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Welcome to Macau!! The speciality of Macau surrounds with glitzy casinos, unspoiled beaches and top class restaurant, that got tucked away Mediterranean Sea from the South China Sea.

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Speciality of macau

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Mac acau au

Welcome to Macau!! The speciality of Macau surrounds with glitzy

casinos, unspoiled beaches and top class restaurant, that got

tucked away Mediterranean Sea from the South China Sea.

Macau has hopped into high speed economic train and has

redeveloped into gaming, recreation and travel hub all over Asia.

Macau retains much of its colonial charm as Portuguese

governance over 500 years and then it was handed over china on

1999 and if by chance the culture doesn’t interest the tourists then

there is always a chance for gambling. It has been increasingly

popular that Macau travel from Hong Kong is very famous. If

Speciality of macau

someone planning for a successful trip then it can be said that

while the city is an easy day trip but Macau travel guide will make

it more problems free and an easy guide for the tour. Distinctive

rich Chinese cultures along with rich Portuguese influences have

been unveiled for ones who have never visited such places. The

speciality of these attraction includes Macau Tower Convention &

Entertainment Centre, Largo do Senado, Guiana Fortress, AJ

Hackett Macau Tower, Monte Forte, St. Dominic’s church, Taipa

Village Macau, Wynn Performing Lake, Fortune Diamond at

Galaxy Macau,Terminal Martimo O Porto Exterior,Guiana

Lighthouse,St. Francis Xavier Church, Leal Senado,St. Augustine

Square, St. Lawrence’s Church, Rue da Felicidade are wonderful

places of visit.

Generally the US nationals are allocated for thirty days visa free

stay in Macau upon arrival. While the European and Japanese

nationals have a ninety days free stay over there, UK nationals

have six months of free visa stay.

Tours generally visit either from Hong Kong or Macau and tourists

are requested to visit the Ah Ma temple which was nominated in

2006 world heritage sites displaying that what Macau’s 500 year

old history has offered the true fact that the east meets the west.

Several historical squares, church, gardens are present of

beautiful European style and architecture. Especially Ruins of St.

Paul, Mount Fortress garden, Sedona square are different places

Speciality of macau

that the tourists must visit and show interest to see them. Food

available for the tourists is Portuguese mainly with oriental

preferences. Even local resorts with development has over 30

casinos not only provides recreation but also provides places of

some kind of exercise for outdoors. The tours and the excursions

provided to the tourists are mainly private tours and are expedited

by them. Several advantages of the tourist guides offer is

generally the attractions which are very common for each tourism

but to visit the local sites are more important. Among major

historic sites is great attraction for the tourist which acts as a

landmark of Macau.

Sacred and Religious Site

It includes Kun lam temple, our lady of caramel, St. Lazarus

Church, PekTaitemple, in Fung Temple, Macao Earth Temple, Lois

WO temple are the sacred and religious sites of Macau.

Historic walking areas

It includes Historic centre of Macau,Tashi square,Mong Ha Fort,

Largo da Companhia Da Jesus,Avandia do ConselheiroFerteira

de Almeida,Patio of Six Houses,and Rue Dos Ervanariosetc. are

the historical walking places of Macau.

Architectural Building

It includes Ruins ofST. Pauls,Macau Taipa Bridge,Chapel of ST.

JAMES, Pao Gong Temple,General Ye Ting’s Former

Speciality of macau

Residence;Jiao Tsung-1 Academy etc. are the several Food

architectural buildings in Macau.

Monuments and Statues

It includes Vasco Da Gama Monument, Friendship Statue, Jorge

Álvaro’s Monument,Xian Xianghai statue are mainly comprises of

the bronze wonderful sculptures that adds to the specialities of


Not only the sacred and religious places ,but also the Bridges,

ancient ruins, funs &games, casino’s, gambling, museums, parks

and several historical places adds on to the specialities of Macau

for the tourists. Read : http://www.hongkongprivatetourguide.com/