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Management MOJO

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Management MOJO - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Management MOJO
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  1. So You Think You Want To Be a Manager Management MOJO

  2. To Manage or Not to Manage Management MOJO – Finding Meaning and Happiness – at Work and at Home

  3. What is Management? Any responsibility for work other than your own and/or supervision of people other than yourself.

  4. Management, is it in my future? • What do people find when they become managers? • Overwhelmed by the responsibilities • Not prepared for the myriad of new tasks that await them • Forced to learn the art of management

  5. Building Relationships • Is the position internal to your current work-area or external? • Internal • Advantage + Familiar with the workgroup and processes • Advantage + Familiar with the management chain • External • Advantage +/- Adapt to a new environment • Advantage =/- Expected to perform from the start

  6. Ready, Set, Go or Stop • Help people and create lives - for themselves and others - that are filled with short-term satisfaction (happiness) and long-term benefit (meaning). • Increase employee engagement • Coaching for a better work environment and a better life. • If you are ready, apply for FLRP

  7. What Should My Application Packet Include? • MSP Vacancy Application Form (Form 13290) or resume containing all required information as stated on the vacancy announcement; including the 2-page (maximum) Technical Competencies Narrative;

  8. What Should My Application Packet Include? • There are 4 Leadership Competencies that contain 13 Behavior Leadership Competencies • Personal LeadershipLeading Improvement • Self Development Change Management • Communication Innovation and Risk Management • Political Savvy Achievement Orientation • Leading OthersBusiness Results • Relationship Management Problem Solving and Decision Making • Group Leadership Leveraging Resources • Customer Focus Implementation Strategic Planning and • Managing Performance & Development

  9. What Should My Application Packet Include? • Current Evaluation of Managerial Potential (EMP), Form 13236 for the announced managerial level • Current appraisal

  10. Now That You Are Manager • Develop a management/leadership style that fits your needs • Earn the respect of your group • Choose your battles wisely • Hone your ESP skills • Be prepared for Meetings, Meetings, and more Meetings

  11. The Management Meter • Surround yourself with good people • Your day extends beyond 8 hours • Take pride in the accomplishments of your team

  12. The Management Meter • Fair and honest performance appraisals • The ability to successfully juggle multiple priorities

  13. Professional Management MOJOWhat I contribute to the activity • Motivation: I am doing my best to do a great job. • Understanding: I know what to do and how to do it. • Ability: I have the skills needed to get the job done well. • Confidence: I firmly believe that I can do a great job. • Authenticity: I am genuine when engaging in this activity. I am fully present.

  14. Personal Management MOJOWhat the activity is contributing to me • Happiness: I find joy in the process of this activity. • Fulfillment: This activity is meaningful to me. It contributes to a larger good. • Reward: Succeeding in this activity results in rewards that are important to me. • Support: I get the support I need to be successful in this activity. • Optimization: I am thankful for the opportunity to engage in this activity. It is a great use of my time.

  15. Achieving both personal and professional success Sacrificing Succeeding Sustaining Long-Term Benefit Surviving Stimulating Short-Term Gratification

  16. MOJO That positive spirit toward what you are doing now that starts from the inside and radiates to the outside

  17. Links and Tips Forms required: • 13236 Management Potential • 13290 Management Selection Vacancy Application •