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Improved Key Cards

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Improved Key Cards. By Logan Eddy, Jeffrey S. Hammond and Marcus Walters. SNAP!!. Research Question. Which key will withstand more stress, the newer composites fiberglass or the older plastic? We used four tests to determine this: Laundry Test Three-Point Bending Test Hot/Cold Test

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Improved Key Cards

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improved key cards

Improved Key Cards

By Logan Eddy, Jeffrey S. Hammond and Marcus Walters

research question
Research Question
  • Which key will withstand more stress, the newer composites fiberglass or the older plastic?
  • We used four tests to determine this:
    • Laundry Test
    • Three-Point Bending Test
    • Hot/Cold Test
    • Torsion Test
  • If we make the keys out of a stiffer, or more flexible, material such as fiberglass or different plastics, then the keys will be less likely to break.
  • We predict that the fiberglass key will withstand the most stress and outlast any of the other types of keys.
background research
Background Research
  • Keys were developed over 3500 years ago
  • Keys are tools used for opening locks
  • The oldest known lock is estimated to be 4000 years old
  • People first started trying to improve keys in 1778
materials list
Materials List
  • Fiberglass Composite
  • Hot Water
  • Plastic
  • Resin
  • Hardening agent
  • Sand paper
  • Freezer
  • Tape
  • Breather
  • Wrapping
materials list cont
Materials List Cont.

Ban saw

Release Film



Tongue depressors

Paper Cup



Select composite materials and prep tool

Calculate and mix resin and hardening agent

Mix resin mixture with fiberglass

Make bag for composites

Leave out to cure for at least 24 hours

Cut out and sand keys

Test new composite keys

laundry test
Laundry Test

We sent a key through the laundry to find out how it would hold up, and if it would still be in usable condition.

hot cold test
Hot & Cold Test

To simulate weather conditions in either Winter or Summer, we are going to freeze the cards and bend them. As well as heating them up in hot water and bending them.

three point bending test
Three Point Bending Test

A test in which the edges of the card are held and pressure is added to the center to see how much the key can bend before it breaks.

torsion test
Torsion Test

The torsion test will show how durable the side strengths are and to simulate your card being put in your pocket long ways to bend it around your hip. The torsion test is just another test used to identify the flexibility and durability of a key in a different manner.

data results
  • Our key cards have some of the same properties of the plastic cards.
  • The fiberglass keys and the plastic keys seemed to be equal in all the tests.
  • The only real difference found is in the way the key looks.

Our keys work as actual keys, but they aren’t any better than the keys already in use.

This project helped us to learn about new and different possibilities that could be used in future testing.

future study
Future Study

Other things we would like to test are:

Different materials for the keys such as:

-Kevlar (Impact Resistance)




Thanks To

Mrs. Morgan

Mrs. Scott

Ms. Miller

Mr. Eddy

Mrs. Gallegos

Mr. Smith