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RPA Interview Questions

Hope Tutor Provide RPA Interview Questions for who are attending the interviews in RPA related jobs. Hope Tutors wishes All The Best.

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RPA Interview Questions

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  1. Welcome To Hope Tutors RPA Interview Questions

  2. RPA Interview Question Part-1

  3. • When you start the project? what documents did you receive from the client? • What are the things available in FRD Document. • Once your process is completed what are the documents you handover to Business Team? • How many FTES are available in your process? • Any SLS’s for your process? how can you overcome the sla’s?

  4. • What are the different types of data types available in BP? • I want to execute my process, what are different ways to run the process? (not control room) • I have an 3 actions Action 1, Action 2, Action 3. we are trying to process 3 actions but action 2 is not processing. what was the issue? • Is it timer action will be available in process studio? • I want to get the current date like dd, mm, yy how will you do?

  5. • I want to read the data from excel file, how many ways to read the data in excel file? • If my ms excel vbo is not available how will you read the data in excel file? • Which vbo is used for workque? • What is d/f b/n in-progress and waiting? • How to deploy your bots?

  6. • How manage the existing changes in your process? • How can you write a data into a notepad by using the variable? • What are the commands we can use in OCR? • How can you work on error handling? • What is the use of image reorganization?

  7. • How can you connect to the database? • What the extension for the database? • What are the main commands we use to work with OCR? • How can you display second highest salary person details based on the id using 2 tables? • Explain about the terminal emulator?

  8. • What are the challenges u have faced while developing RPA? • How can you encrypt the Data? • What are the commands we can perform in object cloning? • What’s your current project and explain about it? • What are the lists of tools for robotic process Automation?

  9. • What is special about RPA tools? • Can you draw calculation, Decision, Page, Action symbols? • Can you explain how can you open a login page? • What are the commands you are using for login page? • Can you explain work queues?

  10. • Can you draw block, exception, recovery, resume symbols? • Can you draw anchor tag? • How can you create work queues? • Can you explain how action tag can be used? • Difference between IR and IF? What is the use of IR?

  11. • And how and where you used in your project explain? • What are Excel commands and its ssubcommands • What is the basics use of excel command? Explain technically. • What is the difference between email automation and send mail? • Tell me port no you if you used on your project? • Domxpurpose, how and when we will used? • If you are not using then what will be error? • Tell me about tag, caption, path, value? (According to your project).

  12. • Difference between manage web control, window control & object cloning. • Given scenarios based on excel and web manages control and object cloning basically. • Different between patterns based data & regular data. • Terminal emulator if you used in project? • About repository & control room process.

  13. • Basics diff keystrokes, mouse click? & where we can use? • Version of tool? What is the new thing, in comparison to previous version? • About production version explain? • Can we connect excel file as a database? If yes… Then how? If no then why not? • Difference between Delay and wait?

  14. • What is Auto Login? • How to read the Email messages by using Email Automation? • How to send an Email? • How will you read the data from Excel? • What are the system parameters for EXCEL / XML / CSV?

  15. Questions based on scenarios : • String Arrangements. • Form fill up, mapping. • Fill data from web page to excel. • Excel to web page. • Find out number of string and reverse order. • Based on sorting question.

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