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Comprehensive Software, Support and Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Comprehensive Software, Support and Services

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Comprehensive Software, Support and Services
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Comprehensive Software, Support and Services

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  1. ComprehensiveSoftware, Support and Services PROPOSAL Prepared for Contoso, Inc.DRAFT – As of September xx, 2008

  2. Do Not Print PREFACE – Look to align customer’s vision with that of Microsoft. Lean on win theme in proposal, i.e. Collaboration, Employee Productivity, Innovation, Globalization, etc. Pull quote from searches on Exec. Mgmt , or content from annual report, etc. and align with any of: • MSFT in the Enterprise • http://infoweb2007/epg/em/Pages/ERG.aspx • http://infoweb2007/usepg/EBR/Pages/Innovation.aspx • MSFT People Ready Business • http://infoweb2007/epg/em/Pages/PeopleReady.aspx • Content Manager - Eneida Adorno (eadorno) • MSFT New World of Work • New World of Work - 580  - This is a collection of all the content associated with the EBC Topic - Microsoft Company Overview • New World of Work Battlecard • One World of Business - The New World of Work • The New World of Work - Overview • US EPG EBR & COS Resource Site • http://infoweb2007/usepg/EBR/Pages/default.aspx

  3. Preface • A few weeks ago, John Doe, Contoso CEO, traveled to the foothills of Virginia to address students at the Darden School of Business. As the setting sun began to cast shadows across the lawn, Doe spoke about three critical issues facing leaders and the importance of leading ahead of change. • “I’d like to spend the first few minutes talking about three current issues that are important for Contoso, the financial services industry and most of the business world. Then I’d like to share a few thoughts on the kind of leaders we need to negotiate the future. I believe we need leaders who do more than lead through change. We need leaders who lead ahead of change.” Doe highlighted globalization, environmental responsibility and multi-generational workforces as issues facing Contoso. Doe asserted that Contoso’s employees, customers and investments will be increasingly distributed in the years to come; that Contoso needs to lead its industry through reduction of paper, energy consumption and emission of greenhouse gases; and Doe spoke of the importance of developing, empowering and relying on people: “It’s about people. Great leaders have a nose for talent. They find talent, they develop people and they export talent to other parts of the organization.” “We are faced with new challenges as multiple generations co-exist in the workforce and the marketplace. Succeeding with multiple generations in the workplace is so crucial that “intergenerational strategies” is one of our top human resources priorities at Contoso this year. That means developing ways to keep valuable, experienced employees (primarily baby boomers) as they grow older and attracting new employees who represent the future. The most recent generation we are welcoming as employees and customers is Gen Y – and that’s probably many of you. Gen Y-ers are known as ambitious, demanding, high-maintenance employees who question everything. They are also anticipated to be one of the most high-performing workforces in the history of the world. You have more information in your heads and at your fingertips than anyone who has come before you. But you work differently and you consume differently and you want a different kind of balance in your lives than most of us baby boomers do – or did when we entered the workforce in the 1970s. It’s clear that we need you. 64 million skilled workers from the baby boomer generation will be able to retire by the end of this decade.” Microsoft’s leaders firmly agree with John Doe; continued success in business will directly correlate to companies’ abilities to navigate an unbounded marketplace and empower their people to flourish in a new world of work. Microsoft has invested billions of dollars developing and delivering software that connects people; makes them more productive; promotes visibility, exchange and alignment of ideas; accelerates decision making and transcends geographic and organization boundaries. The proposal that follows provides a roadmap for how Contoso can utilize Microsoft software to lead ahead of change … providing capabilities that will accelerate execution of Contoso’s current business initiatives and equip them to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

  4. Table of Contents • Executive Summary • Microsoft in the Enterprise • Investment • Pricing & Product Configurations • Financial Justification • Proposed Commitment Areas • Resources for a Strategic Relationship • Select License Only Analysis • People Ready Business • Microsoft’s Unique Enterprise Formula • The Breadth of our Platform & Research Investment • Microsoft’s Partner Ecosystem • Your Dedicated Account Team • Microsoft in the Financial Services Industry • ContosoProposal Overview • Summary of our Current Relationship • Executive Summary • Contoso’sBusiness & IT Vision • Business Priorities and Alignment • Targeted Capability Growth Areas • Capabilities Under Assessment • People with Whom We’ve Been Working • Conclusion / Road Ahead • Proposed Next Steps • Checklist • Proposed Enterprise Solution • Appendix • Overview • Software, Support & Services Components • Licensing Component • Value of the EA • Software Assurance • Access to Exclusive Technology & Business Value • Software Solution Components • Support Solution Component (Premier Support Services) • Services Solution Components (MCS Proposed Solutions) • Licensing Solution Components (Enterprise Agreement) • Infrastructure Optimization • Product Lifecycle Roadmaps • Customer Evidence • Investment Summary

  5. Do Not Print PROPOSAL OVERVIEW– State a purpose and MSFT commitment to help customer realize their Business and IT stated goals. List out these high level goals, bus or IT, that we will refer back to across the proposal. List out in margin the three value points of the proposal – i.e. value/cost, deployment assistance/services and agreement structure. SUMMARY OF CURRENT RELATIONSHIP – Indicate # of desktops and # of servers being used by company in production. Reference how current MSFT deployed capabilities are supporting the stated Bus and/or IT goals. Reference any MSFT deployments over last 18 months – Office, Windows, Custom LoB, Dev Platform, and link that to stated Bus/IT goals. List out LoB uses of MSFT platform, and IT Infrastructure uses of MSFT products. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY - State solution name(s) i.e. Business Productivity Platform and IT Transformation Solution which result from our understanding of their business and from conversations with customer. State how solution will deliver on Bus/IT Priorities. State 2x or more ‘capability’ based solutions, to include description, key benefits, value prop = $$$ and return (ROI, TCO, other)

  6. Executive summaryMicrosoft is Committed to Providing Contoso Solutions to Meet the Business Priorities • The Microsoft Account Team has worked with Contoso IT over the past several months to clearly understand your business challenges, and identify software solutions instrumental to addressing those needs. • Microsoft is pleased to present this proposal to Contoso for a new Enterprise Agreement (EA) as a vehicle to acquire an integrated Business Productivity Platform and Transformation Solutions. In follow-up to our conversations, the benefits of improved productivity coupled with optimizing your IT infrastructure will address the Contoso’s top business/IT priorities to: • Dramatically change the way your employees work – • Advance the business with IT solutions – • Enhance/Enable/Reduce/Create... – Contoso’sTop Business Priorities Improve the way your employees work Advance the business with IT solutions Enhance/enable/ reduce/create/integrate… List the 3-4 solutionareas we think will deliver on the above objectives Microsoft Proposed Investments

  7. Summary of our Current RelationshipMicrosoft solutions are helping Contoso today to improve the current work environment • Contoso Corporation has noted specific corporate strategies that leverage Microsoft technologies and partnership for current and future projects. Contoso Corporation employees leverage and rely on the Microsoft platform every day for almost all desktop & laptop (~150K) needs as well as important server technologies with ~13K installed today. Microsoft collaboration solutions are also helping to deliver on your corporate goal of Employee Engagement improving the work environment for your people understanding a highly productive employee is your greatest asset. Contoso Corporation’s recent enterprise commitment to an Intranet (Portal) roll out of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server as well Office Communicator (Instant Messaging) will enhance the overall employee communication and collaboration work experience based on the seamless integration of these complimentary solutions that will help deliver on your Employee Engagement promise! • In addition, many mission critical Line of Business applications such as Online Banking (servicing over 4.3 million customers) as well as Branch Teller/CSR, Retail Brokerage and ATMs to highlight a few examples leverage the Microsoft platform to support millions of business transaction per month and most importantly provide Contoso Corporation’s customers a positive/consistent user experience to help maintain your #1 Customer Satisfaction rating in the financial market place. • We have summarized solution highlights and value to Contoso Corporation below: Key Contoso Corporation LOB solutions leveraging Microsoft Windows and SQL Platforms: • E-Commerce- Online Banking Internet Web facing application serving over 4.3 million customers, Intranet serving ~ 120K employees leveraging • General Bank- Branch Teller & CSR’s in 3,400 Financial Centers, 5100 ATMs and the Automated Loan Processing Service for your Mortgage (~730K loans processed/year) • Corporate Investment Bank- Messaging, Employee Portal, .Net Framework & Smart Client Technology, Grid Utility Computing Environment – Exchange, MOSS, Computer Cluster edition • Capital Management Group- Brokerage Desktop supporting over 10,800 representatives, E-Brokerage, Portia Application Key Microsoft Infrastructure Enterprise Implementations: • Active Directory- Provides enterprise authentication and centralized policy management for ~200K servers and desktops • Software Distribution for Desktop Managed Environment (SMS)- Provides software distribution and asset management for ~150K desktops • Management and Instrumentation (MOM)- Provides monitoring and operational administration for over 11K servers • Universal Messaging- Exchange Messaging Infrastructure Cisco Unity running on Exchange 2003 • .Net Center of Excellence and Application Hosting Infrastructure- Over 150 ASP.NET applications supported in managed hosting environment • Windows SharePoint Services (WSS)- Contoso team site provisioning collaboration service for over 10K sites.

  8. Contoso Proposal Overview • Contoso Corporation has noted specific strategies that leverage Microsoft technologies and partnership for current and future projects. Contoso Corporation has asked Microsoft to craft a custom proposal that will enable Contoso to achieve greater performance and value. Microsoft is committed to serving Contoso Corporation and strives continue strengthening our partnership actualizing your Corporate and Information Technology goals to: • Revenue Growth & Customer Loyalty – Improve Information Technology Services to internal and external customers • Employee Engagement - Improve the workplace by providing the appropriate processes, tools, and career development opportunities. • Corporate Governance – Improve the Risk Profile of Information Technology and the LOB they support • Lowering Operating Expense Return – Leverage offshore and domestic resources to support LOB initiatives, Support Business Process Outsourcing activities, Improve internal processes to improve productivity. Provide LOB’s options and alternatives to solve LOB objectives • Successful Merger and Acquisition Integration - Successfully complete all merger and acquisition activities and Capitalize on merger lessons-learned Purpose:To identify and agree on a comprehensive software, support and services agreement between Contoso Corporation and Microsoft. • Microsoft is committed to dramatically expanding the product capabilities, SKUs and quantities available to Contoso; at near neutrality to the expenditures Contoso and its affiliates are trending with Microsoft today. • Microsoft is committed to provide a significant investment in Contoso’s deployment services that will help Contoso accelerate deployment and adoption of solutions that will drive efficiencies and productivity growth across Contoso’s businesses. • Microsoft is committed to providing Contoso an agreement that meets today’s business requirements and positions Contoso for tomorrow’s challenges. Optimized people-ready infrastructure and platform- Our goal is to advance an organization’s Optimization and capability levels to deliver business agility, IT cost, and risk reductions, and enable IT departments to realize the full value of their infrastructure and platform investments. This helps establish IT as a strategic partner to the business that can initiate innovation and align to changing business needs by connecting people, information, and business processes.

  9. Executive Summary (continued) We Have Identified 4 Key Capabilities That Will Have the Greatest Impact on Your Business Capabilities • Solution • Solution Description • Key benefits include: • Enables faster regulatory compliance • Enable cross-functional teams throughout Contoso and partner organizations to find and share information quickly and securely • Value Proposition • A three year investment of $US 1.4 million is expected to yield total net benefits of valued at $US 2.6 million. • Solution • Solution Description • Key benefits include: • Enable better decision making and improved satisfaction of the IT staff’s internal customers. • Value Proposition • An investment of $US 910,000 is expected to produce total benefits valued at $US 2.5 million over a 3-year cash flow analysis period. • Microsoft Enterprise Agreement with Software Assurance • An analysis of Contoso installed software application, tools and technologies indicate: • Contoso can save $US by implementing a Microsoft Professional Desktop Enterprise Agreement rather than a Microsoft Component Enterprise Agreement. • Additional savings of $US can be achieved by using Software Assurance features of the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. • By substituting non-Microsoft applications, tools, and technologies with products from the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, Contoso can achieve annual savings of $US over a x-year period.


  11. Do Not Print • ContosoProvided ‘IT Transformation Roadmap’ – Make a strong effort to obtain customer content for this page. Usually a customer 5 year vision or graphic depicting their vision for IT. Substitute overall Bus Goals graphic if IT specific is not avail. This Bus goals graphic will match the exec summary terms. • Business Priorities & Alignment - Goal – to be knowledgeable about customer prior to first v-team meeting and to know top 3+ key business priorities. Start with the EBC AIO / Account Plan content already compiled by the Sales Desk. Column data for IT Priorities, IT Projects and Related Capabilities all need to come from the AM/v-team/. Supplement with Proposal Manager research in order via • Customer Doc Store – AB (Account Backgrounder); AIO (EBR All-In-One); BTS (Business Tear Sheet = Stratascope); CAP (Customer Account Plan); SGP (Services Growth Plan) • Customer Web Site – Look for ‘About Company’, Products & Services, Investor Relations (download Annual Report, SEC Filings 10K & recent 10Q (read MD&A), Press/News Releases, note top finance and IT names/titles. Document notes in OneNote for later reference and to store in Collaboration site. • MS Library Research Databases - LexisNexis Company Dossier – Create and download to .doc a Snap Shot report, note # of employees, fiscal year end, primary SIC, list of competitors • Explore.MS – Save .xlsx of all EA Agreements and Select agreements. Use one workbook with multi-tabs. This will be used often for reference. If there are >5 agreements, work with LS to have them create the workbook and perhaps a pivot table of all agreements together. Use this to determine total desktops, true-up history, production vs. pilot quantities, Step-up oppys, etc. To create a form for Proposal Manager to complete which summarizes data insights from the agreement data. Can use TPID or Agreement numbers from EBR. • TARGETED CAPABILITY GROWTH AREAS – Use to record the IO Assessment levels at sub-capability levels, to document the incumbent technologies by vendor and product name, and to comment on the deployment status of the incumbent technology. Describe if technology is enterprise wide, which version and how many back from current version, departmental use only, supporting a specific business process, etc. May use the last column as a description field. • Need field to provide data for columns 3 & 4. • Proposal Desk to complete column 2 from data in the IOTS in the Customer Doc Store . • Use the red bar to highlight the capabilities we are focused on selling via this proposal = we’ll be discussing those capabilities in the solution section. • CAPABILITIES UNDER ASSESSMENT - List out the MSFT capabilities under review = have had or have upcoming briefings, have used the MTC, or a partner, or MCS or other in-house pilot, etc. Also to list out proposed briefing areas based on the capabilities being proposed. i.e. ECAL suite includes more capabilities than customer may have currently under assessment. The PROPOSED items on this list will be included in the ‘NEXT STEPS’ section of the proposal. Note – likely need to make this chart in smaller format to accommodate more rows and description cells.

  12. Do Not Print • People with Whom We’ve Been Working – To list out in a Customer Org Chart format the person who are the tech leads for the capabilities we are proposing. Value is to validate with customer in iterative reviews of this proposal document that we are aligned and working with the right people. Goal is to have the decision maker glance at this chart and silently agree that we’ve been connected correctly. Also to list LoB contacts if we’ve been in that area as they relate to being sponsors over any proposed solutions. • This chart originates from the EBR and likely we’ll expand on it…

  13. Contoso Provided ‘IT Transformation Roadmap’

  14. Business Priorities & AlignmentMicrosoft has Identified Key Business and IT Priorities Contoso is Trying to Address

  15. Dsafa

  16. Targeted Capability Growth AreasThree Year Vision • …determine the current Optimization level of Contoso’s infrastructure and platform, establish a technology vision for the future, and build a clear and actionable roadmap based on Contoso’s existing and new Microsoft and industry technologies to achieve that vision. • …These models and capabilities allow Contoso to gain a realistic view of the state of their infrastructure and platform and develop a blueprint for transforming their infrastructure and platform into a cost-effective business asset that enables people to drive business success. • …helping drive total cost of ownership (TCO) and agility gains for Contoso

  17. Targeted Capability Growth AreasCore Infrastructure

  18. Targeted Capability Growth AreasBusiness Productivity Infrastructure

  19. Targeted Capability Growth AreasApplication Platform Infrastructure

  20. Capabilities Under Assessment

  21. People with Whom We’ve Been Working Business Decision Makers Technical Decision Makers

  22. Proposed Enterprise Solution

  23. PROPOSED SOLUTION OVERVIEW - Descriptive overview of four parts to the solution – Software, Support, Services and Licensing. Linked to Bus & IT Priorities. Can we make a graph showing three pillars Software, Support and Services sitting on top of a layer called Agreement. This is our value prop graphic, an Icon for us to use? Advancing the customer’s current Market License Position (MLP) = Component to Platform to Enterprise EA. • Component EA s—Customers with at least one active component EA agreement, but missing at least one of the major components (Windows, Microsoft Office, or Core CAL) • Platform EA s—Customers with an active platform EA (Windows, Microsoft Office, and Core CAL) • Enterprise EAs – Enterprise CAL, some Office Enterprise, Vista Enterprise • For up-sell, there are 7 major areas of focus: MDOP, Office Enterprise, Core CAL, E-CAL, Business Productivity Online (BPOS), Server Management Suite Enterprise (SMSE) and the Application Platform Agreement. See Gear Up Sales Toolkit – page = ‘Selling to TDM’s through Optimization’ • SOFTWARE SOLUTION COMPONENT – goal of this slide is to link capabilities to product families. As well, to break out proposed product families into solution categories, i.e. Productivity Platform and IT Transformation Solution. • STRENGTHS OVER INCUMBENT / COMPETING TECHNOLOGITES – Use this space to highlight win themes if there is a competitive threat or it we are proposing replacing incumbent technologies. Consider using content from CompHot or ResourceOne – Competition content here. • SUPPORT SOLUTION COMPOENENT – Premier Offerings, fd Do Not Print

  24. Proposed Solution Overview • After 12 months of working with the Contoso IT leadership, the Microsoft Team has an understanding of the key drivers and objectives the leadership has for IT. The proposed Microsoft solutions included in this proposal, identified and confirmed by the Core and Business Productivity Infrastructure assessments – and validated by IT, align with and provide support for the Contoso’s Business and IT Transformation goals. Comprised of both software, support and services, this proposal provides Contoso with a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that will deliver real business value. Below is a brief summary of both the software and services included in the enterprise solution.

  25. Software Solution Component • Contoso’s people, as they are the key to driving new levels of profitability and sustainable competitive advantage. Automating manual processes, simplifying access to information and enabling better decision making are all part of the People-Ready business. • Below are the solution components that will deliver these benefits to Contoso as they map to the IT imperatives that support key business drivers and objectives. Below is a high-level view of how these solutions align with the IT Imperatives: These solutions represent foundational components of a new, “productivity infrastructure” that will enable new scenarios and drive new levels of productivity for Contoso. In short, we are recommending an integrated set of capabilities that leverage Microsoft’s 25+ years of work in Information Worker productivity and our investments in R&D, resulting in a solution set that will help make Contoso a “People Ready” business. Being People-Ready means placing the power and leverage of technology in the hands of

  26. Software Solution ComponentEnterprise Products on the EA

  27. Software Solution ComponentStandard & Enterprise Client Access Licenses (CAL’s) Forefront Security Suite (Security for Client, Exchange, Office Communications & SharePoint Servers) Office SharePoint Ent CAL (E-Forms, Spreadsheet Publishing, Data integration) Exchange Ent CAL (Unified Messaging, Compliance) Office Comm. Server Ent CAL (Conferencing) Enterprise CALs Windows Rights Mgmt Services CAL Windows Server CAL (Workload, File and Print, WSS, AD) Exchange Std CAL (Messaging, Calendar, Contacts) Ops Manager Client OML (Desktop Monitoring and Management) Office SharePoint Std CAL (ECM, Portal, Search) Office Comm. Server Std CAL (IM, Presence) SMS CML (Monitoring and Updates) Standard CALs Systems Management Server Microsoft Operations Manager Exchange Server (Std or Ent) Office SharePoint Server Office Comm. Server Windows Server Servers Key Software to run hardware Core CAL Suite component Enterprise CAL Suite component

  28. Software Solution ComponentStrengths over Competing / Incumbent Technologies

  29. Support Solution Component

  30. Services Solution Component • Microsoft Services mission is to help customers realize their potential through accelerated adoption and productive use of Microsoft technologies. Microsoft Services aspires to differentiate Microsoft as a software leader by building confidence, trust, and ultimately customer loyalty. Our various services offerings provide for consistent, structured delivery and support throughout the entire IT lifecycle, from envisioning through day-to-day operations. • Our consultants and engineers have highly specialized technical, architectural, and project management skills to help mitigate risk associated with business and technical constraints and organizational diversity. We achieve an accelerated rate of adoption and success by utilizing prior project success, best practices, and experience gained over thousands of previous and on-going customer engagements. Our services team provides technical, architectural, and overall project leadership expertise throughout the engagement lifecycle. As Contoso begins to leverage more Microsoft technologies to support both internal and customer facing solutions, it is our recommendation that there is a higher degree of proactive services utilized to ensure continuity and efficiency of the IT organization. This enhanced proactive engagement model will allow Contoso to fully realize the value of their investment and strategic partnership with Microsoft.

  31. Licensing Solution ComponentValue of the Enterprise Agreement (EA) • Economic & Strategic Reasons Why Customers Invest in an EA • Our Enterprise Agreement program offers a flexible, cost-effective way to acquire the software needed to build the infrastructure for a people–ready business. Our customers are increasingly expecting software to play a broader role in empowering their people, and the latest release of our client and server software have been designed to help you deliver a richer set of capabilities to enable role-based productivity and help you build a more dynamic IT infrastructure. An Enterprise Agreement simplifies your organization’s access to these technologies and enables you to extend foundational capabilities – such as as business intelligence, collaboration, and enterprise search – to people across your organization, regardless of role, helping them to make better connections with your customers, drive innovation, improve operations, and build strong relationships with partners and suppliers. • Designed for customers that want to implement enterprise-wide standards, the Enterprise Agreement provides a framework for making software license acquisitions and management easier, helping your reduce the cost of IT and get the most out of your software investments. By licensing your software through an Enterprise Agreement, you get: • Our best volume pricing on the latest Microsoft software • Software Assurance, which provides a powerful combination of benefits including upgrade rights to the latest technology, product support, deployment planning, training and home use rights. • The ability to license exclusive technology, such as the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) for Software Assurance, which is available only to customers that have licensed Windows Vista through an Enterprise Agreement. • An Enterprise Agreement gives you the choice and flexibility to purchase the options that are right for your organization today and can grow as your business needs evolve. With the upgrade rights included with Software Assurance, your organization will also benefit from our continuing innovation, with access to the latest software releases over the term of your agreement.

  32. Licensing Solution Component Software Assurance - New Version Rights • New Version Rights via Software Assurance Saved Contoso $850k in Software Expenditures

  33. Licensing Solution Component Software Assurance - New Version Rights • Upcoming Product Releases for Contoso Owned and Proposed New Products

  34. Licensing Solution Component Software Assurance - Financial Valuation of “Current” SA Benefits • Current Enterprise Agreement SA Benefits & Utilization

  35. Licensing Solution Component Software Assurance – Realizing Additional SA Value

  36. Licensing Solution Component Software Assurance - Financial Valuation of “Proposed” SA Benefits • PROPOSED Enterprise Agreement SA Benefits

  37. Licensing Solution ComponentAccess to Exclusive Technology & Business Value • Our Enterprise Agreement program offers a …

  38. Investment Summary

  39. Investment • Per the following pages, Option 5 is the recommended solution to support Contoso’s transformation and business growth, requiring an investment of $13.0M per year for three years. This breaks down as follows: Matching Cash Flow with Deployment ~ • Microsoft is able to offer Contoso flexible payments in order to match cash flow with the estimated deployment & use of the Enterprise CAL capabilities. One such structure is proposed below. • In the event you desire further cash flow flexibility, we are open to providing additional proposals based on your input/feedback. • Benefits ~ • Time Value of Money - Defer 1st payment by 4 months; Cash Flow Timing - Calendar Year 2009 payment • Lower 1st payment to match budgetary planning • Pay for ECAL capabilities after they are deployed and in use – estimated deployment is 2010 The pricing in this proposal is preliminary, and intended for discussion purposes only. All pricing and other terms are subject to change at any time by us until execution and delivery by all parties of the final enrollment and all other necessary legal documentation. Prices do not include any applicable taxes, duties, or tariffs. Your enrollment will contain a description of your payment terms.

  40. Pricing Considerations Pricing Considerations~ • Options 4 & 5: The ECAL provides superior value over purchasing individual Additive CAL’s in Options 2 & 3. The ECAL provides licenses for all additive CAL’s across the entire enterprise. • Options 2 & 3 provides licensing for Additive CALs for approximately 50% of the enterprise for a subset of the additive CAL’s at a price higher than Options 4&5. • Microsoft Concession exists in all options to provide both Office Standard and Office Professional Plus on the EA. The pricing in this proposal is preliminary, and intended for discussion purposes only. All pricing and other terms are subject to change at any time by us until execution and delivery by all parties of the final enrollment and all other necessary legal documentation. Prices do not include any applicable taxes, duties, or tariffs. Your enrollment will contain a description of your payment terms.

  41. Product Configurations The pricing in this proposal is preliminary, and intended for discussion purposes only. All pricing and other terms are subject to change at any time by us until execution and delivery by all parties of the final enrollment and all other necessary legal documentation. Prices do not include any applicable taxes, duties, or tariffs. Your enrollment will contain a description of your payment terms.

  42. Financial Justifications • Microsoft Investments ($475,000 per year): • 3% Discount ($350,000) per year on all Office Professional Plus Licenses • $125,000 per year paid towards Microsoft Premier Support contract • Microsoft Contract Concessions: • Change standard EA Agreement to allow licensing of both Office Standard and Office Professional Plus. Traditionally, Office must be licensed for the entire enterprise as either Standard or Pro +. The pricing in this proposal is preliminary, and intended for discussion purposes only. All pricing and other terms are subject to change at any time by us until execution and delivery by all parties of the final enrollment and all other necessary legal documentation. Prices do not include any applicable taxes, duties, or tariffs. Your enrollment will contain a description of your payment terms.

  43. Proposed Commitment Areas • As a named strategic partner to Contoso, Microsoft is committed to growing the relationship between the two companies. The local Account Team has demonstrated a level of commitment to Contoso over the past year by investing time and resources in an effort to better understand Contoso’s business and earn the trust and respect of Contoso’s IT organization. • With Contoso’s commitment to the Microsoft platform and the Enterprise Agreement, Microsoft will continue to invest in the relationship and partner with Contoso in ways that will help the company achieve its business goals and realize value from the Microsoft solutions. • Recognizing the investment and commitment Microsoft is asking Contoso to make, Microsoft is prepared to invest in ways that help Contoso achieve success with the new Microsoft platforms. As such, Microsoft is prepared to make the following investments:

  44. Resources for a Strategic Relationship

  45. Select License Only Analysis • The analysis below demonstrates the financial advantage of acquiring Microsoft solutions via the Enterprise Agreement. For comparison purposes the data below shows the estimated cost of licensing the recommended solutions via the Enterprise Agreement vs. Select (transactional) over a six-year period. The comparison illustrates the advantages in hard-dollar savings of the Enterprise Agreement. Contoso will save approximately 12% or an estimated $2M over the next 6 years by executing an Enterprise Agreement over purchasing the same products using a transactional method. Note: After the first three years, Contoso’s costs will drop dramatically as the agreement moves from payments for Licenses + Software Assurance to payments for Software Assurance only in years 4 and on. • Bottom Line: Transactional purchasing, through Open or Select, will cost Contoso more money, results in large purchasing spikes, fails to stabilize product prices over time and lacks many of benefits and strategic advantages that the Enterprise Agreement provides. • Assumptions: • Repurchase License Only via Select every three (3) years • Select L Only is priced at Estimated Retail Pricing • 5% Growth in licensing acquisition per year • This is a new EA for years 1, 2 and 3, then an EA renewal which purchased SA Only for years 4, 5 and 6. • Transparency: • Microsoft would be happy to provide the spreadsheet and calculations used in this analysis. Additionally, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to provide what-if analysis using this and other tools to aid Contoso in it’s business justification process. The pricing in this proposal is preliminary, and intended for discussion purposes only. All pricing and other terms are subject to change at any time by us until execution and delivery by all parties of the final enrollment and all other necessary legal documentation. Prices do not include any applicable taxes, duties, or tariffs. Your enrollment will contain a description of your payment terms.

  46. Microsoft in the Enterprise

  47. People Ready Business • PEOPLE DRIVE BUSINESS OUTCOMES • Today’s business environment is characterized by global competition, the breakdown of boundaries between organizations and their business partners and suppliers, increasing customer expectations for value and service, and ever more complex regulatory requirements. At the same time, people must cope with information overload and find ways to efficiently extract and use information—whether to connect customer feedback to product design, identify opportunities to up-sell services to clients, or know at any given moment just how well the business is performing. As a result, it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain a competitive advantage and grow a business in new and profitable areas. While the challenges facing businesses steadily grow and change, the way that people choose to work is changing just as quickly—we are becoming more mobile and more connected, with constant access through e-mail, the Internet, and instant messaging. • People bring the vision and creativity to drive innovative new opportunities for their businesses. Our research shows us that equipping people with the capabilities, tools, information, and solutions that they need to make the biggest contribution that they can, as quickly as they can, is proving to be the primary driver of success in this globally competitive, rapidly changing business environment. As the nature of the workplace evolves, the challenge facing our customers is to deliver the tools and environment that will truly empower people to have an impact. To attract the top emerging talent, businesses will increasingly need to support the digital lifestyle of the current generation, who expect to bring their technology experience as consumers into the enterprise. • SOFTWARE IS THE FOUNDATION FOR THE PEOPLE-READY BUSINESS • At Microsoft, we know that technology alone does not hold the key to business success. We believe that by closely aligning your business and IT objectives, you can help ensure that the software solutions your organization deploys empower your people to achieve profitable business outcomes. The right software solutions can meet the unique needs of your people—whether their roles involve customer service, sourcing, marketing, sales, operations, or finance—while delivering the fundamental capabilities required for success in the modern enterprise. Through our research we have found that people need the tools to be more mobile and to work together more effectively. They need to be able to better manage the content and information that they are inundated with every day. And they need to be able to derive insight from information from across the organization. At the same time, as IT becomes ever more important to deliver these capabilities, organizations need to be able to reduce the associated costs and risks. The right technology meets these needs and enables your people to reach customers more effectively, harness critical business insight, and work together more productively across time, national, and geographical boundaries.

  48. Microsoft’s Unique Enterprise Formula • 1. Long Term R&D Commitment • $35B in last 5 years, $40B over next 5 years • 2. Innovative Product Roadmap • Enterprise-ready: Integrated Innovation, Predictable Evolution, Interoperable, Secure, Scalable • 3. Our Partner Ecosystem • 25,000 ISV / SI partners & Microsoft Consulting Services • 4. Your Microsoft Enterprise Team • Account, Specialist and Industry Resources, Infrastructure Optimization Assessments • 5. Four Investment Promises • (1) Manage Complexity, Achieve Agility, (2) Protect Information, Control Access, (3) Advance the Business with IT Solutions, (4) Amplify the Impact of Your People • 6. Infrastructure Optimization Methodology • Core IO, Business Productivity IO and Application Platform IO • An Enterprise Formula to Bet On

  49. TabletPC Data Centric Voice Centric Media Centric Smart Personal Objects .NET Technology The Breadth of our Platform & Research Investment Windows / Office Business Productivity Platform Servers Mobility Online Services/ Entertainment $40B R&D Committed Over Next Five Years Developer/ Partner Ecosystem