted in a 26% increase in fall to spring persistence!

the successful student
The Successful Student
  • Had a definite goal or college major

Based on this research, choosing a major and career planning was included in our college success course.

keys to success25
Keys to Success
  • The program helps students to make a good choice of a major and career.


  • Carl Jung and personality type
  • Online:
key to success make it count
Key to Success: Make it Count
  • Transfers as general education for CSUC, Area E, Lifelong Understanding
  • Transfers to University of California
  • 3 units
keys to success29
Keys to Success
  • The program helps students to understand their learning style and how to become a lifelong learner.
the peps learning style assessment
The PEPS Learning Style Assessment
  • Measures preferences in 20 areas
    • Perceptual
    • Environmental
    • Emotional
    • Sociological
    • Physical

Cuyamaca College

El Cajon, CA

personal development 124 lifelong success
Personal Development 124, Lifelong Success
  • 8000 students enrolled in college
  • 1600 take PDC 124 each year
  • One of the top 15 revenue producing programs for the college
  • 56 sections a year
college success
College Success
  • Motivation
  • Time and Money
  • Memory and Reading
  • Test Taking
  • Taking Notes, Writing and Speaking
career success
Career Success
  • Personality and Related Majors
  • Learning Style and Intelligence
  • Interests and Values
  • Career and Educational Planning
lifelong success
Lifelong Success
  • Communication and Relationships
  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Appreciating Diversity
  • Positive Thinking
  • Life Stages
course choices
Course Choices
  • Face to Face
    • 22 sections
  • Blended
    • 22 sections
  • Online
    • 12 sections

High School

Community College


instructor manual exercises and handouts syllabus research powerpoint internet links
Instructor Manual

Exercises and Handouts




Internet Links

Resources for Faculty


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A College Success Course for New Millennial Students