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Transportation Worker Identification Credential

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Transportation Worker Identification Credential. TWIC. Rolling it out to your employees. What is TWIC?. What PVA members think it is… Totally Worst Idea Created Train Wreck is coming!. Brief Overview. Transportation Security Administration and U.S. Coast Guard initiative. 

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transportation worker identification credential

Transportation Worker Identification Credential


Rolling it out to your employees

what is twic
What is TWIC?

What PVA members think it is…

  • Totally Worst Idea


  • Train Wreck is coming!
brief overview
Brief Overview
  • Transportation Security Administration and U.S. Coast Guard initiative. 
  • The TWIC program provides a tamper-resistant biometric credential to maritime workers requiring unescorted access to secure areas of port facilities and vessels regulated under the Maritime Transportation Security Act, or MTSA, and
  • All U.S. Coast Guard credentialed merchant mariners, regardless of type of license/vessel employed. 
  • Enrollment and issuance will take place over a 11 month period. 

An estimated 750,000 to 1,500,000 individuals will require TWICs. 

how to apply for a twic
How to apply for a TWIC

Five steps to enrollment

  • Pre-enrollment
  • Enrollment
  • Paying the fees
  • Security Threat Assesment
  • Issuance
pre enrollment
  • Optional
  • 866-DHS-TWIC
  • What happens at pre-enrollment
    • First create a “profile”, select a PIN
    • Provide some biographic information
    • Find out where the nearest enrollment center is located, get directions
    • Make an appointment

Password Rules:

Minimum password length is eight characters.

Passwords must contain at least one of each of the following: one alphabetic uppercase, one alphabetic lowercase, one numeric, and one special character.

Passwords shall not contain any two identical consecutive characters (example: 22apples, 14588904).

Passwords may contain no more than two identical consecutive characters in any position from the previous password.

Passwords shall not contain any dictionary word.

Passwords shall not contain any proper noun or the name of any person, pet, child, or fictional character.

Passwords shall not contain any employee serial number, Social Security number, birth date, phone number, or any information that could be readily guessed about the creator of the password.

Passwords shall not contain any simple pattern of letters or numbers, such as “qwerty” or “xyz123”.

Passwords shall not be any word, noun, or name spelled backwards or appended with a single digit or with a two-digit “year” string, such as 98xyz123.

Pass phrases, if used in addition to or instead of passwords, should follow these same guidelines.

Passwords shall not be the same as the User ID.

Password length will be selected to provide a level of protection commensurate to the value or sensitivity of the resources or data it protects, but not less than eight characters.

other reasons to pre enrollment
Other reasons to pre-enrollment
  • Provides TSA with a real number of applicants in each port.
  • So far TSA has only estimates on numbers.
  • Will assure that contractor provides sufficient staff at enrollment center.
enrollment center types
  • Port Stakeholders are encouraged to immediately nominate potential “Fixed” Enrollment Center locations.
  • Fixed Enrollment Center Characteristics
    • Longer term duration (months to years), will possibly remain as an enrollment center through sustainment period (after initial “ramp up” enrollment period).
    • Acts as hub for enrollment in port/ sector.
    • Accessible to all port workers, regardless of employer or job function.
how mobile is mobile
How “Mobile” is mobile?
  • Employers and unions are encouraged to request services of “Mobile” Enrollment Centers to facilitate quick enrollment with minimal time away from workplace.
  • PVA has requested mobile enrollment at Maritrends and Region Meetings
  • Mobile Enrollment Center Characteristics
    • Temporary basis, designed to allow for efficient enrollment of employees/members.
    • Deployed from fixed center to large employers or unions upon request and approval.
    • May be open to an employer to accommodate solely their employees and/or members

or all port workers.

    • No additional cost to requesting organization.
    • Prefer internet access, phone line, in private conference room/office.
    • Availability of mobile centers dependent on demand. Requesting organizations will be contacted by Lockheed Martin team prior to port enrollment start date.
now 147 enrollment centers
Now, 147 enrollment centers
  • 10/09/2007 Revision 1
  • 􀂃 Bridgeport 􀂃 New Castle
  • 􀂃 New Haven 􀂃 Wilmington
  • 􀂃 New London
  • 􀂃 Brunswick 􀂃 Indiana Harbor
  • 􀂃 Savannah 􀂃 Chicago/Calumet
  • 􀂃 Joliet
  • 􀂃 Peoria
  • 􀂃 Evansville KENTUCKY
  • 􀂃 Indiana Harbor 􀂃 Louisville
  • 􀂃 Paducah
  • 􀂃 Bangor 􀂃 Baltimore/Dundalk
  • 􀂃 Portland 􀂃 La Plata
  • 􀂃 Salisbury
  • 􀂃 Boston 􀂃 Alpena 􀂃 Sault Ste Marie
  • 􀂃 Bourne 􀂃 Bay City 􀂃 St. Ignace
  • 􀂃 Calcite 􀂃 Traverse City
  • 􀂃 Detroit
  • MINNESOTA 􀂃 Escanaba
  • 􀂃 Duluth-Superior 􀂃 Marine City
  • 􀂃 International Falls 􀂃 Marquette
  • 􀂃 Minneapolis 􀂃 Muskegon
  • 􀂃 Saint Paul 􀂃 Ontonagon

􀂃 Portsmouth

  • 􀂃 Camden
  • 􀂃 Paulsboro
  • 􀂃 Perth Amboy
  • 􀂃 Albany
  • 􀂃 Buffalo
  • 􀂃 Coram
  • 􀂃 Lindenhurst
  • 􀂃 New York/New Jersey Site 1
  • 􀂃 New York/New Jersey Site 2
  • 􀂃 New York/New Jersey Site 3
  • 􀂃 Oswego
  • 􀂃 Riverhead
  • 􀂃 Rochester
  • OHIO
  • 􀂃 Ashtabula
  • 􀂃 Cincinnati
  • 􀂃 Cleveland
  • 􀂃 Lorain
  • 􀂃 Sandusky
  • 􀂃 Toledo


􀂃 Chester

􀂃 Marcus Hook

􀂃 Penn Manor

􀂃 Philadelphia

􀂃 Pittsburgh


􀂃 Providence


􀂃 Burlington


􀂃 Green Bay

􀂃 Milwaukee

  • Provide personal information
  • Provide documents that verify your identity
  • Review and sign Disclosure Form
    • Attesting to a number of statements
  • Pay the enrollment fees
  • Provide full set of fingerprints
  • Sit for photograph
pony up
Pony Up!
  • New or renewal
    • $134.50
  • If you have had a Security Threat Assessment (Mariners, CDL)
    • $105.25
    • TWIC will not be valid for 5 years
  • Lost, damaged, stolen
    • $60

Nothing happens until the fees are paid in full!

how to pay
How to pay
  • Credit card
  • Cashiers check (made out to Lockheed Martin)
  • Money Order
  • Employers will be able to purchase prepaid debit cards or use company checks
  • NO
    • Cash
    • Personal checks
security threat assessment
Security Threat Assessment
  • Fingerprint-based criminal history check
  • Intelligence-related check for ties to terrorism
  • Immigration status check

Other information that can be provided but is not required, may speed the process up:

SSN and US Passport number

pick up your twic
Pick up your TWIC
  • Notified by mail if you pass the Security Threat Assessment
    • DNST: determination of no security threat
    • IDTA: Initial Determination of Threat Assessment
  • Notified by phone or email that TWIC is ready for pick up
pick up your twic1
Pick up your TWIC
  • Must return to the same permanent (fixed) enrollment center where you enrolled
  • Bring those documents again!
    • If enrolled at a mobile enrollment center, still must pick up at a permanent center
    • Must bring identity document to verify who you are (Passport, MMD, Drivers license plus another ID)
your card will be activated
Your card will be activated
  • Once your fingerprint is verified to match the one stored on the card, the card will be activated
  • You will select a PIN
  • Card is no good

until it is activated

new hire provision
New Hire Provision

Designed to allow employers to put employees to work while waiting for a TWIC

Employees can work for 30 days while waiting, with a possible 30 day extension

new hires
New Hires
  • Must have applied for a TWIC
  • Must present acceptable other identification
  • Must have no issue that may cause denial for TWIC
  • Employer must submit name at HOMEPORT for name-based search, and receive clearance from USCG
which employers can use new hire provision
Which employers can use New Hire Provision?
  • On a vessel when the required crew per the COI is not more than 10
  • In a facility where there are not more than 25 employees in a “work unit”
  • Must be your employees, not vendor/contractor
  • Only 25% of the crew or facility employees can be “new”
    • Four crew, 1 can be new
    • 19 facility staff, 5 can be new
employer s obligations
Employer’s Obligations
  • Have facility employees in compliance 90 days after the COTP announcement
  • Have vessel employees in compliance by September 25, 2008
  • Notify employers of


at your facilities of TWIC


employer obligations
Employer Obligations
  • Assure that access control measures incorporate TWIC
  • Tell your employees about their TWIC responsibilities
  • Let everyone know where there are secure or restricted areas
  • Plan for lost, stolen or damaged cards
  • Plan for new hire provisions
  • Establish disciplinary procedures to prevent fraud and abuse
  • Train staff on recognize tampered/false TWIC, and what to do about it
changing your security plan
Changing your Security Plan
  • Vessel Security Plan
    • designate passenger or employee areas (visual)
    • incorporate TWIC at next submission, when current plan expires
    • New plans being submitted since 25 March must incorporate TWIC
changing your facility plan
Changing your Facility Plan
  • Assure the only marine transportation areas are within your secure area
    • May not need to include gift shops, restaurants, and the areas that support these public areas
  • Designate Public Access Area
    • Allowing for passengers to transit through the facility to the vessel
  • Submit 5 years after approval of current plan
  • New plans must address TWIC
alternate security plans
Alternate Security Plans
  • Submit revisions 5 years after current plan approved
  • PVA submitted letter of intent to CG to remove none marine transportation areas from plan, redefine secure/restricted facility areas
  • Revisions will be submitted in next 6 (+/-) months, to assure clear procedures unique to passenger vessels
after september 25 2008
After September 25, 2008
  • Full TWIC implementation
    • MMC’s will not be valid without one
    • All vessels will have a visual

representation of secure/restricted areas

    • Not required, but facilities may want a visual representation
    • CG will verify TWIC cards

with mobile readers

during the next 11 months
During the next 11 months
  • Watch your Member Updates for COTP zone compliance dates for facilities
  • If you think you would like to host a mobile enrollment center, contact Beth
  • Watch for enrollment in your area
  • Call PVA if you have unique compliance issues!
asp acknowledgement letter
ASP acknowledgement letter

All ASP users will receive a new acknowledgement letter in November.

MTSA requires owners & operators participating in an ASP to have a signed letter stating which ASP the vessel is using and certifying that the vessel is in full compliance with that program.  That letter is sent to us and we issue an acknowledgment letter.  The expiration date of that acknowledgment letter has always been the expiration date of the ASP; however, we intend to issue new letters that do not expire unless the ASP becomes disapproved or invalid.From now on, all ASP acknowledgement letters issued by the MSC will have this new expiration verbiage.  This expiration change is intended to decrease the administrative burden on PVA members and improve the efficiency of the ASP. 


Questions that don’t have answers yet….

When will there be readers?

When will my enrollment center open?

Will I have to have one?

Why are we doing this?