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Discover Hong Kong’s Local Secrets with Jacky

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Discover Hong Kong’s Local Secrets with Jacky - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hong Kong is a tropical paradise, in the midst of a sweaty, dusty, industrial hinterland. With immense potential for planning a gateway, tourists flock to this tropical paradise year round.

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Discover Hong Kong’s Local

Secrets with Jacky

Hong Kong is a tropical paradise, in the midst of a sweaty,

dusty, industrial hinterland. With immense potential for

planning a gateway, tourists flock to this tropical paradise year

round. The vibrant urban landscape, combined with state of the

art services, and a vast blue expanse within the reach of your

hands, Hong Kong is dream come true for people trying to get

some gust of free air.

Tourists who flock to Hong Kong on weekends and vacations

generally prefer the well-known, more researched, and easy to

visit places of this city. There are however, many other locations,


which are either overlooked or lesser known, but offer,

unparalleled experience in their own right:

• Sai Kung Country Park: A stretch of untouched

landscape resides just at the foothills of Hong Kong’s urban

landscape, which offers isolated beaches- a land of paradise

for vacation seekers. Away from the noise and dust of the

urban landscape, this area boasts of some wonderful spots

where tourists can put up their tents under the open night


• West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade: Though not as

popular as the Tsim Sha Tsui, the West Kowloon

Promenade offers an even more majestic view of the Hong

Kong Skyline. An even quieter alternative is the Ma On

Shan Promenade, which overlooks into the Tolo Harbor.

• Stanley Market: An iconic area in downtown Hong Kong,

the Stanley Market boasts of European vibe- remnants of

the British rule, which is quickly fading in other parts of

Hong Kong. The journey to Stanley Market is even more

exciting; traditional Chinese Junk boats will offer an

experience of a lifetime.

• Victoria Peak: Though the Victoria Peak is quite famous,

and is frequently visited by tourists, the old hiking trail

which pursues the Old Peak Road, straight up from the

Conduit Road will offer an experience like no other.

• Boat Ride from Sai Wan Ho to Kwun Tong: The more

popular Star Ferry dwarfs every other ferry in glamour, but

other ferries from Victoria Harbor will offer more grandeur

to your evenings. Ferries leaving from Sai Wan Ho To Kwun

Tong offer one of the most astonishing 15 minute grand

view of the harbor area.


• Ocean theme Park: Boasting of some of the best cable cars

and escalators, the Ocean Theme Park is perhaps

equivalent to Disneyland in this Far East. Add to this the

roller coaster rides which look out to the sea, and the four

pandas, which will make your stay in Hong Kong more

thrilling than one can possibly imagine.

• Adrenaline Rush on Hong Kong’s red Mini-bus: Aside

from the highly efficient Hong Kong public transport

system, the independently operated red mini buses which

ply on Hong Kong roads are sure to give a surge in

Adrenaline. These speedy commutes will take you up from

wherever you want to hail one, and will race through the

streets without slightest regard for speed limits.

• Hong Kong Graffiti: The point where Oli Street meets

Victoria Harbor, some of Hong Kong’s finest artists have

displayed their talents on concrete walls. These concrete

canvasses put up some spectacular glimpses of the Hong

Kong culture and its people.

• Cheung Chau: An island paradise, just 30 minutes out via

ferry from Central, this beautiful island offers some

wonderful beaches, exceptional seafood parlors, and great

walks. The Cheung Chau bun festival brings out the best of

this island every year.

• Tai Mei Tuk: A seaside village nestled on the outskirts of

Hong Kong urban centre; it offers a gasp of fresh air, away

from the noise and dust of Hong Kong urban life. From the

pedal boats to rental bikes, this village has it all to soothe

away the tiresome routine life. The cherry on top is the

patio Thai food and delicacies.


• Kwun Tong’s town centre: A piece of history kept alive

by local culture, this city centre bearing the signs of post

war Hong Kong will quickly disappear, thanks to the

authorities’ decision to bring down this area, and replace it

with modern quarters. The empty remnants of Silver

Theatre- the last piece of pro-communist theatre in whole of

Hong Kong, stalls of the Hawker centre, and old men busy

playing chess in Yue Man Square will offer a glimpse of the

long gone era.

• Yuen Long: The neighborhood of Yuen Long features the

old Hong Kong centre- go back in time to discover what the

city was like nearly three decades ago. Apartment buildings

where you can still see the night sky, the functional light

rail- electric street car for Hong Kong people of the 1990s,

and the infamous Dai Wing Wah restaurant, where one can

still taste the fried rice with lard.

• Nan Lian Garden: This landscape depicts a pure work of

Chinese culture: a garden featuring botany and crockery.

The garden reminds visitors of the famous Chinese

paintings which hang out to display in various at

exhibitions. Being right in the middle of Hong Kong, the

garden creates an atmosphere where urban life meets


• Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) Art Museum: It is not that

appealing in this whole list of off-beat destinations in Hong

Kong. Any enthusiast who visits the museums in other

metros may treat this like any other. However, the Art

Museum stores some of the finest pieces of Art in Chinese



• Barber Shops Giving Shanghai Era Haircut: Shanghai

Era Haircut is a classic of the 1950s, which includes

trimming of nostril hair, ear waxing, styling of beards, and

above all the classy haircut. A barber shop in particular has

hold on to the fine-tuned furniture and the men of the

1950s, and above all offer the grooming services of the

Shanghai gentlemen.

• British Barracks of WW2: Mount Davis, on the Western

part of the island, still preserves the old WW2 era British

Barracks which was used as an artillery depot because of

their vantage point. Hiking all the way to the top will

provide an amazing view of the Pok Fu Lam.To Know More

Details :