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Interview questions

Interview questions. Part two. 971002502 英文四 韓琳 Lynn. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?. Why do they ask? to understand your motives and gain insight as how you handle your work relationships to ensure you’re a person of integrity. How to answer this question???. Emphasize Results

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Interview questions

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  1. Interview questions Part two 971002502 英文四 韓琳 Lynn

  2. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job? • Why do they ask? • to understand your motives and gain insight • as how you handle your work relationships • to ensure you’re a person of integrity How to answer this question???

  3. Emphasize Results • things you accomplished • a positive ending • (having successfully done that, I’m ready for…) • let them know “you can count on me” • Don’t do that •  “I wasn’t being challenged”, “boring” or “the pay was low” • Recover •  circle back to it, revisit the reason before the end of the interview

  4. Be Polite • make it clear that the organization you seek has the qualities to • perform at a higher level • sometimes promises exceed reality • Don’t do that •  badmouth • Recover •  I know that my former company is trying to do its best under the • circumstances. I’m looking for a company that’s a better fit for me • (decent, self aware)

  5. This interview is about you!!

  6. Do You Have Any Questions? • the most common answer : • ask those relating to the job, the company and the industry • don’t ask about benefits • don’t say “No, I think you just about covered everything I wanted to • know. I'm sure I'll have more questions if I get the job • get a sense of what will be expected by asking questions about the • problems the interviewer mentioned (showing your interest in them) NO

  7. Tips • Timing Is Important •  ask appropriate questions. To be on the safe side (the job's • responsibilities and how you fit the position

  8. Questions will give you the opportunity to find out if this is a good place!!

  9. What Is Your Salary History? • ask this question on the street? • a common question in an interview • the best way to deal with it is to defer • the subject until you have more facts • Example: • A provides her salary history in the resume. However, the hiring manager will view her experience and salary expectations, if he decides she’s not right, A even won’t get an interview. • B doesn’t provide her salary history, the hiring manager judge her by her • experience and background, he wants more information, B may get a call.

  10. verify the job's scope before you talk about salary • research the job market before the interview to give you an idea • of what the position is worth • consider the timing • be prepared to reveal your past salary or history at some point in • the interview process

  11. Describe Your Work Style • ~help the interviewer determine how well you’ll fit into the company~ • Do You Like to Work Autonomously or Collaboratively? • detailing how you work with others is important • collaborative is the majority • if you prefer working independently “While I do my best work • alone, I like input and feedback along the way” • if you work collaboratively, tell them a lot

  12. How Do You Like to Work with Your Boss? • the interviewer wants to see if you and the boss would work well • together • simply states the goal or give more specific direction up front • What Is Your Communication Style? • if you like to communicate through email, phone or in-person meetings • during the job interview, discuss the framework in which you typically • communicate • give an overview / get deep into the details “I tend to give the overview • and then a few supporting details.”

  13. What Hours Do You Work? • get in early and leave before rush hour / conform to whatever the work • hours are • show them you are committed to doing whatever is necessary to be • successful “I’ll work as late as needed to get the job done.” • Do You Plan Your Day? • people who plan their days typically get more done • show them that one of your strengths is prioritization • portray you in the most positive light “I start at 7 a.m., like to work • collaboratively, plan my days and always make sure I get the most • important things done early

  14. Describe Your Ideal Work Environment • companies have different personalities, so it’s important for them to hire • people who fit • when you’re interviewing, you are being screened for a certain skill set and • cultural fit • Small vs. Large • small: get exposed to more things faster • large: greater resources and more formalized training • where you are in your career: (1)beginner: learn things in a large one • (2) experienced: try things you learned in a • small one • let the interviewer know why you prefer one environment over another. 

  15. Formal vs. Informal • formality of processes / extemporaneous meetings in hallways and business • decisions made over a casual lunch • Work-Life Balance • a litmus test for how well you’ll fit into the organization • give it a great deal of thought because your work environment will have • many implications for your long-term happiness • Mission Statement • Review the company’s mission statement to understand how it addresses its • long-term goals and the way it does business. Let the interviewer know how • the company’s mission reflects your values.

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