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Task A: ZEUS 2005-2006

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Task A: ZEUS 2005-2006 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Task A: ZEUS 2005-2006. N. Brummer, L.S. Durkin, A. Lee, T.Y. Ling. O.S.U. History on ZEUS. Joined ZEUS 1985 One of U.S. ZEUS founding members. Designed and Built Optics for ZEUS Barrel Calorimeter. 87,000 Scintillator Tiles 5000 Wavelength-Shifter Light Guides and

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Presentation Transcript

Task A: ZEUS 2005-2006

N. Brummer, L.S. Durkin,

A. Lee, T.Y. Ling


O.S.U. History on ZEUS

Joined ZEUS 1985

One of U.S. ZEUS founding members

Designed and Built Optics

for ZEUS Barrel Calorimeter

87,000 Scintillator Tiles

5000 Wavelength-Shifter

Light Guides and

Correction Masks

Designed and Built FastClear

Trigger Processor

Fast (15sec) Cluster Finder

Electron Identification

Kinematic Variables E-PZ

Beam Gas Rejection

Manufactured Optics for

Barrel Calorimeter Presampler


Group History on ZEUS (cont.)


U.S. ZEUS Spokesman

3 Physics Coordinators

Run Coordinator

Trigger Coordinator

Post-Doctoral Fellows

B. Bylsma,C.L.Kim, C. Ginsburg,

N.Brummer K. McLean, B. Murray,

S. Park, I. Park, D. Acosta

Physics Chair Assoc. Prof. Assoc. Prof.

Korea U. Kyungpook U. U. of Florida

3 faculty Positions out of 9 postdocs !


Personnel 2005-2006

OSU ZEUS Effort is Bare Bones

- Nicole Brummer (100%) at DESY

Trigger Coordinator(2002-2004)

- Grad Student Albert Lee at DESY


Background Problems fixed !

  • Synchrotron radiation fixed
  • e-gas decreased
  • p-gas decreased

HERA I (8 years) 193 pb-1

HERA II (1.5 years) 203 pb-1

  • New Data has Polarized Electron/Positrons
  • 4X increase in e-p Data

Rate Increase: Fast Clear is now an Essential Component

  • Fast Calorimeter Cluster
  • Finding Trigger
  • E-Pz,PT, Beam Gas, Electron
  • Clusters, Jet Clusters
  • Abort fraction 20-30%
  • WWW run monitor written
  • Trigger works stably
  • Better Modeled in MC than
  • CFLT

O.S.U. Physics Analysis 2000-2005

Structure Function and High Q2

Camille Ginsburg (Physics Coordinator)

Contact Interactions

Jason Gilmore (Thesis)

Limits on Production of R-Parity Violating

SUSY particles

Nicole Brümmer

Spin-Dependence of Charged Current

Cross Sections

Albert Lee(Thesis), Nicole Brümmer


HERA Kinematics

30 GeV e±

900 GeV p

C.M. 315 GeV

centre-of-mass energy squared:

s = (k + p)2 = 4 Ee Ep

Q2 = -q2 = - (k – k‘)2 = s x y

four-momentum transfer

x = Q2 / (2Pq) Bjorken-x

momentum fraction of struck parton

y = (Pq)/(Pk) Inelasticity

relative energy transfer to the proton


Deep Inelastic Scattering

Neutral Current

Charged Current


High Q2 NC/CC DIS Cross Section

  • Electroweak unification scale ~104 GeV2
  • At Q2>104 GeV2 NC=CC
  • Statistically limited at high x/high Q2
  • Cross sections sensitive to sea/valence quark
  • densities and electroweak parameters

Physics with Polarized Beams

Standard Model

Neutral Current

left/right handed particles

interact unequally with Z0

Charged Current

left-handed particles only


Transverse Polarization

builds up naturally at HERA

(Sokolov-Ternov effect)

at HERA =30min

Paverage=40% (depol. effects)

The Cross section depends on polarization. One

Searches for e.g. WR and tests Standard model.

With one years data should be able

to set limit MW(R) < 400 GeV


Charge Current Cross Section

This analysis will be Albert Lee’s Ph D Thesis


Future 2005-2007

ZEUS Operations will end in mid-2007

ZEUS has produced quality physics in the last fourteen years.

HERA has doubled our data sets in the last 1.5 year.

The Ohio State Group will continue to monitor and

maintain the ZEUS Fast Clear

With the new luminosity this group will continue to

study high Q2 high x physics and new Electron

Spin Physics