new student meeting for high school students enrolling in a college course n.
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New Student Meeting for High School Students Enrolling in a College Course PowerPoint Presentation
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New Student Meeting for High School Students Enrolling in a College Course

New Student Meeting for High School Students Enrolling in a College Course

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New Student Meeting for High School Students Enrolling in a College Course

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  1. New Student Meetingfor High School Students Enrolling in a College Course Montgomery College Office of Academic Initiatives Early Placement Program Fall 2014

  2. As a Montgomery College Student… • Your college record begins now! • You will earn college credit for college work. • You are responsible for your registration, application, and other college processes. • You are responsible for utilizing Montgomery College privileges & responsibilities.

  3. Are you ready? • Set up your my MC account-click “MyMC” button on main MC webpage. For assistance, contact IT Service Desk 240-567-7222 • Get your Montgomery College photo ID*. • Get parking permit (via MyMC)*. • Purchase your textbooks and supplies. • Request accommodations through MC’s Disability Support Services 240-567-5058 • *Note: You must provide proof of payment to get photo I.D. or parking permit

  4. College expenses- Payment • Check the Ways to Pay Sheet (MCPS/NON-MCPS) • If you have not paid for your college course(s), please pay now! • You can pay by mail, in person at the Cashier’s Office, or online through MyMC. • If you have applied for MC’s High School Grant, you should have received notification from MC’s Financial Aid Office. (Grants received last week may still be processing).

  5. College expenses- WITHDRAWAL • Check your Student Schedule/Bill for the last day to withdraw with a refund. • Students must notify the College IN WRITING of their intent to withdraw from a course (check refund policy). • Non-attendance does not relieve student from financial obligations associated with course registration.

  6. College expenses - textbooks • If taking the course at your high school, go to the campus bookstore nearest your school. • If taking the course on campus, go to the campus where the course is offered. • If taking a Distance Learning class, check the course syllabus (via Blackboard) for details. • Make sure you have the course 5-digit CRN!

  7. First Day of Classes • Come prepared with textbook and supplies. • Make sure you are on your professor’s official class roster. • Make sure you receive and understand class syllabus. • Expectations • Assignments • Quizzes & tests • Projects • Grades • How to contact your professor

  8. Throughout the Semester • Attendance counts. • Come to each class prepared to participate! • Make note of important dates and assignments. • Follow your syllabus - keep up to date on assignments.

  9. Attend all classes • Share telephone numbers with classmates • You are responsible for obtaining any information missed • You may be expected to submit your work even if you cannot attend a class. • “Excessive Absences” is defined as one more absence than the number of classes per week during a fall or spring semester

  10. Fall 2014 Calendar

  11. Follow your class schedule • College classes remain at the same time, regardless of high school schedule • If high school is closed due to holiday or weather, college classes held at the high school will not meet • If high school is open, attend college class • Sign up for MC Alert to get text and e-mail messages about MC’s delay openings or closings

  12. MC E-mail Account • Every MC student has an official college e-mail account. • You are REQUIRED to check your MC E-mail regularly for all college communication. • Professors may not respond to personal e-mail addresses. • Go to MYMC to set up your account and learn how to forward MC e-mails to your personal account.

  13. Effective Communication is key • Take the initiative. • Meet with professor before/after class or at on-campus office hours. • Professors want to hear from you • Not your mom or your DEPA • Use email effectively • Understand capitalization and punctuation • Include your name, M number & class information • Don’t use abbreviations/texting language • Proofread!

  14. Know the Grade • Your MC grades are not on your high school transcript. • Mid-term grades are only available on MyMC. • Final grades are posted after final exams. • Official transcripts will be available after final grades have been posted and you have fulfilled your financial obligations.

  15. As an MC Student… • You are bound by both the MC Code of Conduct as well as the high school rules in your college class. • – search “Code of Conduct”

  16. Unscheduled time at your high school • MCPS students taking classes during the regular school day may have unscheduled time in their week. • MCPS students check with your DEPA for information about where and how to spend the time you are not in class.

  17. We support your success • MC Early Placement Program staff • High School Dual Enrollment Program Assistant (DEPA) • Your Professor • All MC services are available to you: • Library • Learning centers • Programs on campus • Disability Support Services for all accommodations for your college class

  18. What makes a successful student? • Shows up • Attendance is critical • Notifies professor if absent from class • Is prepared for class • Checks syllabus for assignments • Plans ahead for projects, quizzes & exams • Acts like a college student. • Addresses professor respectfully • Is courteous to all • Asks questions, as needed

  19. Quiz –Are you ready??? • When does the MC semester begin? • When does your class meet for the first time? • What is the deadline for submitting a high school grant application? • How do you receive your official grades? • Do your college grades appear on your high school transcript? • What are your next steps to be ready for the first day of classes?

  20. Quiz continued…What do you do if…… • Absent from class due to illness? • Weather emergency causes school closing? • Days when high school has a different schedule?

  21. What is one of the worst things you can do?Answer: Stop attending class • If you are having problems, discuss with your professor. • Students must adhere to MC deadlines for all admissions/enrollment matters. • A student is not officially dropped from a class until the withdrawal is recorded by Montgomery College. • Depending on deadlines, you may be responsible for tuition and fee payment even if you drop the class.

  22. Looking ahead • To register for the spring semester: • Receive “C” or better on all college courses • Complete EP Approval Form • Complete EP Registration/Schedule Change Form • Fulfill your financial obligations • Registration begins in late November • Testing and completion of paperwork begin in October

  23. Have a great semester Early Placement Program • Akima Rogers, Associate Director of Academic Initiatives and Early Placement Program Manager • Yolandra Johnson, G’town Academic Coordinator • Yvonne Hu-Cotto, Rockville Academic Coordinator • Angela Wright, TP/SS Academic Coordinator • Nykolle Crosby-Black, Administrative Aide • Check out our website at: • • 240-567-4140

  24. Questions?????