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  1. DONALD TRUMP By: Manuela Posada Castellanos. Sofía Pérez Lopera.

  2. BIOGRAPHY OF DONALD TRUMP • He born in 1946 in New York, in a family of upper middle class. Throughout his life he had impregnated the family business, which already came from generations ago. His father, Fred Trump, was engaged in buying and selling real estate: buy buildings in New York City and then sell once had revalued. It was from him precisely who Donald learned the golden rules of an aspiring millionaire. • Defined himself as "a rebellious teenager" secondary Trump studied at a military school, and then graduated from the career of Economics from Fordham University and attended an MDA in prestigious Wharton Business School. Then he went to work in his father's business, but had something very clear: he wanted to dedicate the real estate world to a scale greater than his father. One idea and plenty of time ... The result we all know. Donald Trump takes time reaping the fruits of what years ago began planting. • He persuaded to powerful investors to bet on their building projects and sought contacts without giving up: contacts giving you access to money and power. So he managed to make rich your niche. And not only that: at age 28 inherited an empire which increased in size and value, acquiring new properties towers and christened with his name. The Trump empire was born. He has many hotels, casinos and appointed his name companies which are very famous around the world.

  3. HOW HAS HE/SHE INNOVATED THE WORLD OF ENTREPENEURSHIP ? • He made his fortune grow and grow until it became an empire, and all without ever leaving their entrepreneurial spirit. Thus it has had time for everything from becoming owner of several glass skyscrapers in exclusive streets of New York, to own several casinos and even have its own airline (Trump Airlines). • It also has numerous yachts and helicopters, a Boeing 727, and even acquired the Miss Universe contest. But not everything has successful hotels and casinos in different cities, and has properties such as the luxurious Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Trump International Golf Course, or TrumpTajMahalCasino Resort. • Success also piqued his interest as an author, and wrote several books as The America We Deserve, The Art of the deal or Surviving at the Top, and many others focused on entrepreneurs. They have all been considered best-sellers, and co-wrote "We want to be rich" with the successful author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, another success.

  4. HOW HAS HE/SHE INNOVATED THE WORLD OF ENTREPENEURSHIP ? • It has been included in the list of the richest men in the world published by Forbes , and received the prize that accredits him as the best visionary real estate century: Award Hotel and Real Estate Visionary of the Century. But not satisfied with all that, he decided to go a step further to strengthen their power and consolidate its monopoly, and inaugurated in 2004 its own space television that still airs: the reality show The Apprentice, based on the business world and whose audience has exceeded 20 million viewers. • It has also sold merchandising, has teamed up with several companies, and has made his name a true monopoly rinks ice Trump, Agencies Trump, chocolate shaped like gold ingots, lamps, mattresses, towels, vases models. • He created the Trump University, for entrepreneurs with special attention to the world of franchising. This is the evolution of Donald Trump, the golden man for which there are no limits.

  5. WHAT DOES HIS/HER COMPANY LOGO REPRESENT ? • Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc. is a company dedicated to build and operate casinos and hotels in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, whose majority shareholder and f founder Donald Trump. It was founded in 1988 as part of the Trump plan, to expand his real estate empire to the gaming industry. • The letters do not represent anything special, because when Trump created the logo of the company did not give meaning to the font, or its size, the only chosen because he thought it could be a kind of flashy letter this font for the people. • His name is the main part of the logo, as many other logos of Trump, because it likes to put his name on the logos of its hotels, casinos, businesses, etc, because his name differentiates and makes it stand on others, because of the successful and that is recognized around the world. • Trump chose the gold color for this logo, as for many others of its casinos, hotels, businesses, etc., because for him the color gold represents fame, money and success, and that was what he wanted to represent that color in their logos .


  7. WHAT IS THE COLOR PSYCOLOGY OF THE BUSINESS ? • Psychologists symbolize this color, with money, happiness, luxury, feeling of joy and liveliness. • The gold color is the color of fame, related to the gold awards, Oscars, which are made of gold statuettes. • Gold color psychology, does not resemble any other color, it is the color associated with beauty, which is too materialistic and arrogant. • According to experts they say gold color represents everything that is related to earn money, such as a successful singer, is said to have the golden voice, a famous footballer to win the golden ball, etc.

  8. HOW DID HE/SHE EXPAND ? • Donald Trumpbegantogrow and expandthroughtthebuildingsthatbought in New York and remodeling, becausethe more properties and buildingsremodeling more hisfamegrew. • Then when he had his own TV show, his fame was increasing because the amount of “ expectadores “ that he had. • Then he was writing 4 books dedicated to how to become a millionaire and dedicated too to the entrepreneurships, and win much more fame because the 4 books were “Best Seller”. • All this projects will produced money, and with that money began to grow and build more hotels. • But after he wanted to intoduce to the world of the game and the casinos, so then he began to build casinos and clubs because he wants that fortune continues growing.

  9. HOW DID HE/SHE EXPAND ? • Then he created several companies to manage their hotels, casinos and clubs in different countries. • Although most of the projects are creation of Trump , at the start he needed help of some investors to boost their construction projects. • And that is the way that Donald Trump was expanded.